Seven misunderstandings that must be avoided in winter


Today is Lichun, that is to say, the coldest time in winter has passed, will spring be far away? I wrote another winter matching skills article, I believe you will understand. In the morning, when I saw some photos of fans, I realized that I mislead everyone. I often introduce some matching skills to let everyone integrate every skill. I did not expect that many fans would understand one -sided understanding. I think I should tell you the misunderstanding of winter matching. Let’s get a seat!

1. Misunderstanding 1: A bottom of the winter!

I have seen a lot of girls wearing a pair of leggings for the winter, which is quite wrong. Others think you can’t even buy pants! When you are appropriate, change your equipment and wear jeans. Dressing in sports is also good. With a woolen coat and wearing a pair of knee boots, your legs look more beautiful!


2. Misunderstanding 2: Skirts with waterproof platform high -heeled boots!

Is a mini -skirt with a waterproof platform high -heeled boots sexy? Seeing the wisdom, but how far it is definitely far from fashion, how far it is. Ultra -short dress with waterproof platform high -heeled boots plus flame red lips. At this time, if you stop at the streets of Bangkok at midnight, the chance of being misunderstood is as high as 80 %. Please avoid self -confidence to control such outfits for your personal safety.

Boot with a short skirt is not impossible, but you must strictly control the height of the boots and heel heights. The boots without the waterproof platform are more suitable. Boots with both knee and waterproof platform are more suitable for pressing the bottom of the box this year.


3. Misunderstanding 3: You think others can’t see a thick “nude” stockings!


Many people think that no one can see a thick “nude” stockings in winter in order to keep warm. But the fact is that “nude” stockings, especially those “nude” stockings (their color or too dark, or too light) that are not matched with the skin tone of the wearer.

Although the light legs look beautiful, it is indeed everywhere in winter. Do you think you are in Japan? What should I do if I have to wear thick stockings in order to keep warm? Choose black or light -gray thick stockings, and with the same or similar pointed shoes that are the same or similar to its color system, you can stretch the proportion. This principle has been talked about in many articles before. You can go through it!

4. Misunderstanding 4: You must throw away the cake skirt!


The cake skirt is the head of the item you must eliminate, because it brings the poor sweet and sweet temperament you need to pay the painful price. If you do not lose weight into a lightning and have a long legs like Giselebundchen, the cake skirt will not only make the thin thighs look thicker, but also make your hips look large and bulky. The fact is that when you blow off the last candle of his 12th birthday, you should say goodbye to the cake skirt. Now it is no longer cute, throw it away!

5. Misunderstanding 5: stockings with fish mouth high heels!

Except for the carefully trimmed nails, the fish mouth of high heels should not show anything else, especially wrapped in various stockings, and the toes with brilliant nail polish. Wearing stockings with fish mouth high -heeled shoes (especially when stockings and fish mouth high -heeled shoes are different), it looks unrestrained and full of market atmosphere. It should not appear other occasions except for the vegetable market bargaining.

If your cold resistance ability is strong, although you take off your stockings, you can wear high -heeled shoes on your mouth. Otherwise, you should not obediently put away the fish mouth high -heeled shoes that should not appear in winter, and replace it with a large hot ankle boots similar to the color of the stockings.

6. Misunderstanding 6: Wear bloated jackets and wear pants!

The bloated down jacket jacket, wearing completely unfacked jeans, the most delicate winter dress is just the same. In order to keep warm and comfort and make the shape more practical, it is not exaggerated, but wearing a “full abandon image” outfit, whether it is for yourself or others, is a kind of disrespect.

If the down jacket jacket is a must -have in winter, please be sure to reduce the burden on the lower body without the bloated of the upper body. At this time, a pair of slim pants are just right.

7. Misunderstanding 7: Are you still using a UGG mixing skirt?

I do n’t know when snow boots have become the first choice for many people in winter. The comfortable and warm snow boots itself is understandable, but when it is used to mix and match with the skirt, it will make the lower legs look bloated and the lower body will not not be the lower body. Cut into three sections in the same way, successful makes you fat and short.


Don’t snow boots but comfortable? A pair of thick bottom shoes can be easily done.



Welcome to pay attention to me, to exchange clothing and matching skills anytime, anywhere!


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