Inventory of the precious agate jewelry in the world, strange looks, some really wait for a thousand years.

As the Earth, what type of gem do you contact and understand the most? Many people feedback that it is diamond. That’s right, diamonds are indispensable for jewelry in today’s era. Every couple will buy a pair of diamond rings to make a sense of rituals and firmly believe that their love is like diamonds for a long time. But compared with diamonds, there is a long history of jewelry. Diamonds were discovered in 1871, and when it was longer, the more cognitive gemstones were agate.

Agate also has a very interesting story. It is said that a long time ago, a goddess who represents beauty and love was called Asfidi. One day she was cooling under a big tree and fell asleep at once. And her naughty son, Eros, cut her fingernails, and as a goddess, her fingernails were shining. When I got a fingernail like jewelry, Elos was very excited. When I flew to the sky, I accidentally lost. When the fingernail falls into the room, it becomes a stone, which is agate.

Later, everyone felt that agate was a kind of god stone, which has a magical power and can strengthen the role of love. Therefore, people with bad feelings between husband and wife like to put a piece of agate stones in their homes. Next, I will introduce several of the most precious agate jewelry in the world.


1. South red agate

Nanhong agate is a unique variety in my country. It was also called “red jade” in ancient times. It has a certain status as jewelry from ancient times to the present. The main producing areas are Liangshan in Sichuan and Baoshan in Yunnan. Hongzhong is the most valuable for Baoshan South Red. Good Baoshan Nanhong and exquisite sculpture design are the first choice for many collectors.

Second, South Africa green chalcedony ring


When many people look at the rings above, they generally think that it is an emerald ring, but it is not. This is a quartz ore, also known as green agate. This kind of gem is very rare, and there is very little impurities. Observations are used with magnifying glass, and impurities are rarely found. People often confuse it with emerald. Its color is very seductive, this green green is clear, and it contains nickels, which emit different charm green. After processing, the rings made by green chalcedony are also very beautiful.


3. Indian Aquatic Agate Bracelet

Indian aquatic agate is as good as India as if the name is in India. It is a kind of weed agate in agate, a product of the bottom shell movement of hundreds of millions of years ago. Due to the rapid cooling of the magma eruption, the texture of the aquatic agate Wind, colorful. The agate in the picture above is a moss agate and white agate synthesis. Green and white are mixed, just like moss in the lake, which is very vivid. The processing bracelets, ink painting -like feelings are very elegant and beautiful.


Fourth, land chalcedony

The “land chalcedony” agate is mostly from Madagascar, and most of them are pebble -like. Due to the long -term flushing of seawater, the surface is generally very smooth. The “land chalcedony” agate in the figure above is very precious, and the appearance is a weathered leather shell. It is very transparent. With the light, you can see the surprising structure inside. The grass flower pattern inside is pure and natural, and the natural color matching is very harmonious. This “land chalcedony” agate sheep fat jade feels very artistic and is a rare product for thousands of years.


Five, Bing Piao Nanhong


Nanhong is a kind of special agate, especially Bing Piao Nanhong is a perfect combination of ice and red. It is mainly the texture of the texture, just like the ice fluttering south of the picture above. The white white is pure and transparent like ice, and the redness of maple leaves in it is messy in it. This unique pattern is combined together, and the artistic conception is very agile, which makes people have a strong visual impact. When the jade carving master saw such a good work, he believed that he could sculpt a good work. The ice fluttering is red, the decomposition is obvious, and the fluorescent response is very good, so it is a rare collection.

6. Mexican Fire Agate

Fire agate and Opal are somewhat similar. Its colorful color is comparable to Opal. There are fewer agate in the market. It is a niche gem. Many people have never seen it, but as a jewelry Individuality.


As the saying goes: “Thousands of agate, 10,000 kinds of jade”, the types of agate are still quite rich. Through the introduction of the above works, do you find that the original agate can also be so beautiful, and these good agate can be encountered.

This article is originally created by Yuan Yuan, the jewelry appraiser, and the picture comes from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact us to delete it, thank you!

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