History and process of technology invention of iron smelting of China

Technology invention of iron smelting:

After the middle of the Warring States Period, various agricultural and handicraft tools have generally used iron. The widespread use of iron wares facilitates the cutting forest, building water conservancy, reclaiming wasteland and deep cultivation, and promoting the development of agricultural production. Based on the development of agricultural development, the division of labor, the division of urban and rural areas, and the circulation of commodities have further expanded, and the development of the monetary economy has also appeared.

The impact of the emergence of iron smelting technology on production relations:

The invention of cast iron (that is, raw iron) smelting technology was in the late Spring and Autumn Period, and the softening technology invented by the Warring States Inventory of the Warring States Period promoted the extensive use of iron tools at that time. The extensive use of iron tools facilitates the cutting forest, reclaiming wasteland, and promoting the improvement of farming efficiency and the development of agriculture. On the basis of agricultural development, landlords with new reclamation fertile land have begun to appear on the historical stage. , Accelerated the disintegration of the “Jingtian system”, and the feudal production relationship began to occur.


Iron smelting process


Yue Wang Goujian Sword

Softening technology of cast iron:

Although the cast iron (raw iron) is hard, the toughness is poor, and the sex is crispy and easy to fold. If the cast iron parts are heated for a long time at high temperatures, and the carbon is changed, it can change its material and performance. One method is called cast iron softening, and the cast iron screaming can be forged by this treatment. Depending on the heat treatment conditions, the softening technology of cast iron can be divided into two processes: one is to reduce the carbon and decarbarizer of the white mouth cast iron in the oxidation atmosphere, making it a white heart and forged cast iron; the other is neutrality in neutrality Or in the atmosphere of weak oxidation, the white -mouth cast iron parts are treated for a long time, making it a black -hearted forging cast iron.

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