Wu Xin is not like 36 years old, wearing purple sweaters with sequins and knee skirts, full of girls

The audience who has watched Hunan Satellite TV’s “Happy Camp”, I believe that the host will not be unfamiliar with Wu Xin? However, there are two very good hosts of He Yan and Xie Na, so it seems that Wu Xin’s existence is a bit like green leaves, which has not attracted everyone’s attention. As the unspeakable host in the show, Wu Xin sometimes stood silently in the corner and was very low -key. However, in recent years, I do n’t know why, Wu Xin ’s career has suddenly opened up, and his popularity has skyrocketed. After having a high -known, she has become more fashionable in dressing and dressing. Every time she appears, she will attract a wave of heated discussions. Just like this time, Wu Xin appeared at the recording scene of the “Star Detective” show, wearing purple sweaters with sequins and knee skirts, full of girls!


Netizens praised: Wu Xin is not like 36 years old! She wore a color -colored knitted sweater and knee skirt. She looked very tall. She pierced the ball head, refreshing and sharp, leaving a few bangs in front of her forehead, very age -reducing, wearing a large pair of sunglasses, although she covered half of it, although she covered half of her Her face, but it is difficult to hide her fair skin, holding a microphone singing type, full of gods!


The weather is getting colder, and many people will put on sweater and want to dress well. May wish to refer to Wu Xin’s matching. You see, the sweater wearing the upper body, the stitching of purple and yellow, grabbing the mirror, the lower body is paired with a skirt, and the skirt of the knee, exposed her slender legs, and then put the sweater into the skirt, not only The small waist was exposed, and the leg lines were stretched visually, showing the perfect figure proportion, and a pair of long legs were full of views!


Let’s enjoy the other fashion styles of Wu Xin together:

1. suit with high waist jeans: significant, handsome, handsome

Wu Xin stuffed the black suit wearing upper body into the high -waisted jeans with the lower body, which not only pulled up the waistline, easily created the sense of vision of long legs, but also looked handsome and fashionable.

2. Long -sleeved shirt with pleated skirt: girl, beautiful legs

Wu Xin wore a white long -sleeved shirt with a simple style, but the addition of pink letters on the chest not only enriched the overall color, but also showed a sense of girly. With a white pleated skirt, it showed a pair of slender beautiful legs, which enriched the overall shape level level sense.


3.T -shirt with grid skirt: retro, girl


Wu Xin wore a black T -shirt, with the decoration of letters, and fashionable personality. With a black and white plaid skirt, he showed a retro flavor and put the belt into a bow, lively and playful.

4. Striped top with tube top skirt: intellectual, atmosphere

The blue and white striped top brings intellectual sexy to Wu Xin, paired with tube top skirt, irregular skirt design, fashionable personality, stepping on white short boots, generous.

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