CHANEL perfume purchase guide, these Chanel “Dash Wang” perfume, exquisite girl must

The perfume of the shaft don’t know how to choose? CHANEL perfume purchase guide is coming ~


This content is in detail with you about the most popular 3 series of Chanel’s perfume in the perfume of Chanel, properly “Dash” series, exquisite girls’ must-have, let’s take a look at Chanel incense is the most worthy What are you!

Chanel Jiapo Lille

Time adjustment: citrus bitter orange leaves black gallon red fruit peaches


Mid-adjustment: White Flower Soon Yushu Jasmine Yilan Orange

Rear adjustment: sandalwood musk vanilla

The Chanel’s home of this Jiapo Lille is named after the name of Ms. Chanel, with a distant female rays. This perfume is mainly from Chanel’s exclusive tuning division Olivier. Words and Chanel Laboratory work together. From the bottle of perfume, its overall use of square beveled cutting design, glass evaluation, the high appearance of the high-end appearance is very spiritual. The warm gold bottle of the glazed sensation makes the entire packaging design look more higher. This is a fragrance that begins with the value of the value. It has been incense for a long time. It can also be a faint fragrance at 7-8 hours. At the beginning, it is a fresh citrus flavor, then the Tunisian orange flower turned to a bright. Lan Yilan, the smell of the smell of Jasmine, if there is a delicate and elegant, gentle and elegant, gentle and free.

Chanel 邂逅 perfume – powder

Tightening: Grapefruit


Mid-adjustment: Jasmine

Afterwards: Musk iris cedar amber

Chanel 邂逅 香水 is divided into three different scent series, but the most hot is that its powder is expected, so he focuses on some of the pink. Chanel’s 邂逅 香 水 is mainly mainly with fresh flowers, but fully expressing a vitality and brave decisiveness of the era. This powder is a very sweet and cute, the bottle is exquisite, and it looks very tall. Powder is a more suitable for 20-year-old girls, and the first perfume used in many women. Just spurting is the kind of faint grapefruit, the fragrance is really good, the medium is slowly converted into jasmine and roses, followed by the first place in Bai Musk.

Chanel Water N5 N5


Time adjustment: lemon, citrus, sweet orange

Mid-adjustment: Rose, Jasmine, Yilan

After adjustment: fragrant grass, cedar, white musk


Marilyn Monroe once said that she only walked in Chanel No. 5, saying that fragrance, Chanel No. 5 perfume can be said to be a classic representative of Times. It uses consistently simple atmosphere design, crystal clear glass bottle, simple but not exquisite. I first heard that the water of Chanel is filled with freedom, just like a girl, sweet love is also passionate. The fragrance released with citrus fruit incense, is a thrive, full of pureness, let you return to the age of 18, the older girl, the fancy and soft, roses and the new ratio of Yilan beautiful and warm. The favorite rear tunes wood fragrance, accompanied by white musk, fragrant grass and cedar, let people are intoxicated and calm, persistent and firm.

Of course, in addition to these three models, Chanel incense is very popular, there is also a cocoa black perfume, and the blue perfume, etc., is a series very like in my daily life. Which of the fairy is still used to use Chanel’s perfume? Remember to share the message in the comment area ~


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