Little white shoes are out of date. This year’s popular “spring boots”, comfortable and not tired, and also show high

The romantic spring day arrives, and various new products in early spring are ready. Let’s take a look at the hottest shoes this spring!


Little white shoes have already become the past. The current popularity is spring boots. It can be apparent to comfortable and not tired. Let us put on the vitality of spring together ~

[First Chapter] Spring still has to wear boots

NO.1 Little White Shoes VS Spring Boots

>> Little white shoes:

Little white shoes are casual and versatile, but the disadvantage is that it is too low -key. If you want to wear good results, it depends more on body and face value.

>> Spring boots:

Different from the popular boots in winter, spring boots are fresh and breathable, and the tops are comfortable and high. With any single items, there are highlights as a whole. You do n’t have to worry about crashing or buried in the crowd.

NO.2 Spring Boots List

*Comfortable on your feet

The soft and delicate texture is breathable without sweating, and all feet are comfortable to wear.

Suitable for long -term wear.


*Wild texture


The unique texture of the boots and the sense of existence can

While retaining the spring atmosphere, it can also enhance the texture of the clothing.



Most of the spring boots are smooth and beautiful, which can make our overall lines look more sloppy.



Spring boots are usually pointed toe, with proper heel design, which is higher than wearing small white shoes.

[Part 2] Teach you to choose the best spring boots that suits you

<1> The characteristics of spring boots should be

>> Features ①. The overall light is not bulky

Although they are all boots, boots that are popular in different seasons will have strong seasonal colors, and it will also be adjusted according to the characteristics of the season.

Due to the need for warmth in winter boots, the texture is usually thick and the design is relatively bulky.

But it is popular in the spring season

Spring boots, the overall light and beautiful, the texture is thin and the texture,

It looks like a spring breeze, and the elf on earth.

>> Features ②.

The most suitable for spring clothing, whether it is clothes or shoes,

The overall color is fresh and bright, full of vitality, just like the sun, giving people positive energy and positive colors.

Therefore, in the choice of color,

Spring boots will not choose liquid red, dark blue and other strong colors, but prefer white, Morandi color, light brown, pure black, etc. It looks fresh and clean.

>> Features ③.

A pair of shoes must not only be beautiful and versatile, but also to be comfortable and practical. The main function of winter boots is to keep warm, but with the rise of the spring temperature,


Too thick boots and too stuffy boots are not applicable.


When choosing spring boots,

Try to choose slightly loose or hollow design, as well as more breathable materials;

Do not choose the more stuffy texture such as adding velvet leather and slim velvet in winter ~


>> Features ④. Boot type show is not bloated

Spring should be full of vitality, fresh and bright,


Staying away from bulky and bloated is very important in the choice of shoes.

Spring boots are not suitable for thick soles, high waterproof platforms, large round heads or generous heads, etc.


Slim, pointed fine heels, etc. are easy to bring light design.

<2> Spring boots recommendation

01. Slightly loose minimalist denim boots

In the winter, it is not so suitable for loose denim boots. Instead, in the spring that is most suitable for exposed legs and cold, the minimalist and loose denim boots above can shape various god -level combinations.

The length of 2 to 3 cm below the knee is just right, covering the fat calf,

Modify the leg shape and thinner.

02. Cool handsome short Martin boots

Black short Martin boots with the handsomeness of gender, placed in spring,

It is most suitable for creating a mix and matching match.

The most typical is the sweet and cool wind above.


Sweetly white shirts, sexy and simple design sense, split skirt with Martin boots, exposing the legs and collarbone, is very beautiful.


03. Poopline little white boots

In all the colors suitable for shoes,

White is undoubtedly the most suitable color for spring.

Used on the boots, beautiful and beautiful, and more versatile than small white shoes, everyone who has tried in love ~

The pointed design with a slim boot gang, just the right short, smooth and simple boots, with a sweet and lovely printing pollen white dress, sweet and gentle, more beautiful than any flower blooming in spring!


[Third Chapter] Spring Boots Guide

<1> Tips

>> Tips ①. Expand the exposed skin area

Spring is here, and the sun is sprinkled towards the earth. We no longer have to wrap ourselves tightly like winter! Put aside the heavy jacket in winter, bulky boots,

Spring matching can be appropriately expanded.

The super white avocado in the long suit with pure and sexy V -neck dressing dress, exposing long legs and slim collarbone,

The combination of light -colored combination does not exceed the overall 35%exposed area,

Easily become a fashion winner in spring!

>> Tips ②. Add a sense of vitality in the match

If winter is quiet, then spring must be hustle and vibrant. In this season, how can we make our mix dead?

Learn to use the lively accessories with contrasting color design, personalized patterns, or bright colors with vitality in the clothing in the clothing, which can increase the vitality in the matching.

>> Tips ③. Loose/casual items shaping a sense of relaxation


In addition to a vibrant atmosphere, it also brings us a comfortable and relaxed sense of leisure. In the combination of this leisure, we can gain more better than others.

Choose the loose clothing above, or the single product with obvious casual design,

Such as sweaters, sports skirts, striped shirts, etc. This kind of clothing with a clear sense of movement with Martin boots above is a combination of heaven!

<2> matching articles

01. Chessboard skirt with short Martin boots


If you want to inject vitality for matching, in addition to using collisions and conflicts in color, you can also be like the above

Use some popular elements in the season.


Costumes like this checkerboard,

On the splicing line, the plaid must be aligned.


Due to the large -scale pattern of clothing, Martin boots choose to remove excess elements, increase black and white, and echo the skirt.

02. Shirt skirt with denim boots

The loose short shirt skirts and denim boots are all unprecedented products. The combination of the two is not illegal at all, but it is very fashionable.

The sparsely vertical thin stripes are thinner to wear,

The overall clothing can be kept clean with black and white. Choose a beautiful bright yellow in the bag, and the atmosphere of spring is here ~

03. Long skirt with nude boots

In addition to vitality youth in spring, it can also be gentle and elegant. Like this wine red chiffon dress, it is very suitable for middle -aged women.

The simple design is matched with a vertical skirt to combine the elegance and wisdom of mature women to synthesize the unique temperament. With extremely simple pointed nude boots, it shows texture.

[Fourth Chapter] Conclusion

Let the small white shoes have left it in the past. New spring light always needs new items to match.


The luck and surprises throughout the season are hidden in these spring boots. Come and collect this fashion gift from 2022 spring!

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