Drinking white wine, why do experts like to use small wine glasses? These 3 major advantages, each point can be used in practice

Introduction: Drinking white wine, why do experts like to use small wine glasses? These 3 major advantages, each point can be used in practice

I don’t know if you have found that the novel story or film and television drama, when it is associated with the drinking scene, is almost “drinking a big bowl and eating meat.”

Therefore, in the impression of many people, drinking with a large bowl of drinking can show a person’s boldness.

But now, friends who like to drink liquor basically use transparent small glass, especially some experts. Drinking may also have some small wine glasses with you.

What mysteries are hidden in this?

These three major advantages can be implemented every point, and the suggestions that like to drink after watching!

1. Convenient taste

Xiaobian found that many people do n’t pay much attention to drinking. One bite of wine and meat, and one person can drink it.

As for the appliances of drinking, it is not the point. As long as you can drink the wine, the problem is not big.

And experts are generally particular about drinking.

They drink more wine tasting. In simple terms, they are observing, smelling their fragrance, and taste.


Then the transparent wine glass has a great advantage.

First of all, after a small cup, the color of the wine and the cup are clear at a glance, and you can quickly make a preliminary judgment.

Secondly, the small wine glass has the effect of gathering aroma, and the aroma of the wine is full, which is conducive to the richness and coordination of the aroma.


Finally, drink a small wine with a small wine glass when tasting. The wine stays in the taste buds longer, which is more conducive to the mellow feeling of wine.


If you drink with a large bowl, a bowl of good wine swallowed jujube, wouldn’t it break a wine.


Therefore, from the perspective of tasting, it is difficult to get ascended to the elegance of the big bowl. Drinking the wine glass is more elegant and temperamental. It is a conventional action for experts to drink.

Second, healthier

The ancients used large bowls to drink, which is a way of drinking a lot of people to drink.

But the ancient wine was very different from the current liquor.


Most of the ancient wines were fermented wine. At that time, the distillation technology was immature. It was either rice wine or shochu. The degree was relatively low. Most of them were below 15 degrees, so it was normal for the ancient bowls to drink.

The current liquor is 40-50 degrees, and some are even as high as 75 degrees. Such high wine, how many people can carry a bowl?


This is far beyond the physical limit of normal people. It is difficult to get drunk if you drink with a large bowl.


Now we advocate healthy drinking and civilized drinking, and big bowls of drinking liquor have gradually been eliminated.

Therefore, people now use small wine glasses to drink liquor, which will not have a lot of psychological pressure. At the same time, it can avoid drinking too much damage to physical health.

Three, more economical


If you drink beer, a whole piece, open and drink, passionate, even if you can’t finish drinking, no one says you, after all, one piece can’t cost much.


However, the price of liquor is generally more expensive, and the quality is better. A bottle may be worth several pieces of beer. Like some white wines that buy thousands of yuan, the price of 1ml is 2.5 yuan. It is distressed by anyone.

If you are drinking a big wine bowl, I am afraid there is a mine at home.

In many high -end occasions, drinking white wine is almost drinking with small wine glasses, so that everyone can be divided, so that there is no waste or insufficient situation, and it can also make everyone cherish the white wine in front of them. After all, good wine and wine are difficult to find.

Conclusion: Wine is just a seasoning, not a necessity. You do n’t have to drink for drinking. Drink with a small wine glass. You can both care about others and control yourself.

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