What are the best flowers and bird paintings in bedroom bedside decorations that make you eye -catching!

Modern people pay more and more attention to the quality of life. The bedroom is a place for us to rest and sophisticated every day. Decoration cannot be sloppy. Decoration paintings are the best way to decorate modern home decoration. A good decorative painting is hung in the bedroom, which can not only beautify the living room, create a comfortable and warm atmosphere, but also cultivate the body and mind and create auspicious and beautiful mood. However, the types and styles of decorative paintings in the market are different. What should I choose to choose from bedroom bedside decoration?

The bedroom bedside decoration paintings should be selected according to their own preferences and the size of the bedroom space. It must be beautiful and in line with the owner’s hobbies. At the same time, it can promote sleep. It does not affect the owner’s rest. The style is unified. The following is a few bedroom bedside decoration paintings carefully selected by Yi Congwang. I hope to make you like it. Let’s take a look.

Wedding preferred choice

Shi Kai six -foot banner flower and bird painting “Dragon and Phoenix Chengxiang”

Work source: Yi Congwang

In the traditional Chinese concept, Long and Feng represent the auspicious Ruyi, and the use of Longfeng together shows more celebrations. On the screen, dragons and phoenix each live in half. The dragon is a dragon, opened his mouth, and looks back at the phoenix; the phoenix is ​​Xiangfeng, showing his wings and tails, lifting the dragon. The surrounding Ruiyun Duo Duo, a peaceful spirit. This work is hung in the living room, bedroom and other places to indicate auspicious Ruiqing. Of course, it is also a good choice as a gift for marriage.

Shi Kai boutique freehand freehand peony picture “rich and rich in spring flowers and flowers”

The peony is graceful, and the flowers bloom and wealth are a symbol of auspicious and rich. When the peony flowers bloom, the flowers are like brilliant, gorgeous, and their beautiful flowers are dumped. The image of graceful, elegant, rich and peaceful represents the beautiful vision and beautiful vision of tomorrow, which means prosperity and prosperity; people’s love for peony’s love for peony , Also make peony flowers a symbol of spiritual and excellent character. In the rocks, the charm of Xiu Xiu’s peony is open, which can show an elegant and noble atmosphere, which can make people feel more of the beauty of temperament.

卧室床头装饰画选什么好 这几款花鸟画让您目不转睛!

The first choice of bedroom hanging paintings in the bedroom

Zhang Hongshan Peacock Peony Map “Rich and Wealth”

This flower and bird paint with male and female peacocks as the main body, and peony and bamboo are affiliated to form the entire picture. In addition to showing the beauty and nobleness of the peacock, it also depicts the peony’s national color and the greenness of the bamboo. In Chinese mythology and legends, the peacock is the incarnation of the “Phoenix” in mythology. The male and female pairs symbolize the combination of yin and yang, representing the combination of families, and showing people’s sacred and rigorous sense of love. The meaning of good things; and the peony symbolizes the wealthy people, the auspiciousness, and the meaning of peace and happiness. This peacock peony picture has the beautiful meaning of wealth and auspiciousness, peace and happiness.

卧室床头装饰画选什么好 这几款花鸟画让您目不转睛!

Take a closer look at the male peacock in the painting high, the head is high, the bird’s feathers are opened, while showing the beauty, the female peacock is put under the feather to protect it, and the female peacock is freely, leisurely, enjoying the leisurely pace, enjoying it This unique love. It means that in a family, when men support a home, they must also give that carefully, unique love without reservation, and give her home, her lover is happy, and she should be a copy of her. Some happiness allows her to be more beautiful under her love …

Home Decoration Painting

Yu Mo’s Chinese painting grape picture “Han Ruzhu on the Yunxiang Building”

A string of bunch of grapes is like pearls. The grapes are beautiful and abundant. The green leaves are accompanied by purple grapes. The picture is very warm, showing a kind of atmosphere and harmony. The mature grapes show a unique charm, showing the joy of the autumn harvest vividly. Grapes mean in feng shui, harvesting, hope, and multi -blessing. Such bedroom bedside decoration paintings not only indicate the future hope and happiness of the family, but also have a happy blessing to the marriage life of the husband and wife. Calligraphy and painting.

More and more people have chosen decorative paintings during home decoration, especially in bedrooms, living rooms, porch, restaurants, etc. The beautiful and beautiful decoration paintings have become another beautiful landscape in the home. The above bedroom bedside decoration paintings are auspicious flower and bird paintings with hand -painted well -drawn, all of which come from Yi Congwang Painting Mall. An e -commerce platform specializing in contemporary famous calligraphy and painting transactions is a painting and calligraphy trading platform that is the most popular calligraphy and painting enthusiast.

卧室床头装饰画选什么好 这几款花鸟画让您目不转睛!

When you buy calligraphy and painting, you will go to the net. More exquisite famous arts and paintings are welcome to come and enjoy, to beautify your home life and create a warm atmosphere.

Work source: Yi Congwang

卧室床头装饰画选什么好 这几款花鸟画让您目不转睛!

Work source: Yi Congwang

Work source: Yi Congwang

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