Classic American rural style, 124 tian actually has restaurant wine cabinets and card seats

Which decorations can best represent the American rural style? The fireplace is antique brick? The wine cabinet is really coincident. There are all the cases to be introduced today. Moreover, the white background of the whole house is unusually clean and bright, which can also reflect the rural style leisure and compatibility Features.


On the left of the porch, a card storage cabinet was made, and the right side was open. The living room was directly connected. The ground tiles were distinguished in the arrangement style.


living room

The walls and ceilings are simple decoration. When they visit, they are particularly “content”. The gypsum line has been mentioned many times, and basically they have become representatives of American style.


The TV cabinet is made into a fireplace style, which is very witty decoration.


There is a small balcony next to the living room. The simple black -frame glass is partitioned, and the layering of the space is stronger.

In view of the full white surface, the matching is still very large, the ground selected antique bricks, and the embellishment of the edge with colorful glazed bricks makes the ground decoration rich.


Dining room

By the floor -to -ceiling window, the restaurant can be greatly satisfied, the card seat meets the sense of form, and the storage ability is also guaranteed.



Hand -wash pots moved out, and the wall tiles jumped with sea blue and gray -yellow, cool a summer.



The kitchen is a dark red cabinet of logs, classic and durable!



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