Dong Xuan successively has someone! The 4 -year -old daughter wore a strap skirt and a women’s group socks waved to the airport.

Many women often choose the age reduction style in the choice of dresses. Compared with the classic elegant long skirt, although the age -reducing skirt cannot show a graceful figure, it can hide your true age and become younger and younger for older women. , To keep the young woman in normal state, when it comes to age -reducing skirts, I have to say that the strap skirt is not very popular in recent years, and it only appears on the little girl.


I believe that Dong Xuan is an actress that everyone can’t be familiar with. At first, because of the heroine in “The Dragon of Snowflake”, it instantly became the goddess in the minds of countless otakus. We are tired, so many years have passed, Dong Xuan, who has been a mother, has never changed. It is still so young and beautiful. The most enviable thing is that the daughter’s small dimple perfectly inherit the beauty of her mother. It is not much worse than the mother.

The clothing that can be used to the belt design basically has a good age reduction effect. For example, the strap pants that everyone often sees is known as the “age reduction artifact”. Like, as the derivative model of the strap pants, the strap skirt also has the same effect, that is, the single product of the strap design shows signs of tenderness, so the controller should be cautious and not forcibly dressing. Dong Xuan’s 4 -year -old daughter Xiaoyi can be the most lovely age. She wears a strap skirt without showing signs of tenderness. The age is very beautiful.

There is a misunderstanding of the strap skirt, which cannot be worn alone. This must be kept in mind, because the neckline of the strap skirt is low and not as tight as a suspender skirt. Large -scale exposed skin will show vulgar state, so it is best to lose everything. Choose to have inside. Usually the colors of the two are dressed in “one Ming and One Dark”, which looks more layered. It looks monotonous, but it looks very delicate and durable. Although it is not like a mature woman, it can highlight the perfect body proportion, but the innocent and cuteness really melts my heart and is very cute.

Although the strap skirt itself has its own age reduction effect, it looks good, but it still needs a little bit in the matching of the bottom. Otherwise It is gorgeous to make the shape more gorgeous. It can be seen that Dong Xuan’s dress of the 4 -year -old daughter still spent a lot of thoughts. The classic T -shirt strap skirt is actually amazing enough to walk on the airport on the airport. It is not satisfied with the mother’s socks for her daughter, stepping on small white sneakers, the shape of the women’s group is quite temperamental, and at the same time, with a trace of girly temperament, it is more and more beautiful. How many.

As a 4 -year -old girl, I believe that everyone has seen boys and girls at this age, and they are more shy, but you can find that the 4 -year -old small dimple is avant -garde and fashionable. The extraordinarily foreign style, the hair is soft and charming, and it is not scattered on the shoulder at all. At the same time, the small face is also very perfect. What’s more angry is that in the face of the shooting of the camera. Waving, this aura is really not what girls of the same age should have. Too cheongsam, too much aura, it is even better than a mother.

Dong Xuan’s rare daughter to walk the airport this time really let us see a different 4 -year -old girl. The beautiful and full -scale eyes, the round eyes and this tide dress, too hooked people, too hooked people I can see that my heart has melted. It seems that Dong Xuan is already a successor. Don’t worry about the small dimples that are not popular. However, when it comes to skirts, Xiao Suwo’s ​​stunning dress is not once or twice. Each set of different styles of skirts is very eye -catching.

British fan bubble sleeve denim skirt: advantage: personality fashionable and cute

Girls’ clothes are not as good as mature women’s dress style, and most of the style is still mainly age reduction, so if you want to show different fashion aesthetics, the choice of clothing must be taken well next time Kung Fu, such as the British style denim skirt with bubble sleeves, is very suitable. The stitching style and the bubble sleeves and the lace neckline are novel and personalized. It is very suitable for the dress of the little girl. of.

Sleeveless red dress: advantage: eye -catching, eye -catching and temperament


The little girl’s dress is always naive, so you can try the colorful color and mature dress with a more single picture. The fold skirt and the waist form a better figure. Compared with the previous dress, this obvious style is more diverse. It is also very picture -style, especially this hairstyle, especially this hairstyle, especially this hairstyle, especially this hairstyle. Too avant -garde.


Tips cotton and linen skirt: advantage: fashionable personality is playful


I have to say that Dong Xuan, a 4 -year -old daughter, is indeed a bit higher than the girls of the same age. The young suspender skirt has already been put on. You must know that the suspender skirt she chooses is not casually casually. The upper body also used the inside. Although it seems a bit old, it is very durable. It is very cute. It is really full of shadows of Dong Xuan when they are full. At the airport this time, the small dimple strap skirt with a T -shirt, waved to the airport, really hooked people than the mother, very noticeable, it really felt like a successor.


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