Xu Dongdong wears a streamlined suspender skirt sexy! The skirt is slit to the root of the leg, charming for the mirror drinking expression

Recently, Xu Dongdong updated a dynamic on social platforms. Did the text tease that he was drinking air in a doubt tone? Among them, Xu Dongdong was wearing a black camisole dress and sitting on the wooden cabinet to drink red wine, which caused heated discussion among netizens.

Among them, Xu Dongdong pulled his hair behind his ears, with delicate makeup on his face, beautiful and charming. Xu Dongdong was sitting on the wooden cabinet chair, stretched out one hand and supported it gently, and saw that she was wearing a black suspender, showing obvious collarbone, thin arms, and a pair of white and thin long legs. Portrait is a sexy little wild cat, full of temptation beauty. The skirt of the dress is designed by the tassel, which enriches the aesthetics and is as elegant as the Music goddess.

Xu Dongdong sat on the chair, facing the camera, Xu Dongdong’s expression was indifferent and his eyes were very domineering. Xu Dongdong took a sip of the wine glass, and the action of drinking was very elegant.


Netizens saw the sexy scene of Xu Dongdong wearing a suspender and drinking, and said that they were too beautiful: “Xu Dongdong is a big beauty, no one can compare with you”, and netizens commented: “This giant’s temperament comes out.” Xu Dongdong He responded very happily.

Xu Dongdong has always maintained a very good figure because of his full -year fitness, showing the public in front of the public with the sexy goddess. For example, Xu Dongdong showed a video of herself on the social platform. She was wearing a hair and painted big red lips, which was very young and beautiful. Xu Dongdong wore tube top shorts, a black windbreaker outside, and his legs paired with boots. He showed a white and thin thigh, sexy and charming.


Xu Dongdong was holding a ball head, and the black tube top inside revealed her proud upside. I saw her stroking the hair next to her ears, cool and refreshing, and the gold necklace on the neck was very eye -catching.

Xu Dongdong has always shown the public in a sexy image, and her excellent acting skills have also made her love the audience. However, in the entertainment industry, female stars with good looks and outstanding figure have always been lacking. Only by cherishing the role of each interpretation and treating every day’s work, will it glow and heat in this field.



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