This is the balcony space where I dream of.

The dream balcony can grow flowers, leisure, and treadmill movement. However, the reality is: it can only be used to dry! Clothes! Clothes! Will there be countless possibilities on the balcony? certainly!

01 double -dynamic line balcony

Some time ago, I watched netizens particularly envious of Chen Zhuo’s balcony in “Xiaomin’s Family”. It opened with the bedroom and can directly enter the bedroom from the living room or balcony.

This balcony → living room → the dual -line design of the bedroom is not difficult. Just remove the wall between the balcony and the bedroom, the premise is non -load -bearing wall.


PS: The weight wall cannot be disassembled!


The door can be designed to be embedded. When the door is opened, the door body is hidden into the wall, so there is no need to worry about occupying the space.

设计 Embedded door body design:

① It is best to use the hanging rail, the living room and the bedroom floor are paved for easy cleaning.

② The wall slotting, the door cover is needed to be added inside.

③ If the overall sense is better, it is recommended to keep the gate body consistent with the background wall.

02 Expansion indoors to do casual balcony

Pour the balcony directly into the room to increase the indoor lighting surface.

It should be noted that most of the balcony mouths are mostly heavy walls and cannot be demolished. You can use the wall to customize the storage cabinet.

垭 How can I distinguish whether the mouthpiece can be dismantled?

① If your balcony is a balcony, it cannot be removed.

The interior wall of this balcony is a load -bearing wall and must not be dismantled.

② If your balcony is a concave balcony, you can remove it.

This balcony is equal to the entire income indoor, the load -bearing wall is at the outermost, the internal wall can be removed, and it is completely opened with the indoor.

③ If it is a composite balcony, it is recommended not to disassemble.


This semi -convex and semi -concave balcony, the inner wall is a heavy wall, it is not recommended to disassemble.


03 Expansion indoor increase floor


If you want to have a sense of ritual, increase the floor.

① The height of the floor is recommended at 0.2-0.25m.

② A storage or washing machine+dryer can be added on both sides of the floor to make the functions more diverse.


③ If the ground is warm, considering the heat dissipation problem, it is recommended to bypass the platform.

④ The balcony is best sealed to avoid the rainwater from coming in to fight the wet floor.

⑤ Be sure to leave the socket to facilitate charging or plug in the computer.

⑥ If you want a better sense of atmosphere, you can set up light line lighting at the bottom.

04 Mainly do laundry rooms, half of leisure

If the balcony is large enough and does not want to give up the drying function, then half of the laundry room and half casual.

① The balcony ground needs to be fully waterproof.

② Waterproof and laundry ponds should be returned to 30cm high.


③ If the washing machine is placed in the cabinet, it is recommended to raise 10cm at the bottom of the cabinet.

④ Drainage does not do wall exhaust, you need to do drainage slopes.

⑤ Drainage floor drain is recommended to choose T -type floor drain, fast drainage.

05 Da Heng Hall+Study Room

If you want more space, you can remove the wall and create a living room+study.


The load -bearing wall in the middle cannot be removed and a storage cabinet is made. Other opened, the vertical hall is the horizontal hall, and the study is integrated with the study. It is a lot of fun to install a projector on the top.


① The open interaction is stronger, the venue is large enough, and children can play more open.

② All open the interior lighting, do not worry about lighting during the day, reading, reading, and work.

③ The depth of the bookcase is generally about 30cm, and it can also be customized according to the size of the book.

④ The bookcase is standing at the top of the sky, and the closed type is better than the open type.

⑥ The height of the general desk is about 75cm, and the height of the seat is 45cm.

⑦ It is recommended to buy a person in the body and body, which can be adjusted and lifted according to height.

If you want to customize tables and chairs, please refer to the formula:

Table height = body height*43%+2 ~ 5cm


Chair height = body height*27%+2 ~ 5cm


06 balcony garden

Of course, it is not impossible to build a small garden on the balcony.

① Pay attention to waterproof, do not exudes the water in the garden.

② Folk pebbles can be paved, anticorrosive wood, creating simulation outdoor gardens.

③ Hang 100 -leaf curtain to let the light spill in at any time to give the plants sufficient sunlight.

I know, someone will definitely ask: What should I do if they dry? Dear, take a look at the dryer!


PS: Some pictures are from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact it!

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