This year, a small leisure pants with thin legs, with these shoes, comfortable and fashionable!

Girls with thick legs, you don’t need to worry about it anymore.

Small leisure pants


With these black flat shoes, comfortable and fashionable, girls who are interested in this method of dressing, continue to see it!

1. Mao’s small foot casual pants+black flat shoes

[Ultra-sliding fabric white-collar suit female cropped pants 2018 spring new Korean version of high-waisted black loose casual pants, small foot smoke pants student west pants] shop

Mao’s small foot casual pants are popular pants styles this year. It is very popular in autumn and winter, warm and fashionable. This black color is thin enough on the upper body. The legs are very thin, and the top with a white shirt shows the girl’s temperament. Women in the workplace, with a pair of black flat shoes, are comfortable and fashionable!

2. Irregular small foot casual pants+black flat shoes

[Suit pants female 2019 spring and summer new Korean version of high-waisted versatile loose pants, thin casual pants, small feet pants, black cigarette pipe pants] -Mestori Street Youdian


Girls with thick legs, if you don’t know what pants are wearing in spring, then this little foot casual pants must be your favorite model. This year, the style of pants with thin legs is thin, because the thigh position is loose, and the trousers have made small feet. Treatment, such pants are always thin and thin. The design of irregular elements of pants instantly enhances the fashionable sense of the pants and looks much better. In addition, the nine -point tailoring is very visually very high. These black flat shoes are really popular in spring, the most comfortable and most fashionable, and do not pick people!

3. Small foot leisure pants+black loafers

[New Slim Slim Casual Pants Female Liberal Pants Casual Pants and Thick Mao Woors Haron Pants British style, radish, small pants casual pants]-Women’s clothes-casual pants Princess-Mushroom Street Youdian

Very temperamental plaid casual pants, small feet design, well modify the leg lines, super leg thin, waist butt design, add a bit of sexy, comfortable and fashionable, nine -point pants are long, and more It is a versatile and does not pick a figure. It is matched with the most popular sweater in spring, which highlights the figure. With this pair of black flat shoes, it is good to wear, and it will not make mistakes!

4. suit style small foot casual pants+black flat shoes

[Tobacco pants gray nine-point trousers Women’s professional women’s pants straight pants small feet long pants]-women’s clothing-casual pants_ pants_women, clothing and bag-Japanese and Korean love-Mushroom Street Youdian


For women in the workplace, suit pants are the pants you must wear every day, but the suit pants are really stylish, but this suit casual pants can be worn for your workplace dressing. Increasing fashion, and being casual and comfortable to wear, you don’t need to face the rigid suit pants, making people feel immediately improved, and the design of high waist+nine points+small feet can easily wear thin leg lines. With a pair of black flat shoes, who wears it is super comfortable!


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This year, a small leisure pants with thin legs, with these shoes, comfortable and fashionable!

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