A cashmere scarf is warmer than two sweaters

Winter is indispensable for warm scarves.

Today I will introduce a pure cashmere scarf from “Zishi”.

Why choose cashmere?

First of all, because cashmere is very skin -friendly, smooth and soft.

The skin around the neck is very sensitive. As long as the scarf is a little rough, it will feel itchy. So the scarf fabric must be delicate enough.


Left: Wool fiber right: cashmere fiber


Under the microscope, cashmere hair scales are closer than wool, smoother fiber surface, and softer than the touch of wool.

Chi Shi chose inner Mongolia cashmere. The thickness of the fiber is only 14 to 19 microns, which is thinner and softer than wool.

So it feels very soft and waxy, surrounded by a cloud of clouds.


Don’t clog your neck at all! Soft and warm enough to make people fall into their faces and cure.

Secondly, the warmth of cashmere fabrics is particularly good.

The fiber of cashmere is hollow, can store calories and air, plus solid materials, can resist the cold wind in winter.

Its warmth is twice the wool. In winter, a cashmere scarf is warm than you wear two ordinary sweaters.

Finally, the cashmere scarf is durable.

As long as you wash your care, cashmere can accompany you through many winter.

When I bought the cashmere shawl last year, I turned it out of the cabinet this year and surrounded it. It was still as warm and soft as I just bought last year.


The cashmere scarf sold at 21 Youpin last year is very popular. This year, a lot of colors have been added, and men and women can wear them.


Xiaobian intends to buy a few more and give it to friends and relatives at the end of the year.

The packaging is also exquisite, sheep cartoons are very cute and interesting, and they have face.

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How did the soft cashmere scarf come?


The cashmere scarf on the market is thousands of thousands of people, and people who do not know will feel a bit expensive.

If you touch the touch of cashmere scarf and understand its production process, you will know the rare and precious cashmere.


Cashmere is the softest layer of fluff on the goat, growing on the roots of wool.


Every spring and summer is the hair removal season of goats, and herders will use a comb to comb this layer of fluff.

It is not finished, and the cashmere should be washed and dried.


Only to get such a hint of white, smooth, fibrous faint.


After that, there are multiple split -scores and textile processes to get a thick and warm cashmere scarf.

The output of cashmere is small and the process is complicated. It is the same as the “gram” unit, so cashmere is also called “soft gold”.


Each sheep can only collect about 170g cashmere in each sheep. A scarf is about 300g in the child, and the cashmere content is as high as 98%, which is equivalent to the need for two sheep cashmere.

Note: Because cashmere is hand -collected and selected, it is inevitable that it will be mixed with a small amount of wool of about 2%. It is a normal phenomenon and does not affect the soft waxy skin feel of the overall scarf.

Such thickness and materials are not high. Compared with the thousands of cashmere scarves, the cost performance is very high.

When your skin is exposed to cashmere, you can realize the soft touch of the skin, and you will know that your money is worth it.

Pure color cashmere scarf

Pure, wide, thick shawl, the hem is decorated with tassels.


This classic solid color scarf is the most worthwhile item in winter.

Both men and women can wear them, classics are not out of date, fashionable and versatile.


Put on the neck loosely, softly around the neck, which can resist the cold wind in winter.


Soft and warm, as long as the neck is warm, you will not feel cold on your body.


The scarf is large and long, about 70cm × 180cm.

When you are at home, you can also use it as a blanket.


As a shawl, elegant and generous.

The cold wind whistling in the sofa, the cashmere shawl was softly wrapped on the body, a cup of hot coffee in my hand, read a book, and occasionally looked at the snow outside. The time was slow and beautiful.

There are 10 colors to choose from.

Blue, pink pink, light gray, camel, khaki, these five colors are the “Morandi colors” popular this year.

Red, grass -green, black, caramel, Tibetan green, these five colors are rich, or calm, are classic autumn and winter colors.

▼ Zi Shi Shi Cashmere Pure Scarf, 21 Youpin is available ▼

Limited time special price is 699 yuan (daily sales price: 1299 yuan)


Double -sided cashmere scarf


The front and back of this cashmere scarf are two colors of similar colors, so the combination is natural and fashionable.

Wear simple and fashionable, with a sense of layering.


The size is 40cm × 180cm, and the size is smaller than the shawl, which can just be around the neck.

Men and women can wear them, keep warm.

The touch of cashmere is very soft and warm, and it will not tie the neck at all.


Cashmere itself is lighter than other materials, so this scarf is not warm with warmth.

There are multiple colors to choose from, and several warm colors have been added this year.


These colors are easy to match, especially some dark clothes, which can be lit with a scarf.

Tibetan blue is particularly suitable for men. The color is calm and generous, and the color combination can break the dullness. It has a little more layered sense.


▼ Zi Shi Shi Shi Shi Jie color scarf, 21 Youpin is available ▼

Limited time special price 779 yuan (daily sales price: 1299 yuan)

There are also a variety of wool scarves, cashmere blankets, men’s cashmere scarves, etc.


Pure wool scarf

100%Inner Mongolia cutting wool was made, and warmth and comfort are also very good.

To buy wool scarves now, you can participate in the pre -sale event of 11.11:


You only need to pay a deposit of 35 yuan, you can enjoy the pre -sale price of 200 yuan (daily sales price of 699 yuan), and you can pay the final payment on November 11.

The deposit payment deadline: November 10th 20:00


Men’s solid color cashmere scarf


The style designed for men, smaller size, simple and generous, light and warm.


Fine cashmere blanket

The size is very large, you can cover it at home, soft and glutinous.


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