Men’s eye sweater, popular style in the summer of 2021

The fashion men’s scorers in the men’s series this season make the wardrobe sexy in the summer of 2021.

Men’s eye sweater, in the wardrobe in the summer of 2021, the fashion style of the men’s series this season becomes sexy. Hollow band shirt, hook needle POLO shirt, metal mesh top or 3D knitted vest.


When we think of net sweaters, the Stefan COOKE men’s fashion series is the most primitive variant of the theme. The British designer transformed the diamond pattern into the hollow effect of the seasonal jacket, creating a fashion hollow jacket suitable for summer night.


The Valentino 2021 spring and summer series designed by PierPaolo Piccioli uses the network pattern with hook needle, POLO shirt and Bermuda shorts. Due to the sports style, the retro appearance of the hook knitted found in modern men’s clothing found space.


Rick Owens


In the Rick Owens men’s fashion series, elastic knitted sweater uses a sawtooth mesh pattern. The top decorates the body with a blog tattoo effect, and is used together by combining different color layers.


The men’s net sweater seen on the Burberry SS21 series of Burberry SS21 series in Riccardo Tisci is a gem of the ocean -style body. It is woven from transparent rubber tubes and colorful crystals, which can be in contact with the skin or matches with printed tops and shirts.




DSQUARED2 The summer of 2021 is made of thin and light metal nets. The combination of the white suit jacket and work pants proposed by the brand is original and has the effect of industrial fashion.

Ermenegildo Zegna

The men’s net sweater from Alessandro Sartori’s new Ermenegildo Zegna series is a completely vertical and perforated pullover. Ancient knitting art is new to satisfy modern taste. This is a fashion top that is very suitable for the hot season.


Bottega veneta

Daniel Lee’s Bottega Veneta 2021 spring and summer series is made of hand -woven cotton texture, and transparent glass beads are inserted.

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