Slim short cotton coat warm body

Winter has arrived, how can we wear it to get rid of bloated, both warm and figure? Of course, it is a cotton jacket. There must be one in the wardrobe of the MM in love this winter, otherwise you are too far away from the trend! The warmth of cotton clothing but not bloated. It can make you tall and out of shape in the dressing.

修身短款棉衣 温暖显身材

Choose high -density imitation velvet fabrics, which can effectively control the diffusion of body temperature, fit the body and comfortable, the feel is delicate, not easy to wrinkle, and comfortable to wear. The decoration of the neckline lace looks cute and bright, not only to enhance femininity, but also the role of age reduction, allowing you to easily cope with various occasions.

Selected high -quality fabrics, classic small stand -up collar, cleanliness, more windproof and warmth, slim -fitting version stretch the body proportion, removing three -dimensional hats and stylish, stylish atmosphere.

修身短款棉衣 温暖显身材

High -grade texture PU stitching suits cotton jacket, short -sleeved version, easy to thin, selected high -quality down cotton filled, keep warm, and give you a warm winter.

修身短款棉衣 温暖显身材

Selected with the big hair collar design, the windproof and warmth, simple windproof cuffs, perfectly matched with a whole piece of clothes, the side stealth zipper design, simple and easy to use, high -quality fabric, soft and skin -friendly, stylish and stylish.

修身短款棉衣 温暖显身材

Paired with high -quality gardenia hair collar decoration, removable design, classic knitted cuffs, fashionable and neat, warmth and comfort, both fashion and self -cultivation, giving you a warm winter.

Fashion stitching, simple and elegant, using classic styling techniques, three -dimensional sense and outline, elegant and thin, cleverly creating a thin body shape, the big circle is expressed to nourish the details of the eye, and the elegant temperament is worn.

修身短款棉衣 温暖显身材

Disassembly cap design, stylish and stylish, selected luxurious fur collar, super warm, precision pressure line, anti -removed velvet technology, comfortable and thin, contrasting embroidery pattern, three -dimensional style, waist cutting You can also show your body perfectly in the winter.

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