What pants are matched in winter, it is recommended to shape youthful vitality for two points

For the thick -bottomed casual shoes such as loose cake shoes, in fact, as long as you choose the style that suits you, it can easily highlight the youthful and beautiful temperament. For example, pair with simple jeans or design -rich back pants.

In recent years, the fashion circle has a trend of puffy cake shoes. The flat and thick puffed shoes of the sole began to sweep in media and streets and alleys from all walks of life. Especially as the weather slowly becomes cold, many beautiful female friends will buy a pair of double doubles, which are both beautiful and comfortable.

However, we must know how to wear the correct wear skills for this special shoe type, otherwise it will easily make your overall shape become earthy and tacky. For this reason, I will analyze how to wear their own unique charm in detail.

1. Introduction to the style of loose cake shoes with jeans

冬天松糕鞋配什么裤子 两点建议塑造青春活力

Most of the puffing cake shoes are leisure sports style, so it is recommended that you can choose a simple jeans. The reason why everyone choose this thick -bottomed style is to increase their height on the one hand, so in order to avoid gently feet, jeans are very good choices. Whether it is light blue or dark blue. For the upper body, you can wear a sleeveless vest or light -colored long -sleeved clothes.

冬天松糕鞋配什么裤子 两点建议塑造青春活力

Second, white loose cake shoes+strap pants match recommendation

冬天松糕鞋配什么裤子 两点建议塑造青春活力

Many girls like fresh and clean white shoes very much. In addition to choosing the flat shoes of the general public, white casual pine cake shoes are very beautiful. It is not only young and beautiful to wear, but also full of vitality, making you ten years younger. Therefore, it is recommended that girls can choose a playful back pants to match. Whether it is gray suit strap pants or light blue denim style, it is a very comfortable matching style of campus.

As for the top, you can flexibly decide according to the occasion that you need to go out. And if you go to school, you can choose a youthful and beautiful striped T -shirt.

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