Housewives share good kitchen things: not blown or black, these 12 pieces are really too practical, recommend it to everyone

Friends who love cooking cooking must be interested in all kinds of interesting and practical kitchen utensils! Recently, a housewife shared her good kitchen things. Seriously, the design was good!


Not much to say, let’s take a look together ~

1. The plastic wrap with a sliding knife

When you have to save some leftovers and leftovers, or fruit and vegetables, the plastic wrap is really troublesome, even if many plastic wrap boxes have cutters.


However, this preserved film cutter with a sliding knife is really good. It can easily cut off the plastic wrap, which greatly enhances the cooking experience of cooking.

Second, the vacuum seal tank


For some ingredients such as condiments and dried fruits, if you want to avoid its moisture, it is recommended that you try this kind of vacuum sealing tank. Simply press the air to remove the air in the jar and improve the shelf life. It is still very good.

Third, scissors food clip


It can be used as a scissors and a small clip. This kitchen shear is really practical. For example, the leaves and meats of Salary can be easily cut with it, and the front end of the tape can be stably pinched up stably. Food, very good.


Fourth, dishwasher small object clean box

This looks like a small thing with a soap box. In fact, it is a auxiliary cleaning box. You can use it to install some gadgets (provided that it can be used for dishwasher) and put it in the dishwasher to ensure the cleaning effect. , I won’t drop ~

Five, drum shaved filament

This small shaved filament is really convenient and practical. You can replace the blade according to your needs. There is no problem with slicing and shaved silk. The most important thing is that it is not easy to get hurt by mistake. It is a very good design. Essence

6. Gravity oil pot


The highlight of this small oil pot is on the lid. When the oil is poured, the lid will be automatically opened, and the lid will be closed automatically when you put it away. Essence

Seven, cut off honey can

The pouring mouth of this honey can has a sliding lid. The sealing is good. The most important thing is that when honey is poured gently, it can cut off the sticky honey. This small design solves the honey when the honey is poured. It’s troublesome.

Eight, anti -overflow pot lid

The design of this lid can be very good. After the stuck is on the bottom of the pot, the rising heat will make the flowers rotate, which is very cute; and a gap between the lid and the pan of the pot will also be used to avoid overflowing the pot.

Nine, weaving onion ginger garlic storage baskets


The ornamental of the small basket is very good. After hanging it on the wall, it is very suitable to put onion ginger and garlic. It is convenient to get it, it looks beautiful.


Ten, baking net cleaning brush


As we all know, the grilling net is very difficult to clean up, especially the oil in the gap, it is really not easy to start, but with this baking net cleaning brush, it is different. Even if the stubborn oil is stained, it can be easily done!

Eleven, waterproof leather paper bag

If you feel that the storage box in the drawer is too rigid, you can try this kind of cowhide bags. Putting it in the drawer can also play a role in separating space. The key is to prevent waterproof, good ~


Twelve, magnetic pyramid bottle

Finally, share a magnetic enabled bottle. Its biggest feature is that there is a magnet under the bottle’s rose. After opening the bottle cap, it will automatically absorb below. It is really a very detailed design!

In short, these 12 kinds of kitchen things above are cheap and practical small things. I wonder if everyone likes it? ~

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