Chen Kaige’s ex -wife is also here! Born in the famous door, the low -priced steak was questioned, and I cleverly responded to the emotional quotient

Chen Kaige, who married the big beauty Chen Hong, has always brought its own traffic as a guide, and their family has always been the focus of discussion. However, before marrying Chen Hong, Chen Kaige had a marriage, and his ex -wife was Hong Huang, known as the “famous girl”.

On May 11, Hong Huang shared a video on the video platform. In the video, she demonstrated the steak to netizens and recommended everyone to buy a low -priced steak, but after the video was released, it caused controversy.

In the video, Hong Huang wore a blue headband, wearing a yellow striped apron appeared in the kitchen, the room was spacious and bright, and the cooking table was clean and clean.

Under the camera, the 59 -year -old Hong Huang did not apply the fans, and Su Yan demonstrated the steak practice for everyone. I saw her skilled with the water in the steak, and then poured the butter in the pot. Essence

In the process, Hong Huang recommended a steak for everyone, and she did this steak, but after the steak was released, she did not taste in front of the camera.

According to Hong Huang, this steak can receive coupons, 149 yuan and 10 yuan, an average of 14.9 yuan, the price is not expensive.

However, many people did not buy the comment area. Some netizens were surprised to Hong Huang with the goods, and the money was causing money.

Some netizens questioned that Hong Huang would not think that Hong Huang would eat this low -priced steak.

Some netizens said that this steak is a synthetic meat, criticizing Hong Huang with the goods.

Why do you respond to Hong Huang with such a great response? This is actually related to her identity. After all, she is not an ordinary lady, nor is she just the identity of Chen Kaige’s ex -wife.

It is understood that Hong Huang was born in a famous door, and his family names were famous. At the age of 12, Hong Huang went to study in the United States. After work, he served as CEOs of several companies. Published books and blog writing were also very popular. She was also a representative of many people in the minds of many people.


The family is prominent and rich in life, but bring goods for a low -priced steak? Many people can’t understand Hong Huang’s behavior. After all, bringing goods can make money to make money, but Hong Huang is not a lack of money in everyone’s heart.

However, some netizens expressed their understanding of Hong Huang’s behavior, saying that there was no regulation that Hong Huang could not recommend affordable brands.


In the dispute, Hong Huang posted a video to apologize, and he apologized for the behavior of not explaining that the steak was a composite meat, saying that he had tasted the steak and felt that it was good before it was recommended.


In response to some netizens who think that this steak is not high enough, the comments that should not be recommended by her should not be recommended. Hong Huang’s response is very clever: “I want to explain, I’m not so high -grade, I’m sorry. I am a very ordinary person, I think it tastes like If the price is right, I will definitely eat it. “

A steak leads to a small storm. It can only be said that food is not a standard for defining grades. There is no need to find a sense of superiority through the price of food. Radish and green vegetables have their own love.

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Author: Moxianbao’s Nineteen Generations

Responsible editor: Xiao Zhongshan


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