Baijiu is not necessarily expensive. It is recommended that eight wine friends recognize the old brand of delicious or not.

The director of “Everywhere is looking forward to, Qianfu referred to”.

Ordinary wine friends, because the knowledge of alcohol is not rich enough (the main reason is that they do not pay attention to the director), when buying wine, they usually buy it for big brands. There are also a lot of, brainwashing by marketing advertising, and buying low -cost wines with large manufacturers.

Previously, the OEM of a large winery in Moutai Town was marketing on a certain sound. It sold more than a hundred wines of wine to seven or eight hundred high prices and pitted a lot of little white.

But this rare is weird, and many wine friends have been educated like this.

Today, the director recommends eight models, delicious, but not well -known strong white wine. Many of them are regional brands, which are very high in their local reputation, but they are well -known nationwide.

Sanxi Dacha

There is a saying in the strong incense type white wine called “Thousands of old celles and thousands of years, and wine must be old.” To make high -quality strong fragrant liquor, at least 30 years of old cellar ponds are indispensable.

Sanxi Winery has more than a hundred years of old cellar ponds. The wine -based liquor is very prominent. The director gave a lot of wine friends, and the response generally responded.

Sanxi Dazu is very famous in the local area and is a classic old brand in Luzhou.

Jade Cicada Daqu


Yu Chan Daqu is also in Luzhou. It originated during the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty. There were 398 cellar pools over a century of light, and the output was very high.

The quality of the wine in the fragrant white wine belongs to the middle and upper levels, and the taste is also the classic Sichuan school.

The director once visited the media’s friends, and the library was still an old style in the 1980s and 1990s. If the locals of Luzhou do not drink Luzhou Laojiao, they usually choose jade cicada or Sanxi.

Wenjun wine

Wenjun wine is a very old winery. Beginning in 1963, he continued to win the famous wine in Sichuan Province. It is rumored that the fifth National Wine Club of that year, Wenjun wine was completely powerful to win the title of national wine. However, the factory director at the time was arrogant because of some reasons, and he retired directly.


Wen Junjiu was really strong at that time, but unfortunately the subsequent power was insufficient and did not become a well -known brand in the country.


Now Wenjun Jiu has been acquired by Jiannanchun Group, but the quality of Wenjun wine can still be compared with other countries in other countries.

From time to time, there are wine friends who come out to praise Wen Jun.


Xiaozhangxian is also a wonderful work in the wine industry. He is one of the most cost -effective brands that he has seen.

The most classic Puxian outer packaging is almost the same as more than 20 years ago. It is a white porcelain bottle similar to Moutai. The strong white wine, making a white porcelain bottle with sauce -flavored white wine, is really strange.

The quality of the wine is really excellent. The person that the director knows, as long as you have drank a small paste, don’t praise it.


Xufu wine is also a small and famous wine in history, and once won the National Silver Award. His experience was also bumpy, and he almost went bankrupt, but later he rely on Chen Zhaoyuan to return to life.

In Yiyi, when relatives and friends gather, they usually drink Sydoyling wine. The market share of Xufujiu is estimated to reach 50%in the local area.

Xufu Liquor uses the five -cricket craftsmanship, the food is made, the entrance is smooth, the sweetness is sweet, and the price is not expensive.


Kugawa wine

The flavor of white wine in the Sichuan faction is focused on, while the strong fragrance of Jianghuai is light. Guchuan wine happened to be stuck between the two, and the taste was elegant, but it did not lose the heavy sense of the Sichuan faction.

Guchuan wine is not too famous in Sichuan and other places, but in Jiangsu, a position that is separated from Yanghe, it sells hotly, depending on the original light and strong fragrance.

Fenggu Wine


The Fenggu Wine was born in Mianyang, Sichuan, and is also an old -fashioned winery that can be sophisticated. In fact, the liquor brand is very high.

The talent in the winery is good, and the wine brewed is very high. It is known as “low drunk”. But there has been no particularly powerful product.


The classic Fenggu Wine King and Fenggu in Fenggu are pretty good, with high cost performance.


Small corner building

In the Sichuan -Chongqing region, a regional brand liquor that has been selling for 24 consecutive years is a small corner. The reputation of the small corner is completely dependent on consumer bottle and a bottle. High quality, but only sold in the region.

The director found that the strong brands in many areas, the quality of the wine is generally middle, and the cost -effective is very high. It is not famous enough, and fortunately not well -known, so there will be no OEM products for chicken dogs.

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