Be deeply thinking! Domestic cross-border e-commerce “high-priced price high growth” category – stroller out of the sea

Today, I will share a “baby stroller” that is a high-priced category that has children with children.

Share this type of main reason for 4 points:

1. Which child has a need to go out; there is a need for the need to have a need for a parent, and it is “release your hands”!

2. For 2021, he heard the cultural voice, “said a good Chinese story”, vigorously supports the China Strong Brand to go out.

3. Children’s clothing brand PATPAT financing C-wheel and D round 510 million US beauty, refreshed the largest single financing records disclosed in China’s cross-border industrial industry.


4. Infant products in Amazon Amazon has been steadily demanding, many Chinese sellers also have ideas to enter the big cake in foreign markets.

First, analyze user mentality from actual buyers

Frequently mentioned: The child is used, in order to safer peace, it does not pay attention to the price is too low, will often say a word: a penny.

Buy a stroller soul four questions:

1 Q: How big is the baby? 6 months or the following is a functional cart, preferably a lightweight stroller, more than 6 months: lightweight stroller preferred functional cart


2 Q: Is there an elevator room at home? Without the elevator, the first choice is convenient to go downstairs, especially for the elderly with the baby. There is an elevator: newborns give priority to functional strolles.


3 Q: How much is the plan budget? There is a soil family: Stokke + quinny; 3,000 yuan can purchase two, a lightweight car + functional trolley; 500 yuan or more car is a light car.

4 Q: Will you have to be a second child in the future? To the second child: function, Dabao uses a small treasure, Xiaobao is transferred to the platform. Don’t be a second child: then look at your choice.


What are the factors that will consider during the Baby Cheap Phase: Whether the weight is light, such as 3.9kg of a brand (generally 10KG or more); Is there a big space? Is the child comfortable enough? Is functionality rich to sit lying? Is it possible to fold? Whether the color is high enough ………………………………………… The factor is guaranteed to give the baby more “love”, the child’s love, the family’s love, the love of society.


Second, through big data to see overseas market exports

1. From Google Market Explorer Data Data Analysis, the Top Market is the US, Luxembourg, British, Brazil, Germany. Where TOP1 is 78% of the US, the US Internet penetration is 78%.

2, from the consumer national comprehensive review, Brazil’s spending power is still the highest, Luxembourn’s GDP consumer level is the highest, and it is the United States, Brazil, Luxembourg.

3. From the language coverage of the language, English language is 86%, followed by German, Spanish, tips for cross-borders to go out to the sea, is still English, followed by German and Spanish.

4, see the trend of Search Trends by Device equipment from consumer user procurement behavior: The mobile terminal has gradually increased, in 2021, the mobile terminal is nearly 33% over Q4 in 2019, and the signal to export e-commerce sellers is a separate website. Particularly, the page experience of the mobile terminal, streamline the order process.

5. From the time axis dimension, nearly 5 years has obviously see the trend in which the trend is large, from the cost of 2021, the peak period is the peak of the peak in March, which is 2018. A double increase in the year, the history of 2021 can see the next peak purchase time is November December. From the traffic display, I can see May 2020 is the explosion point in the month, but the development of the 2021 has been reached, and the other high-proof point is in December. From effective access to Clicks, 5 years of data relatively steady-state, 2021 has been around nearly 50% of the trend in January. Here, the signal to export e-commerce sellers is that the demand for sea companies is enough to have a large space. Two explosive points “high-gloss moment” are from March to May, from November to December, independent departure station, marketing strategy to advance To plan a good time node.

6. From the baby products to see the search trend of the core search habit, Rocker Chair, Baby Stroller, DINNER Chair, Bed Rail, Baby Playard has a global search trend and TOP5 search in the country, and in every year December will reach the peak of search, where Baby Stroller has maintained a high search feet.

Rocker Chair, Baby Stroller, DINNER Chair, Bed Rail, Baby Playard, the search trend in the United States in the past 5 years, and the peak of search in December, where Baby Stroller has maintained high search heat

7. The stroller has nearly 24 million searches in Videos, which will involve the functional introduction of the stroller, application scenario, family love companionship.

Third, the independent station, the sea challenge is the supervision requirements

In recent years, the Supervision Department of many national governments has become more stringent in infant products. Once the product compliance is found, it will face the local domestic market supervision, recall, and fine. In this way, enterprises may not only face major economic losses, but also affect the reputation of the border.

The above is that the US market is very large, and it is the export market. First, we will share the US station requirements today:


1 US station stroller definition: horizontal stroller


Horizontal stroller is a baby wheel trolley for transporting usually in a lying posture. People can drive or pull the handle on the stroller to move, which can be folded and convenient to store usage. Horizontal baby case example:

Sited stroller: It is a wheel cart that is used to transport one or more children who are usually in erect sites or transmusive postures, people can drive or pull up the stroller. The handle is moved, usually foldable, convenient to use. Sited baby car example:

2 request

Amazon USS station requires all baby strolles that have been sold must be detected. The specific regulations or standard requirements listed below: Product Name Regulations or Standard Requirements

Horizontal stroller and sitting stroller; ASTM F833 – 19 and “US Consumer Product Safety Reform Act” (lead, phthalate)

3 information required

● Company name (such as applicable) and seller numbers;

● Merchant contact information: email address Email and phone number;

● Merchant’s list of whole horizontal stroller and list of strolles;

● Merchants published all horizontal and sitting strolles for the list of products. And the pictures must contain all related 5 information: · Safety information, registration card, compliance marker, tracking label, product hazard warning.

● All the usage and detailed manuals of all horizontal and sitting strolles published by merchants;

● Merchant application released all horizontal strolles and children’s product certificate documents for the sitting stroller;

● The list of test reports issued by the American Consumer Product Safety Committee certified, and each product has been detected, which meets the above regulations / standards.


Third, China Strong Brand Baby Car Exquisite Analysis

It has been known to the Amazon platform for a series of compliance with the stroller. As a cross-border-off-sea enterprise, the China Strong brand, the factory-based enterprise, confirming the quality quality independent station. What are the brands of the baby car with strong brands? Here is the top ten brands of the stroller: Good boy, Bebebus, Silver, Yi Lexu, Babacare, Quintas, Cybex, Ibelieve, Pouch, Bugaboo, Cross … as a leading company of domestic mama, good The market recognition of child stroller is the highest. China’s “close” brand a good child is the choice of various treasures. The Chinese market consumers’ purchase rate accounts for nearly 80%. He is here to choose the original choice. , Well-known brands, product lines can be largely selective space. now what! We use the vision of the vision of the sea business to see the English website detection of domestic strong brands.

How to test if the independent station is qualified, you need to use the website diagnostic report, put the link for your application


Website basic testing is as follows:

China Strong Brand Baby Car out of the sea high customer list must be selected for Shopping Shopping

Why is the shopping is a must? About shopping advertising highlights is the platform to connect consumers in each stage of shopping and advertisers, help consumers will find the right merchandise to make the shopping experience quickly, smart shopping helps merchants grow rapidly.

As a merchant only needs 4 steps, you can start using shopping advertisements.


Step 1, has a network, in line with policy requirements; Step 2: Upload product data feed to Google Merchant Center

Along with Google ADS; Step 3: Make a shopping campaign in Google ADS; Step 4: Optimize as needed.

Google Shopping Best Intelligent Solutions, Machine Learning: Automatically bid for consumer behavior signals.

In addition, don’t forget to optimize the experience of buyers on your website, from browsing to buy to create an attractive first experience, help buyers view and understand product information, create a convenient website to let buyers can complete anytime Buy, create a smooth mobile shopping experience.

Finally, in the process of shopping advertising, you will have a variety of questions from different degrees, such as the person in charge of the market department, operate pitcher, feet, and the GMC will be anxious. What should I do? How to effectively process. 2020 How does Google business quickly effectively solve the GMC problem? Chinese business must see!


At this time, I have experienced many examples of GMC, I have experienced the incident of GMC, as a 10-year operation trader, I am very confident that the independent station is sent, let’s view, complaint information, please cooperate with special The group optimization of the group, according to the absolute advantage, according to our experience, it can be complained. At the same time, in the previous B2C e-commerce website, there is a specialized group optimization teacher first to do a separate website diagnostic report and the B2C high-quality website score table (here the wonderful preview B2C out of the sea independent station 3 minutes automatic diagnostic report, expect to be in 2021 Q4 Silk Road online) Take this opportunity to share several points of my team B2C e-commerce website special team test website appeal report investigation results, the premise is that the complaint has been an e-commerce complaint that the complaint is unsuccessful.

Contact us page


It is recommended to explain our business model, such as the US company, the company’s company,

At the same time, it shows that there is a office in China, and there are professional teams to provide consumers better service.

You can add pictures, such as the company’s business license, office pictures, team members’ photos, etc.


Is the brand used by our own brand? Is there information on brand registration? If there is no brand to explain where the product we sell is from?

Refer to the website:


The purpose of modification is to explain that our company is real existence, business compliance


2. Contact us page


Is the company name displayed and the name of the business license? Need to confirm

Do you need to check whether the address displayed by the website is the company’s registration address?

3. Payment page:

– What are our acceptance methods? Need to explain on the web page, you can have a corresponding payment logo

– It is recommended to add a payment process to facilitate consumers to understand the payment process.

The reference page is as follows:


4. Return the goods page:


– The bottom navigation bar has a spelling error, recommended correction

– Is the company address as a sign of the company? Need to verify

– Who will be borne by returning the freight? There is no clear in the page; the return of the goods is subject to the handling fee.

– How long will the user receive a refund, it is recommended to have a clear time, not a few days?

Submit a complaint (only 4):

1. The first part explains our company’s business, the relationship between US companies and the Chinese company, our factory introduction, etc.

The material provided by the attachment can be attached to the business description as the intersection content. For example, we are the United States company, the attachment has added US company registration information; we have China’s office, the attachment has added company business license, have been warehouse rental information, etc. . At the same time, it is necessary to prove the relationship between US companies and the Chinese company, such as authorization certificates.




2. Company address


Is the address of the US company and the address displayed in the appeal content?

3. Do we have other third-party sales channels, such as Amazon, AliExpress, etc. If there is, you can provide, as our sales. Explain that our products are also sold normally in other platforms.

If there is a third-party platform, it is necessary to provide a shop link, the user comment screenshot of the product sales, the collection certificate screenshot, etc.

4. Submit the appeal can be Chinese content, because the current audit team also has Chinese customer service.

Summary, this class of cross-border e-commerce is a potential opportunity, but it will face the quality of the quality of the exporting country. Once the company has a factory, it can be grasped from the product itself. Enterprise plays a global market consumers are enough to have powerful plays, build a story of China DTC brand to tell the baby car love. However, when actually landing, it is necessary to focus the DTC brand booster methodology, focus on brand growth value. It is very spent in actual operation to land, spend time to ensure that the sea independence station is a healthy site that meets overseas purchaser. In the outstanding operational strategy, you will choose the most effective product to ensure that the order gives a higher return on investment in the order. In the actual operation, it will encounter the insurmountable problem of various media, then you need to be responsible, there is enough experience in effectively solving problems to quickly solve problems.


Behind the wins of each brand of sea e-commerce, observing consumers for many years, the persistence of the long-term road, the first time Iron. The market is still transforming, grasping the trend, grasping the future, giving out a self-highly wonderful brand story.

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