The overall performance of the home textile industry is good.

Source: Chinese Business Daily

Recently, many listed home textile companies have announced the first half of 2018, except for the Shui Shares, Luolai Life, Mercury Home Textiles, Fu Anna, Mengjie Home Textiles, Didave Five Home Textile Enterprises Business Revenue and Home Income and Net Profit Double Growth, The overall performance is presented to a good trend.

According to the financial report, the operating income during the reporting period of 2007 billion yuan, ranking first, but its performance does not call it, its return of net profit growth is -20.75%. The Oriental Securities Research Report shows that the RMB exchange rate is dragged down in the first half of the year, the profit decline in the first half of the year, the comprehensive gross profit margin decreased, but the second quarter of the earnings decline has been significantly improved in the first quarter.

From the increase in growth, the growth momentum is undoubtedly the leader in the above six companies, and its revenue has increased by 32.17%, and the net profit of return is 259.48%. In this regard, more favorite, the growth of business income and net profit has benefited from the stable development of home textile business and the smooth development of the company’s Internet related business, bringing profit growth to the company.

Luolai Life revenues 2.197 billion yuan in the first half of this year, ranking second. The industry believes that the expansion of Luolai life channels promotes revenue growth, and the cost reduces the promotion of profits; the stock incentive plan and the second-generation heads have also played a forward role, and will promote the Life to “everyone” development. Road moved.

Since the chairman of Fu Anna, Lin Guofang, from 2013, has put forward the “Everyone” Life Museum in the future of one-stop shopping, will be the goal of continuous efforts in the future, and launched Fu Anna American brand, officially entered “big” in 2016. Homestay. The industry believes that from the overall situation to judge that Fu Anna should be a high-level strategy of home textiles and higher developments in the main business.

Compared to other companies, Mercury Home Textiles have always adhered to “The home textile main industry is not shaken”, and attention is mainly on its channel expansion. Shanghai Securities Research Report shows that Mercury Home Textiles continue to explore new retail modes; adjust the large-promoting positioning, extension of new life cycles, improve business benefits; rapid advancement of extension business expansion strategy, stimulate terminal group purchase business, distributed marketing.

With the upgrade of consumption, the changes in consumer demand, the home textile industry is constantly exploring new development ideas, through implementing “big home strategy”, acquiring overseas brands, establishing new retail scenarios and other measures to achieve their breakthroughs. Yang Zhaohua, Vice President of China Textile Industry Association, President, China Household Textile Industry Association, received an interview with Chinese Business Daily report that the home textile industry has begun to pick up since 2017, from the first half of this year, home textile enterprises have achieved steady growth.

A home textile brand dealer said that China Business Daily reporters said that my country’s wedding market has occupied a half of the Chinese home textile market, consumers have strong demand for wedding home textiles, to a certain extent, to a certain extent. The dealer believes that as a wedding market has become the most consumer potential in the home textile industry, the future wedding market will be the focus of the competition of home textiles. Enterprises should integrate Chinese traditional marriage culture and home textiles, and then build themselves. Wedding brand.

At present, the home textile industry is still in the stage of brand, product demand upgrade and industry concentration steadily improvement. Sky Breenery believes that with the continuous advancement of consumption upgrades, industry accelerates the competitive environmental optimization of the shipping, quality brands, the market share will gather to the leading company, thus enhancing the industry concentration. There is data show that the current market share of leading enterprises in our country is still low. The Roland’s living market share is 2%, Fu Anna and Mercury home textile share is 1.8%, while Meng Jie Shares is only 0.9%. From the market share of several major leading companies, the home textile market is still concentrated, and it is in the state of the provisions of the group. (Wang Yu)

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