This summer, “connecting pants”, frying, fashionable, thin, simple, who is looking good

In the summer, the more simple and better, the more refreshing wears can take the heat, so wear a simple item, the more popular it is in this season. However, most people think of the dress, and the fashionable people are wearing a joint trousers.

Because the dressing and style of the dress are very limited, and the most popular big woman in the current, cool wind is not in line with. Only trousers can wear the style you want, so today, this king is “suggestion”, simple and thin, how to wear it.


These “piece of trousers” very fried

“Continental Pants” As the name, it is to dress and pants are connected. This kind of trousers are much more affected, so it has a lot of advantages, such as slim, but the most critical point is still high. Of course, there is not a single pants in the style, and these conjoices are the most popular style, each piece can be arranged.

(1) Tooling jumpsuit

The tooling lacex is a typical top and lower body integrated trousers. This pants must be simple than the style of the set. It has it, and it has a combination of how to combine it on the upper and lower body. In addition, the trousers of the entire lunch pants are loose, and there is a line of lines, which is good. The upper body is designed, it is very similar to the shirt, but there is a pocket design, wearing a more handsome, walking the gas field.


● Wire velvet

The material of the tooling pants is a spray of splash. This pants is originally the overall work clothes that the factory work is evolved, so it is necessary to have a high-quality style now. Mature woman wear a wear pants to choose a velvet material, and it has a fluff in the surface, but the upper body will not have a thickness. In addition, the wool fabric is used in advanced dress, so it will also make the tooling jumpsuit.


● Tape is very important


The continuous tooling pants is really high, and it is not possible to ignore the role of the belt, because the upper and lower body is color and there is no obvious waistline division. If so, we will not only look loose, and it is still fat. For high children’s students’ affected, if you are a short child, it is a disaster.

(2) strap insertion pants


I like the suggestion of the firing and leisure, the first push straps, this trousers have a lot of workers, so the trend is more, the focus is that it can create a cute girl. The upper body is designed with the design, link matching of the pocket, and can choose a different style of top, which we can wear the same strap insertion trousers every day.

● Trendy colors in summer


There are a lot of styles in the tape pants, and you have to be thin, especially the upper body and strong girls. It is best to use the traditional design of the tradition. Pants, look good again. For example, playful tender yellow strap pants, cold and elegant sky blue tape pants, girl princess’s pink strap pants are the most recommended style.


(3) Short piece of trousers

The long belt pants will be too hot too hot in July and August, so the short coil skirt can be considered. The length of the trousers is in the position of the knee, and most of the skin of the legs will not only reach the role of the heat, but also make the legs look into a slenderness. The skirt of shorts is recommended because it can cover the problem of hip fat, wide trouser legs, all fat and imperfections.

● Suit

The strap skirt should be mature and not old, with a light-cooked style, recommended garnish trousers skirt, office workers can wear. Its upper part is designed in a suit, with a big lapel style, a girl with a apple shape, unfortunately. The suit is not as serious as a suit, with a gentle sexy.


It’s really good to look like this.

Many people don’t wear clothes, because it is inconvenient, but even this inconvenience still has a lot of trendy, it is because it has a unique wear, and it doesn’t have to spend time considering the problem. I can put on it on a simple basis, can show the differences from others.

(1) Unique wear

As mentioned earlier, the biggest advantage of the jumpsuit is a high role. As long as you match it, you can have the effect of two meters in an instant. But to get this effect,

Is to implement on the same color


. In addition to the part of the head, the clothes and shoes are a color, which can also become a two-eighth division, especially the girl with a light body, so that your body is more coordinated, of course, a small child is growing. Best method.


● Continuous pants is not well worn

The same color is a high wear, but it is not strong enough to be too calm. The personality little girl is lively and is more like other wearing. It is recommended that the jumpsuit is not well worn, it is to wear on the side of the upper body, and the best-fitted trousers that are most suitable for this wearing method are strap trousers, small wear, with rebellion and youth.

(2) Shape style


The style of the context is absolutely not single, it can become a popular single product, the shape of the style is very important, because this is the soul wearing, is also a fashionable weapon.


★ big woman wind

Continuous pants want to create a big woman’s style, the more simple and better, the better, such as suits, towns, shirts, jumpsuits. It is a distinct line, which gives people a clean feeling. The upper clothes are collar, put the clothes, not only the gas field, but also give people a sense of hegemony.

★ Many MAN Wind

Compared to obvious mixing, it is also the favorite of many girls. I don’t want to wear more men, and I have to have a softness of women. Only the mother’s MAN wind is the most appropriate. And the jumpsuits can meet the needs of MAN, and the needs of the mother should be boldly divided, like a strap pants with haille sweater to wear, and sexy is handsome.

★ Leisure style

No matter what kind of trousers, you can meet the wind of the casual style, even if this kind of king’s piece of trousers can wear a leisure style. I don’t want to have a big change, I will start from the shoes, small white shoes, sports shoes are not only comfortable, but also make the wearer look. Or choose the junior trousers that the cowboy is worn, and the casual feelings also have a feeling of matching, such as a hat, can also increase the casual breath.


The above “Continental Pants” wear, learn, this summer your wear will add a lot of colors!

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