The flagship player of Kaiyin N8 II is mainly a realm

Yang Guo, who had just joined the Disabled Persons, found four swords (actually three) in the sword mound of Dugu. Each side, there were two lines of small words.

One said: “The fierce is just fierce, there is nothing indestructible.

凯音N8 II这台旗舰播放器,听的主要是个境界

The second said: “Ziwei soft sword, used before the age of thirty, misunderstood the ominous righteous, but the deep valley of abandonment.”

凯音N8 II这台旗舰播放器,听的主要是个境界

Three said: “The sword has no front, and the work is not working.

凯音N8 II这台旗舰播放器,听的主要是个境界

Four said: “After forty years old, they are not stagnant in things.

Dugu has never officially appeared in Jin Yong’s novels, but in just a few words, it has been read, and the phrase “Senior magic skills are unimaginable.” It also represents the emotions of most people ~

凯音N8 II这台旗舰播放器,听的主要是个境界

What about me, I think of this kind of thing deeper: these four swords or the lonely seeking defeats of these four stages, giving the viewer’s sense of picture, the most shocking is actually the first three -fourth Instead, it is too mysterious because the skill has become too mysterious. It is not only easy to understand. Even the director’s imagination of Hong Kong director is estimated to have only a bunch of detonators to make up. This kind of thing is the same in the world, and even the same football: run quickly and spend the feet hard. Everyone can see. I don’t understand where this person is …

So the machine that Kaiyin N8 II, it is really powerful, it is not easy to be seen at a glance, we really have to touch it ~

凯音N8 II这台旗舰播放器,听的主要是个境界

First of all, it can be seen that Kaiyin also used the Android system on the flagship machine. The interface was more than the old Haibei of the Zhenghuangqi. After the word, I ca n’t wait for the two people to get a quilt after drinking, and then look at the two softwares of Kaiyin and Haibei, which are dangling and emitted by the app interface. Native

Although this change conforms to the times and increases the convenience of operation, it will inevitably feel that “not so stubborn, so it’s not so cute”, this will also lead to a reduction in recognition. The design of the back is the design of the back. There is really no previous generation N8 (especially the dark version). The N8 generation is the kind of machine that can be recognized at a glance at a glance from ten meters. N8 II must be divided into a few meters away. Fortunately, the volume keys are large enough enough to be yellow enough enough, but fortunately, the leather case is very beautiful.

And, the previous Kaiyin, in the field of the national brick, has used the light sword and swords. It doesn’t make sense to change the RPG this time, right? Guess that you can guess that Lao Liang will definitely use the Android system. A few things:

1. The electronic tube must be not only available, but if the full balance of the electronic tube, this is also the most conspicuous upgrade part of the N8 generation. It is no longer that the single -end can be used to use the electronic tube. In fact It will really be the most balanced socket;

2. Full separate component hierarchical construction to form a four -channel power amplifier circuit. It can be selected two types of AB working modes. What is not said is high -end!

凯音N8 II这台旗舰播放器,听的主要是个境界

3. Single -end and balanced independent LO circuit — 甭 甭 3 You need to get it, I configure it to the full grid;

4. The flagship DAC chip BD34301EKV, two more rare Rohm flagship DAC chips.

The remaining such as P+mode, Class A mode 4.4 balanced input up to 440MW (32 Euro load), and Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 and 3.8V 10000mAH ultra -large -capacity low -resistance lithium -ion polymers batteries. Because Kaiyin’s things have never used it at all, then I said that these will be more boring, and once you have used you, you must understand: this is the flagship, they will definitely be very powerful in thrust, and they will also be given what they should give. I am very attentive. Playing chicken thieves will not play chicken thieves, some are only three questions:

What is the sound of this machine, what kind of person it is suitable for, and its price, you want to bear it.

Let’s talk about the sound first. Since it is N8 II, it is naturally inevitable that the biggest highlight of the N8 generation (including the black version) is to be carried out with the N8 generation. The biggest highlight is that the electronic tube is carried on the portable equipment, which has an epoch -making significance. In fact, the sound of the electronic tube of the N8 generation is very “bold” and “strong”. Basically, the recognition effect of an ears will cause the evaluation of the two polarization of the evaluation of the listener for their own preferences. , But no one can deny that it is remembered that it is very remembered. From groups to history, they must remember it firmly.

Although the N8 II, although it is also contained in the electronic tube, because the mainstream Android OS is used, it can only show you the electronic tube showed it on the side. Its sound is not so “bold”.

“The circuit and user feedback of the N8 and C9 are specially combined. The negative feedback 0 -gain circuit of the large ring circuit is used to carefully adjust the feedback of the electronic tube circuit. The sound performance of mellow and harmonious. “

The above paragraph is the official statement of Kaiyin, that is, although it is a gallbladder, the plan used by the N8 II is not so bile machine. , It seems as a flagship, is there a clear style?

凯音N8 II这台旗舰播放器,听的主要是个境界

In terms of actual hearing, when the N8 II opens the electronic tube, it does not give people a significant trace and warm color. What it is more pursuing is a perfect balance: a kind of thrust must be loud and loud. The field must be wide, the framework must be stable, and the control is strong. Whether you are a low -resistant or high -resistance head, you can try to give the strongest effect in the portable player. The control is very correct. When you are noticeable, you will find it -oops, it is really soft and loose, slowly and slowly, although it is a bit hidden, but this is indeed really The smell of the electronic tube is very united, and there are no traces.

凯音N8 II这台旗舰播放器,听的主要是个境界

Let’s put it that, if you are used to listening to the N8 generation, and then listen to the N8 II, what you get is probably my perception as the above. The processing method is more “elegant” and more “leisurely”, and it needs to listen to more products; but in turn, if you listen for a period of time N8 ii and go back to listen to N8, you are afraid that you will feel “this … is this … is this dyeing? Some audio discs? The gall flavor does come to the face, but the two machines think that this one is not enough to listen enough “-An the Buddhist statement, the sound of the N8 generation is a bit” somewhat “with a little” 着 有 有 有”

Therefore, compared to the N8 generation, I prefer the N8 black version, which is also the reason; the voice of N8 II is more restrained, higher, more convergence and enthusiasm, and advocate a kind of “grass, wood, bamboo and stone can be a sword” Tibetan The unrealistic atmosphere is where it may not catch you in one ear, but it is also where it really has the skill.

And you have to exaggerate Kaiyin -or to exaggerate Kai Yin Haibei, which is more suitable for good friends. This machine does not mean a little bit of the daily experience. Leave dead ends. If you have this machine, you will use your own high -quality sound sources to grab and collect, and then buy a Sony selection from the Haibei Music interface, and then install some Apple Music, QQ, Netease Cloud you listen to. Then as long as it is not too difficult to wear at home, the rest of the low resistance and plug are in place. It will be used to take it as a turntable.

So it is very suitable for those who do not want to toss, and leave themselves a “strongest and best enough” machine -its sound is not so strong, but hearing resistance is very advanced. It is very high (can be opened or AB, you can use electronic tubes or transistors, you can adjust digital filtering and DSD gain). It is not an exaggeration to say that it is an antipyretic machine.

凯音N8 II这台旗舰播放器,听的主要是个境界

In this sense, I sent me a desktop version of Lao Liang very much. Suddenly I was a little ashamed, because after all, I am a person with a lot of machines, and sometimes I listened to the platform CD vinyl system. Wireless, so I can only listen to it as much as possible. In my mind, this kind of good -looking and top -level good machine should be bought by consumers who are not in social and old houses at home. They listen to it for three or four hours a day before it is worthy of it. of……

凯音N8 II这台旗舰播放器,听的主要是个境界

But it’s okay, Kaiyin’s N3 Pro, N8 Hei Black Edition, and RU6 small tail are all things I often listen to when I put it on the desktop, because it sounds good, not to mention C9, the sword of C9 The status of the middle ~

Kaiyin N8II has evolved from “seeing the world” and “seeing yourself” to “seeing all beings”, and the real advanced growth is difficult to be accompanied by calmness and boring. The flagship of the great country, selling 20,000 people will feel that it is not cheap (Considering that the raw materials price increase and difficulty in component acquisition in the past two years, this will actually be a trend. expensive). But if you have the opportunity to listen to it for a while, it is best to calm down and listen to it for half a afternoon. You will understand that this sound is not just strong thrust, electronic tube, A class P+. The music it interprets has a solid expression and a light relief, and has rich elements and has a natural integration …

It already has its own realm, and 20,000 yuan to buy a clear heart, can it be said to be expensive, right?

Based on this trend, I feel that the days when I leave the old Liang Feng Sword to the mountains, and to boil the eagle to play with big sculptures, it seems … not far away?

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