The rules of fashion dressing of the little girl, have you get?

What I want to share with you today is about the rules of dressing of the small breasts, how to wear it to be more fashionable. For most small breasts, it is a pity that the breasts are not plump, but Xiaobian wants to say to them that small breasts are a kind of benefits. Some clothes in the fashion industry can only be worn by small breasts. For example, tube top dresses and vest dresses. The tube top style can only have a unique fashion taste after wearing small breasts. Make your chest more full.

Part1: tube top dress

The tube top dress can be described as the exclusive skirt of the small breast girl. The simple skirt combined with the tube top style. The small breast girl is just right after putting it on, and at the same time, it also comes with a sense of fashion. For big breasts girls, wearing tube top dresses will have a feeling of full chest and uncoordinated proportion.


Ade exclusively customized Hong Kong sexy sweet nosebleeds! Elastic denim tube top skirt two free shipping in the whole shop


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Denim’s tube top dress with a sense of casual fashion. The straight skirt body is super superb design, so after putting it on, it can not only show the curvy beauty of the figure, but also show a fresh and natural temperament.

New women’s 2016 hanging neck tube top dress Xia Posamia exposed floral chiffon beach skirt mid -length


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The tube top -style skirt design and fold chest design make the small breasts look more plump after putting it on. The elegant, thin skirts are covered with bright colors, so the whole skirt is wearing Posmia’s exotic style.

European and American spring and summer new product sexy dresses in the long one in the long -term collar A -line puffy skirt off -the -shoulder tube top dress female


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This is a big red tube top dress, a design -rich skirt, with superb tailoring and sewing technology, so it makes the skirt very close after putting on. And the super -designed tube top design only obtains the essence after being put on.

South Korea’s East Gate sexy tube top collar exposed leisure beach skirt large size lotus leaf edge dress summer long skirt


¥ 69.00 Taobao View details

In addition to the versatile characteristics, this pure black tube top dress has a thin effect. The simple skirt is full of design, so although the skirt is loose, it is very stylish. The tube top design and the ruffled edge make the chest look more plump, and at the same time with a sweet and elegant temperament.

part2: sleeveless cant

The vest dress is a very attractive dress in the summer with a high temperature. It is loved by the public girls because of its simple skirt and super cool and sexy characteristics. However, the style of this vest is only after the girl with a small breast can be rolled up after wearing it.

Fat mm loose big sleeveless dress large size bottoming vest umbrella skirt slimming, thin waist panton long dress

¥ 168.00 Taobao View details

Simple pure black loose dress has a super good and thin effect. The design of the high waist makes the whole skirt very stylish. The style of the two vests and the big skirt, the little breast girl is more elegant in sexy after wearing it.


[Daily Specials] Linemal Skirt Summer Summer Waist Looping Vest Skirt Skirt Cotton and linen dress female

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This vest dress with big red as the main color has a simple skirt. The style of the vest and the high waist design on the chest not only make the skirt look tall and thin, but also have super good effects that make the chest plump.

2016 summer new ink A -line skirt large size short sleeve long skirt cotton and linen sleeveless vest printing dress female

¥ 99.00 Taobao View details

This is a very artistic vest dress. The skirt chooses a thin and breathable material, so the whole skirt is not only cool after putting it on, but also a translucent sexy. The vest style makes the skirt very suitable for small breasts to wear.

Little daisy 16 spring and summer Korean women’s round neck small fresh embroidery vest base dress with belt


¥ 89.00 Taobao View details

After wearing this simple vest skirt, the small breast girl is elegant and shows fresh and natural atmosphere. The skirt uses a pleated style, so it is stylish and elegant. The waist design makes the skirt obvious after wearing it. The embroidery at the collar makes the whole skirt more artistic.

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