Performance amplification: Dell Optiplex 7050 miniature machine evaluation

Although the development of hardware technology is changing with each passing day, today’s PCs are no longer the same as in the past, but “the stronger the performance, the larger the volume”, it seems to be a golden science law. In our daily life, the size of the computer is dominated. Is this really true? We can make all kinds of things smaller, and the PC is no exception!

So, can there be a miniature PC device that can be taken in both daily office or life entertainment and no discount on performance? The Dell OptiPlex 7050 micro machine was born. Today, let’s experience how the “microcomputer” performance of this desktop -level Core processor is to evaluate it with performance as a priority consideration.

性能放大:戴尔OptiPlex 7050微型机测评

Appearance: ultra -lightweight

The first impression that Dell OptiPlex 7050 gives us is small. Its measurement is 17.8 x 3.6 x 18.2 cm. When it is flat, it is not as large as my trumpet mouse pad. The first reaction in my hand is light, only 1170 g. This weight is lighter than most thin and thin books.

性能放大:戴尔OptiPlex 7050微型机测评

Optiplex 7050 adheres to the consistent style of the Dell Business Series: four or four squares, black body, silver logo. The front of the fuselage is mainly breathable diamond grids. The microcomputer has considerable requirements for air volume. The front grille and the air intake on the back form the cooling duct of the Optiplex 7050.

性能放大:戴尔OptiPlex 7050微型机测评

The front I/O panel of Optiplex 7050 is inlaid in the upper left corner of the air intake grille. Although the place is small, the function is complete. On this 12 X 2 CM square panel, Dell’s engineers meticulously stuffed into a boot key, a indicator light, two universal audio jacks, a USB 3.0 Type-C interface, a USB 3.0 Type-A interface,, a USB 3.0 Type-A interface,, And a 2 x 2 cm big logo.

The I/O panel on the back is also a desktop level: a wireless network card antenna, a RJ45 mesh, 4 USB 3.0 Type-A interface, two device lock ports, power interfaces, and VGA, HDMI and DP video output interface ——Ptiplex 7050 can support three -screen screen.

Despite the cold and hard business, the Dell engineer still adds an interesting small detail: the Dell LOGO on the front of the fuselage can rotate it to keep you face to you at any time. Forgot to say, there are 4 foot pads on one side of the Optiplex 7050, which is more stable.

Structure: It’s really easy to remove

性能放大:戴尔OptiPlex 7050微型机测评

Our OptiPlex 7050 is the top version of i7-7700. The specific parameters are as follows:

TDP 65W desktop I7 CPU, two 2400MHz DDR4 memory bar, a NVMe SSD, many large heating households are installed in a small box, which requires very high requirements for its structural design. We directly disassembled the machine through a video and found out.

Video loading …

The internal design of the OptiPlex 7050 implements the “modular concept”. Easy to disassemble the tools such as hard disks, fans, and memory can be removed manually, which provides great convenience for maintenance and upgrading.

性能放大:戴尔OptiPlex 7050微型机测评

Internal view

性能放大:戴尔OptiPlex 7050微型机测评

Intel 5400S 512GB SATA SSD

性能放大:戴尔OptiPlex 7050微型机测评

Toshiba 512GB NVME SSD

16GB 2400MHz

性能放大:戴尔OptiPlex 7050微型机测评


Memory X2

性能放大:戴尔OptiPlex 7050微型机测评

Intel i7-7700 3.6GHz

In general, the body structure design of the OPTIPLEX 7050 is streamlined and capable, and the main components can be loaded and unloaded by hand, and the scalability is quite good.

However, the difficulty of loading and unloading can only explain part of the problem. Only the measurement of the baking machine can prove the advantages and disadvantages of its heat dissipation design. We use AIDA64 to bake FPU for 30 minutes. At this time, the average temperature of the CPU core is 84 ° C, which is quite stable and not dangerous at all.

It is worth mentioning that the whole machine’s noise at this time was about 70 decibels, and it was well controlled while steadily regulating the CPU temperature.

Performance Testing

In view of the luxury of the Optiplex 7050 configuration at hand, we decided to increase the test intensity slightly and use running software to achieve the degree of use that the daily office is basically not achieved. Of course, it only has the core display of the i7-7700. The graphics card performance is not done. The office is not allowed to play games, so the game does not run. (laugh)

性能放大:戴尔OptiPlex 7050微型机测评

This time we used AS SSD and CrystaldiskMark to test the two hard disks; CPU-Z, Cinebench R15, and Fritz Chess Benchmark were tested for the CPU; finally, the EXTENDED mode of PCMark 10 was used for the overall performance test.

As ssd Benchmark

AS SSD Benchmark is commonly used hard disk testing software. Its test results are closer to daily use speed. In the test of AS SSD, Toshiba’s NVME specifications M.2 SSD score of 1734 points, which is very dazzling in continuous reading and writing. Intel 5400s scores 968 points as SATA SSD, and the reading and writing also runs the speed of the theoretical value.


Compared with AS SSD, CrystaldiskMark can run out of the limit of the hard disk and maximize the remaining performance of the hard disk. In the CrystaldiskMark test, Toshiba’s NVME specifications M.2 SSD performance further played, and it has improved continuously; Intel 5400S is the same.

性能放大:戴尔OptiPlex 7050微型机测评


性能放大:戴尔OptiPlex 7050微型机测评

CPU-Z does not need to introduce more, one of the most commonly used tool software. During the test, the i7-7700 single-core score was 471, and the multi-core score was 2398.6. The gap between the i7-7700K of 4.2GHz is not large.

性能放大:戴尔OptiPlex 7050微型机测评

Fritz Chess Benchmark

Needless to say, the famous chess of international chess, 15083 is very powerful per second.

Cinebench R15

性能放大:戴尔OptiPlex 7050微型机测评

Cinebench R15 is the climbing grid we often say. In the Test of the Cinebench R15, I7-7700 scored 885 CB, and the single-core score was 181 CB, which performed well and surpassed most of the processors.

性能放大:戴尔OptiPlex 7050微型机测评

Pcmark 10

Finally, the EXTENDED mode of PCMARK 10, Optiplex 7050 scored a total score of 2930, the commonly used basic function score 8729, the productivity score of 6797, the digital content production score of 3388. This result is the best in the business host.

Through a series of performance tests, the performance of the Optiplex 7050 can be said to be very excellent. It is enough to face most daily office applications and audiovisual entertainment. It is difficult to imagine that this is the power of a small box.

性能放大:戴尔OptiPlex 7050微型机测评


Strong volume of small performance, and the two cannot be both. Under the development of science and technology, this law can have been broken in daily applications. When we put aside this thinking restriction and create a personal PC from a new perspective, we can get different answers.

Shining volume and enlarged performance. Using non -discount performance to support more life scenarios, this is the product value of Optiplex 7050.

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