Fashion thick sole lace -up slope shoes, leading you to lead you this autumn trend!

More and more trendy people like to wear thick bottom slopes. Are there no one? I believe you also like this period of fashion thick sole lace -up slope shoes brought by Ai!

Fashion thick sole lace slope shoes

A fashionable lace -up bottom slope heel shoes, the perfect shoe design, makes you wear no bulky, but it looks more beautiful, plus the thick -soled design, making you wear taller.

Polygonum -pocket -colored thick bottom slide heel shoes

European and American style pointed -headed thick bottom -slopes, head layers, cow patent leather, bright and beautiful, comfortable and breath, wearing sexy and stylish, even more big -name style, the trend of the toe, and the personalities are free and easy.


Thick sole lace slope shoes

A simple but very individual sloping shoes, the design of the toe, gives you a comfortable and fashionable dress, the simple black edges make the simple shoes increase the color!

Star thick bottom lace slope shoes

Shoes adopt a stylish star -shaped decoration design, unique and stylish modeling design, wearing a trendy high street fan, a thick bottom sloping heel, and more personalized temperament.


Fangtou band thick bottom slide heel shoes

The square head is a thick bottom slope heel, the classic big -name model, it will not be outdated, the shoes are thinner, and the stylish thick bottom heel, which makes you comfortable and increased.



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