Choose kitchen utensils to pay attention to what non-stick pot

Kitchenware is not strange, it is the collective of kitchen utensils. We need to pay attention to the choice of kitchen utensils, and what are you recommending non-stick pot? I believe everyone is not very understanding. The following small series will give you a brief introduction.

What should I pay attention to in the kitchen?

选择厨具需要注意什么 不粘锅品牌推荐

1. The principle of health.

The kitchen appliance has the ability to resist pollution, especially to prevent the function of pollution food, mice, ants, to ensure the intrinsic quality of the entire kitchen utensil. At present, the cabinets in the market have taken all the installation of anti-counterfeit baffs, which can effectively prevent food from being polluted.

2. The principle of fire prevention.

The kitchen is the only area in modern home uses an open flame, and the material fire flame retardancy is high, which determines the safety of kitchenware and the family, especially the fire resistance of kitchen surface, and is an important criterion for kitchenware. Therefore, the kitchenware surface layer materials produced by the formal kitchen manufacturer are made of non-combustible, flame retardant materials.

选择厨具需要注意什么 不粘锅品牌推荐

3, convenient principles.

There is a reasonable process in the kitchen operation. Therefore, in the design of the kitchenware, it is important to use the arrangement of each part according to the correct process, which is very important for future use. Then the height of the stove, the position of the chassis cabinet, etc., all directly affect the convenience of use. Therefore, choose the kitchen utensil that meets the human engineering principle and the kitchen operation.

4, aesthetic principle.

选择厨具需要注意什么 不粘锅品牌推荐

Kitchenware not only requires shape, colorful, and has persistence, so it is required to have more easy to pollution, good cleaning performance, which requires the surface material to have good resistance, anti-smoke, so that kitchen is longer Time to keep the surface clean, such as new.

Non-stick pot brand recommendation

Non-stick pot brand recommended Supor

选择厨具需要注意什么 不粘锅品牌推荐

Founded in 1994, Supor, now is the leading brand of China’s kitchen small appliances. There are 5 R & D manufacturing bases in Hangzhou, Yuhuan, Shaoxing, Wuhan and foreign Vietnam. The company’s products have open flame cookware, kitchen small appliances, kitchen Electrical three major business areas. Supor series products have been rated as honor of China’s well-known trademarks, ten-size appliances.

Non-stick pot brand recommended Alice

Ai Da is a company group found in 1978, industrial investment, related to cookware, kitchen small appliance, auto parts and other related business. It is “manufacturing kitchen health products, enhancing human life quality” as the company’s mission, and is committed to being an advocate of a green kitchen.

Non-stick pot brand recommendation

In 1980, the United States officially entered the home appliance industry, and the United States was started in 1981. There are more than ten brand products such as beautiful, small swans, Willings, Hualing. It is a top ten brands of home appliances, ten small appliances, 500 Chinese companies, the world’s most priced 500 brand companies.

Non-stick pot brand recommendation

选择厨具需要注意什么 不粘锅品牌推荐

Double can be traced back to Germany in 1731, mainly steelmaking. In 2001, German doubles established a pot joint venture in China, introducing world-class pot products to Chinese consumers, it is a top ten brands of high pressure pots, a world-renowned brand.

Non-stick pot brand recommended Kang Shuai

Zhejiang Kang Shuai Metal Products Co., Ltd. was founded in 1987 and Headquarters in China Hardware Capital, Zhejiang Yongkang. After more than 20 years of development, it has become a well-known domestic kitchenware manufacturing enterprise integrating R & D, production, marketing and service. It has been rated as a top ten brand, non-stick pot top ten brands, China’s well-known trademarks and other honorary titles.

About choosing a kitchen utensils need to pay attention to what is recommended and the content of the non-stick pot is introduced, I hope to help everyone.