Summer at the breath (1) White fairy skirt

The favorite or cotton lace white long skirt, the booting skirt does not require a pungent pattern to decorate. You can have fluffy curlers and powder grain lips, you can have messy flow sea and orange blush; you can wear the flat shoes of the son, or you can be a shallow high heels. Every time you visit, I saw a white skirt, or in the window, or under the light, or in the corner of the store. I always can’t help but look at the pleasant white. It is always in mixed in the fish dragon, which is so dazzling, so smooth, so humble, so Chu Chu. Today, Xiaobian introduces you a few beautiful skirts, must hold Hold ~~~~


1. Bohemian chiffon lace dress beach skirt small fresh slim white long skirt summer fairy skirt


The long skirt will play the elegance and softness of the woman to the ultimate, fluttering long skirt, fresh and elegant, taking a beautiful and quiet temperament, the princess tower is like the wings of the elf!


2. Spring and summer new white word collar court chiffon dress

White word collar stronle bead lace chiffon dress Summer Poimi Mung skirt seaside holiday beach long skirt man hand one shopkeeper self-contained, high-end, luxury, hand-made beads, selection is high-grade lace + chiffon, The texture is soft and comfortable, it is really love to do, it is not to wear, the luxury quality is only suitable for you, this is definitely the quality of luxury goods, the high-end club, banquet, wedding dress, travel, the seaside beach is the most Suitable long skirt!

3. Summer skirt female dress, a step, new mesh, shoulder chiffon skirt, shoulders

The classic circular collaps with flowers lace, such as the princess is sweet and premature; perspective V-shaped stitching design, amazing sexy, yarn network echoes, romantic and soft, as if entering Fantasy Wrants, beautiful. The turn is absolutely 100%!

4. A word leading shoulder chiffon super fairy long skirt lantern sleeve seaside beach vacation dress

This is a very fairy skirt, although it is a middle sleeve, but the sleeve part is a feeling of hidden, very beautiful! The chest position has made the design, very elegant! What are you waiting for?

5.2015 Summer Sweet Skirt Big Pack Bar Pable Beach Skirt Bohemian Chiffon Dress Dress

We choose the top of Korea imported pearl chiffon! Compared with ordinary chiffon, it is lighter, high density, more silky, and pendant is much better than general chiffon. Adhere to the highest-priced Korea imported pearl chiffon, just for your best and most comfortable. This is the Korean version of the design style, is not picking up, thin, not afraid of being able to support it, fat is not afraid of meat. Multi-color optional, absolutely do not pick people’s style, free straps, no braid width waistline restriction, high fat and thin nets.

6. South Korea SZ seven-point sleeves Slim chiffon lace dress V-neck dress two-piece dress

We use high-grade lace fabrics, hook lace shows women’s unique temperament and romance, semi-high collar, out of European and American classical unique court temperament, outlined female S curve, romantic sexy lace emotions, each MM’s most Love ~~~~~

7. Europe and the United States super large pendar beach skirt vacation dress bohemian casual solid color hanging multi-layer long skirt fairy dress

Sea in the sea, every girl’s heart, the beach skirt, fairy skirt, summer girl wardrobe must be item!


8.15 summer new high-end women’s simple slim sleeveless chiffon long skirt bohemian fairy mop dress

This paragraph is a high quality chiffon fabric, which is very suitable for spring and autumn with a cardigan coat! There is a vicissitudes of nature, more sweat-absorbing breathable. Jiangnan cloth wind, white refreshing ~~


9.2015 female chiffon dress dress summer long section Slim slim sleeveless vest skirt holiday beach skirt fairy is the most popular fashionable dress in the summer! The style design is elegant and fashionable. The version is slim and thin. Does not pick people, and can cover the elephant legs and small belly, let your fashion elegance and lose sexy! The quality work is first-class, all of which use high-grade chiffon fabrics, feel cool, very suitable for summer wear, the overall upper body feels very grade!

10.2015 new summer dress female irregular sleeveless chiffon skirt big plus fairy skirt children sling skirt skirt


Fashion trend, do not divide fat, the fairy skirt can wear, the fabric is a comfortable and delicate fabric, the summer is no longer afraid of heat, as beautiful and charming. There are two belts of the skirt, a ribbon belt, a loose belt, but also a belt, wow, a skirt can wear three effects, really good, beautiful.

11.2015 New product specials, now is the market promotion price, after the weather enters the summer dress, the clothes must rise, the parents can buy in advance, this is an indispensable fairy skirt in the beach holiday, the long skirt is unfortunate, making it The difficulty is quite high, and it can only produce dozens of pieces per day, which are finely selected, each piece is a boutique, high-end.

12. Retro literary super-tempered hollow lace heavy hand-embroidered dress women’s gods sand beach holiday long skirt

The superproprion, super fairy temperament lace heavy work, wearing a hiking goddess, fine hand-embroidered is a big highlight of this dress ~~~~

13.2015 spring and summer new Korean women’s hollow lace big two-piece long dress

Light lacy, sexy gathering, brought a fantastic, overall and beautiful, women! ! ! Two-piece set, you can wear it separate ~~~


14. Korean version of the new women’s sleeveless lace slim large size Punxious long skirt

All net genuine, three layers, is not a low-grade imitation! Imported high-grade Korean yarn fabric, precision embroidery process, hired one professional car processing production, quality strict control, just give you a satisfactory clothing !!


15. Sling embroidered vest skirt child summer new lace chiffon dress


Evening dress, heavy work embroidery, out vacation, craft stereo, luxurious!

16. Pleated long skirt OL temperament fairy sleeveless long dress


In the hot summer, the streets are all dressed in hot girls, swaying the sleeveless legs and slender waist, and the three steps attract men’s eyes. At the same time, there is a pair of pairs of envy and angry eyes. They are also watching them. There is no fine legs than the poles, and what should we do? Emperor Renchi is a trick, choose a X-type long dress, you can make you look more than five pounds than usual! Don’t believe you will try it.


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