The 56 -year -old Monica Beluch is too immortal. She wears a tight body and shows her figure.

On August 29, 56 -year -old Monica Beruchi and her daughter and Dawa Casel’s boyfriend Luca Salang a group of latest street shots attracted the attention of netizens.

Monica Beruch was wearing a black jacket and a long -sleeved low -cut, which looked very sexy. Monica’s bottom is a piece of black micro -flared pants, the curve of the whole person is very young.


Also appeared with Monica Beruch with her daughter Dawa Caser and her boyfriend. Daiwa wore a white shirt. The long hair was scattered like a fairy. There is Monica’s charm.

Daiwa’s boyfriend Luca Yan value is also very online. He left long hair, wearing a black T -shirt, a string of golden necklaces, and standing next to Daiwa.


The scenes that the three appeared together were very eye -catching. Everyone had a unique temperament, and the overall seemed very harmonious. Therefore, many netizens said that the three people were like a family.

Monica Beruch has received global attention with Malina in “The Beautiful Legend of Sicily”. She has attracted countless fans to dump her with her unique temperament and glamorous face.


“The Beauty of Sicily” tells the story of World War II. The teenager Renardo fell in love with Marina and made many crazy moves for her. At the same time, the war spread here, and Marina became a widow, and had some relationships with the officers, and was despised by people in the town.


Monica Beruch is a popular goddess worldwide. Many of her works have become classics. I hope she will continue to maintain this state and bring you more exciting works!

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