“Guanyun Baijiu” was invested in gas forest; Li Ning’s tide brand LNG opened;

Big company dynamics

Byte beating to share a healthy and healthy brand “Shark Fit”

On January 23, Byte By By By By By By By By By By By By By Boarding Beijing Quantum Yue Technology Co., Ltd. and Qingliu Capital, which was established in Shandong shark Fit Health Technology Co., Ltd., which was established in 2017, holding a shareholding of 11.11 %, becoming the largest institutional shareholder.

Alipay releases five blessings trailers

Recently, Alipay announced that the Five Blessing event in 2021 will be launched on February 1st, and introduced the newly added “Writing Blessing” gameplay this year. At the same time, it was announced that it was launched by the five -blessing movie starring Liu Peiqi and Jin Shijia.

3ce styleenanda China’s largest flagship store opened

On January 23, 3ce Stylenanda Shanghai flagship store officially opened in Xintiandi. Stylenanda is a first -tier fashion brand in Korea. It was founded in 2004. In 2009, it launched a makeup brand 3CE. Currently, 3CE is an important member of the brand portfolio of the L’Oreal Cosmetics Department.

Shiseido announced the sale of daily necessities such as “Sili Qi”, which may sell for more than 100 billion yen

Recently, Shiseido Group stated that it is negotiating with the European large -scale investment fund CVC Capital Partners to sell personal care business worth 100 billion yen (about 6.25 billion yuan) to the latter. Qi “and male brand” UNO “and other brands.

Liechi acquisition of emerging female nursing brands Qeen V

Recently, Li Jie’s acquisition of emerging women’s nursing brands Queen V. Queen V’s main products are also concerned about women’s vaginal health. For example, deodorant spray and lubricants are popular items for the brand.

Plant meat company Beyond Meat and Pepsi Group set up a joint venture

On January 26th, Beyond Meat, American Plant Meat Company, and Pepsi Group established the joint venture company The Planet PARTNERSHIP, LLC (TPP), which mainly focuses on the development, production, and marketing of plant protein bases and beverage products. British market expansion.

Gaolang joined hands with Lyehua to set up a joint venture company GOUNI

Recently, United Leihua High -end Beauty Department and Hangzhou Gaolang Holdings Co., Ltd. announced the establishment of a joint venture company GOUNI (Gao Youyi) to bring better beauty products to Chinese consumers by integrating the advantages of both parties.

New trend

Starbucks launched New Year’s warm brown blessing bag+Valentine’s Day series new Star Cup

On January 22, Starbucks launched the new Star Cup includes the Phantom Crown Press Cup, Ceramics Crown Cup lid and three -dimensional pot king bear and queen bear ceramic cup. The treasure models of the first few activities that have been bought in the store.

Uniformly launch “Liuzhou -flavored dried dried snails”

Recently, the unified brand “Najie and Nai Lane” launched Liuzhou -flavored dry fishing powder. On average, it has more than 40 snails per pack. At present, the product has been launched in the official flagship store of Tmall.

Overlord shampoo releases “small medicine” blind box haircut

Recently, overlord shampoo, on the IP image of the two -dimensional magic fiction “Medicine”, has also launched a “small medicine” blind box haircut, and each bottle body of 9 small medicine essence hair fluid corresponds to the corresponding correspondence. A medicine essence, each small medicine has an exclusive name, such as Bulio, White Shouwu, and Placed Platinum.

“观云白酒”获元气森林投资;李宁旗下潮牌 LNG 开店;3CE STYLENANDA 中国最大旗舰店开业 | 消研所周报

Wang Laoji launched the new year “last name”

Recently, Wang Laoji launched a new new year’s surname can, which is now available. The WeChat Mini Program “Wang Laoji Official Mall” can customize the exclusive surname can, which aims to connect the brand with the “home”.

Creative marketing

Xixi Tea Holds Online Environmental Protection Concept Exhibition

From January 23, Xixi Tea has held an environmental concept exhibition on the truth pipeline line, with a total of five exhibition halls. At the same time, the original PLA degradable straws were launched in the nation’s stores, which use it to replace plastic straws and paper straws. It has strong heat resistance and can take into account consumers’ environmental protection and experience.

Little Antin X Bubble Mart launched the “Big Orange” joint gift box

On January 26, Xiao Aine and Bubble Mart launched the “Big Orange” New Year Limited Limited Gift Box, which contains: Night Highlight Orange Purple Pialy Playing Makeup and Pumpkin Orange Misty Lip Glaze, focusing on orange makeup.

Tea Yanyue color cooperation with the public welfare agency “is the light poetry”

Recently, Cha Yanyue has announced the second bombs of cooperation with “being light poetry”. This collection of poems has brought three series of “Dan Sun”, “Doze”, and “Emotional Emotions”. Joy Sex Substitute-Mall “. Tea Yanyue hopes to use this form to give more children in remote areas the opportunity to contact and learn

Zhihu and Wang Yuan jointly released the theme song “Answer”

On January 26, the conceptual song “Answer” released by Zhihu X Wang Yuan was officially launched. The new song was written by the music producer Zhang Yadong and the lyricist Tang Tian. Through Wang Yuan’s clean voice, he interpreted the insistence of “each lonely, still moving forward” with Zhihu.

Yongxun Coffee


Small Universe Podcast APP launched


Podcast planet

“观云白酒”获元气森林投资;李宁旗下潮牌 LNG 开店;3CE STYLENANDA 中国最大旗舰店开业 | 消研所周报

Co -branded coffee

On January 26, Yongzhu Coffee X and the small universe Podcast APP launched a limited edition “Podcast Planet” joint -name frozen -dried coffee. The packaging box design uses pink and blue color, and the joint model has now launched the Yongzheng flagship store.

Science and Technology Fashion Channel

German pajamas brand MEY launched “black technology” pajamas

German century -old pajamas brand MEY recently launched the ZZZLEEPWEAR series pajamas. This series of pajamas designed for consumers with sleep problems to help them solve insomnia. The ENERGEAR fabric coating developed by Swiss fabric producer Schoeller also adds the effect of sleep aid on the ZZZLEEPWEAR series to achieve the effect of sleep aid.

Large events and vane

Huaxi Bio has launched China’s first hyaluronic acid food brand “Black Zero”

On January 22, Huaxi Biological held a “Technology and Communist” online conference, announcing the launch of the first domestic hyaluronic acid food brand “Black Zero”, and launching 6 products including hyaluronic acid chew tablets, fudge sugar, and American ginseng drinks. Slimming, sleeping and pressure, protecting the liver and stomach, whitening antioxidant and other effects, all products use hyaluronic acid raw materials independently developed and produced by Huaxi Bioscope.

Personal Nursing Brand GROVE Collaborants launched sustainable skin care brand SuperBloom

Recently, GROVE Collaborants, an electronic retailer that focuses on family and personal care, has launched a new self-owned brand Superbloom, which contains 10 skin care products in $ 17- $ 44.


On January 26, Starbucks announced the key financial data of the first fiscal quarter of 2021 (as of December 27, 2020), Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson said optimistic.

The first flagship store of Li Ning’s tide brand LNG officially settled in Chongqing

On January 24th, the first flagship store of Li Ning’s tide brand LNG (full name LNGENTIC) officially appeared at Chongqing Baffles, and chose Chongqing as the first store of the brand. Unveiled. This brand was derived from e -sports and officially entered the public vision after launch.

Investment and Financing News

“Guanyun Baijiu” has received hundreds of millions of yuan in vitality forests

On January 28, the Vitality Forest announced the completion of the investment of hundreds of millions of yuan in Guanyun Liquor, and the vitality forest will account for 15%of the shares. This round of funds will be used to build “wineries” and omni -channel investment. Earlier in December 2020, the vitality forest also invested in the “idyllic” of light food brands.

Founded in 2014, Guanyun Liquor is an Internet company selling independent brand liquor online.

The domestic cosmetics brand ColorKey’s parent company completed 400 million yuan in financing

On January 28, the domestic makeup brand ColorKey Kelaki’s parent company Meishang announced the completion of RMB 400 million in financing, led by Jindu Capital, and the three major capital of Goldman Sachs and Junchuan participated in the follow -up investment. In 2021, Meishang will use its three major brands to comprehensively attack, focusing on layout of skin care circuits led by LAB101 to further deploy the high -end and high -end beauty market.

Meishang was founded in Guangzhou in 2018. It has previously been invested in Sequoia Capital and Red Star Macalline. ColorKey’s products are relatively close to the people, focusing on the lip glaze series, and the target consumers are young women aged 18-25.

Functional skin care brand “Ximuyuan” completes 10 million US dollars in Series B financing

Recently, “Ximuyuan” completed tens of millions of dollars in Series B financing, and was jointly led by Coatue Capital and a US dollar fund. This round of financing funds will be used for core technology research and development, construction of global supply chain, and team building.

Pure tea culture new retail brand “Tea’STONE” completes angel round financing

Recently, the new retail brand “Tea’STONE” of pure tea culture has completed tens of millions of yuan of angel round financing, which is exclusively invested by Tongchuang Weiye. This round of financing will be mainly used for store expansion, supply chain upgrade, and team building.

New domestic condiment brand “Full taste” has completed 10 million yuan Angel round financing

Recently, the “Full Taste” of the new domestic condiment brand established in 2020 completed 10 million yuan of RMB Angel Ring financing. This round was led by Danger Peak Changqing, and 42 Capital followed. This round of financing funds will be mainly used for team building, product research and development and market channel construction, and brand communication.

Oral beauty brand “UNOMI” received millions of dollars angel financing

Recently, the oral beauty brand “UNOMI” announced that it has received millions of US dollars of angel round financing, which is exclusively invested by Dangerous Peak Evergreen. This round of financing will be used for product stocking and marketing. In August 2020, UNOMI has completed millions of seeds of seed round financing, and the investor is a LP of Huagai Capital.

Perfume fragrance brand “Re Scent Room” gets CITIC Capital Investment

Recently, Shanghai Xiangmiao Trading Co., Ltd., which was established in 2013, established in 2013, was invested by Shanghai Xiangmiao Trading Co., Ltd., which belongs to the China Capital Capital China Fund. The brand “RECLASSSSIFIED Spoofing Room”, a brand of Shanghai Xiangmiao Trading Co., Ltd. is the first original perfume brand that proposed the concept of “light salon”. It has more than a hundred offline retail stores in more than 50 cities across the country.

“Aoxue Culture” completes Pre-A round financing

Recently, the “Aoxue Culture” established in 2014 has completed a 20 million yuan Pre-A round of financing. The investors are deep investment, and Yiwei Capital is the financial consultant of this round. This round of financing funds will be used for product research and development, store expansion, and team building. “Aoxue Culture” operates two ski equipment brands, namely “Zero Summer X-Summer” and “Nobaday”.

Design brand “Theyknow” completes millions of angel round financing

On January 23, the emerging jewelry accessories design brand theyknow announced the completion of the 10 million -level RMB angel round financing, which was exclusively invested by the 13th Capital, and Cangguang Capital served as an exclusive financial adviser. This round of financing will be mainly used for team expansion, product research and development, and brand building.

The functional food brand “NELO” has completed tens of millions of yuan A round of financing

Recently, the functional food brand “NELO”, established in August 2020, has completed tens of millions of yuan A financing, which is jointly invested by IDG and BAI. This round of financing will be mainly used for new product line expansion, supply chain upgrade, and market investment. NELO’s target users are mainly young people aged 25-40. They produce products for pain points for eye health and gastrointestinal health.


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