Winter clothes should be collected with camel cotton pants cleaning and storage of tips

The weather in spring is gradually warming, and the camel velvet warm cotton pants that pass through winter must be stored. It will definitely clean it before storing it, but the error cleaning will cause damage to the internal structure of the camel velvet. Worse.

It is better to clean the camel cotton pants, and you can also wash your hands on your own.

However, it should not be scrubbed with a rubbing plate, and it should not be washed with a hard brush.

Hand washing method: washing with cashmere sweater. Add the washing fluid in warm water in the pot. Put it in the pot for a few minutes, gently press and press, and then wash the water and wash it. After the water is washed, it is difficult to dry the water, and the stack is tidy and paved on the window sill to dry it.

过冬的衣服该收喽 驼绒棉裤清洗存放小贴士

You can lightly pat it with your hands or small wooden sticks.

Be sure to use neutral detergent and wash the residual detergent. After washing, stack the clothes neatly, squeeze the remaining water, and then hang it. Do not hang up. In fact, camel cotton pants can be dry frequently, absorb fresh air and sunlight, and maintain the original fresh and comfortable.

After the camel cotton pants are dried, you can use medium temperature (about 140 ° C) steam to iron and iron the distance. After doing the above work, it is stored in a dry wardrobe, and insect -proof drugs can also be placed in the wardrobe, such as sanitary balls, cypress leaves, peppercorns, etc.

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