Valentine’s Day, Happiness “Magic Realm” Japanese Valentine’s Day coat exposure

It’s the lovers season of men and women looking forward to the whole city! People who love in their hearts are happy. Gifts and bouquets have been commonplace. In fact, they can most express the real hammer of the two people like paint. It is a couple dress together! In this cold season, instead of spending a lot of heavy clothing, it is better to go online to set up the new couple outfit of “Magic Realm”, and the wind cherry blossoms, Japanese -style beautiful, let you easily show affection, happiness and lovers ~

“Magic Realm” Valentine’s Day New Sakura Kae Jacket

The Valentine’s Day jacket launched this time is full of Japanese and wind. Men’s clothing “Sakura Sky Tender” wide robes and big sleeves, pavement, and unrestrained. The female jacket “Sakura Kong Honey Love” is beautiful and complicated, smart and cute. The clothes of the two coats are cherry blossoms of the petals, allowing you to enter the cherry blossom season in advance, and feel the beauty of the cherry tree with the beloved TA!

“Magic Realm” Valentine’s Day new men’s jacket -Sakurakan tenderness


Come to meet romance on Valentine’s Day, come to the “Magic Domain” love carnival to enjoy happiness! As long as the player participates, he will have the opportunity to put two beautiful coats into the pocket. Red powder satin flutter, interpret the passion and romance of love with you. The two coats are only available for current activities, that is, only from February 14 to February 18! So rare, it is worthy of your love.

In addition to the rare and beautiful appearance, there are countless treasures in the lover carnival, and all kinds of peerless treasures are everything! The new product polar domain cold front series weapon fantasy soul, true love tears diamond ring, and various types of wedding jackets, children’s jackets, fantasy beast skin and other precious awards are waiting for you to take home! From February 9th to February 18th, the “Magic Realm” will be recorded to participate in the love carnival carnival.

“Magic Realm” Valentine’s Day new women’s jacket -Sakurakan honey love

In the lovers season, not only should we wear beauty together, of course, do some shame! “Magic Domain” takes you to start Valentine’s Day crazy new gameplay, players match the kiss and win the gift! It’s amazing!

From February 9th to 16th, “Magic Realm” launched WeChat H5 Valentine’s Day games. The special gameplay is hot and spicy, testing the love tacit understanding between you and TA! The connection kiss is successful, and you will have the opportunity to get a variety of online and offline awards such as Valentine’s Day coat, panda and pet, eternal sanctuary, and red roses. Scan the QR code and participate with the TA in your heart. A lot of benefits, wait for you to get it!


Valentine’s Day should be “happy” like this! Come to “Magic Domain”, have a fragrant and interesting Valentine’s Day! Next, there are more lovers of lovers, don’t look forward to it too much!

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