How many snails and dustpans do your fingerprints? Is it true that “the more wealth is the more wealthy”?

After a child was born, taking the name was a top priority, and the parents or elders at home have been entrusted by the good expectations of the children in the future. When the child is older and the fingers are clear, many older family members start paying attention to the shape of the child’s fingerprint. Many people can experience such a scene, including the post -90s post -90s.

I still remember that my mother and grandma were satisfied after watching my fingerprints. At that time, I already had a certain memory ability. After their repeated confirmation: Among the 10 fingers of my hands, 9 patterns are snails. Snail!


As the saying goes, “Nine fights and ten fights are more and more”, “Nine Luo Nine, Being the Eunuch, Ten Luoquan, Mid -champion”, “Nine Luo and One Bad, Eat Dry”, “Dou” and “Luo” in the saying goes “In fact, they all mean” snails “. Although they have not received too much education, they also know that such folk rumors are not much credible, but they still feel that this is a “good sign.”

Of course, as more and more people receive higher education, whether the child’s fingerprint is snail or dustpan, it is only when you look at it, because the wealth of a person’s life is given. After that, I will fight for myself, and I will not lie flat because of the fingerprint length or 10 snails.


However, in recent days, when the Fudan and the Chinese Academy of Sciences team studied fingerprints, some genetic mysteries that could be discovered through fingerprints were revealed, mainly involving 3 major aspects, which can be said to have something to do with each of us. Related research results have been released in “Cell”. Most people may not have heard of it, but this is an international authoritative academic journal. During the entire research process, not only the strong research teams such as Fudan University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, but also at the same time, but also also Like more than ten foreign scientific research institutions, let’s take a look at the specific major discovery!


“Dou” and “dustpan” have nothing to do with skin development. Fingerprint patterns have been formed as early as the development of embryo development. Its type will not change after birth!


Researchers said that Asians are “small, there are many types of fighting, and there are many fighting types”, and some people may still be “bow types.” This time the researchers’ research on fingerprint pattern can be said to be the largest so far. Through the correlation analysis of the genome, it is found that 43 of human genetic genes are associated with the patterns of our fingerprints, but none of them show a manifestation. It is related to skin development. Even if our fingerprint grows on the skin, it is actually closely related to the function of limb development.

To put it more specific, the length ratio of a person’s finger is related to the fingerprint pattern. If a person’s little finger is longer, the length of his palm length will be relatively short, and most of the ten fingers of the two hands are mostly. Fighting pattern. If your index finger’s remote point looks relatively longer, it is usually more dustpan patterns.

The leather table type is related to the congenital genetic disease.

Researchers said that before that, a basic facts had been found in the scientific community, that is, many congenital genetic diseases, all showing a connection with the leather phenotype. Specifically, an example: like a Tang syndrome patient, there are, there are, there are then there are, there are then there are, there are then there are, there are then there are, there are then there are, there are then there are, there are then there are, there are then there are, there are then there are, there are then there are, there are then there are, there are then there are, there are then there are, there are then there are, there are then there are, there are then there are, there are then there are, there are then there are, there are then there are, there are then there are, there are then there are. The body leather surface type such as the toe bow -like ball pattern and broken palm may appear.


Many people may not know that as early as the 1960s, some studies have found that many of the patients with leukemia are people with more fingerprint patterns, but no one knows why this is like this.

The results of this research have laid the theoretical foundation for the relationship between the disease and fingerprint patterns. Researchers said that it is also possible to realize “seeing the disease” in the future. In addition, the research team has obtained a invention patent, which is the “Donald Syndrome Skin Auxiliary Screening”, which is the first new system to assist in screening Tang’s syndrome from the skin pattern table type.


The world’s first “human surface group navigation chart”, the team of Chinese scientists discovered more than 1.5 million strong associations, and most of them were discovered for the first time, and 39%of the proportion also across the field!

How powerful the gene is, I believe that no one will not know. Just as a virus is infected with different objects, some people will die because of this, but some people have no obvious symptoms. Scientists study what kind of association between fingerprint patterns and individual limb phenotypes, in fact, in the study of internal passwords such as genes, what exchanges will happen in the specific environment, and then what kind of tables will be expressed in the external expressions to express their external expressions. Type characteristics.


Hundreds of millions of people on the planet, but everyone in the world, including the life that has passed and the people who are living today, have always been unique in fingerprints, but so far, we have not figured out this kind of this kind. The reason behind the phenomenon occurs. Researchers will further expand the group of participating research, and more deeperly unveil some of those table -type features that may not be discovered by scientists but are related to human conditions!

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