How to do the waist effect on a straight dress, the most obvious waist like this

How to do a waist effect on a straight dress? Because of its unique straight tube effect, the upper body feels often gives a darling feeling of a nightdress. The waist is not prominent. The following straight tube skirts are thin and small. Essence

First of all, we can give the strap’s straight jumpsuit a waist and thick belt with the same color system, and the waist comes out immediately. Such a straight version can also be tall and thin, making the monotonous dress more angry. Essence

直筒连衣裙怎么做收腰效果 这样穿搭最显腰

For a straight tube dress with knitted and warm, it is a bit inside and visually visual. The waist adds a fine belt, especially the dark belt, which visually increases the length and layering of the legs. Fairy.

In addition to adding a belt waist, the straight dress is stacked with a mesh skirt to the bottom, which can also achieve the effect of the lower body of the lower body. This dress shows women’s sexy and soft beauty, and woolen coats in winter are very beautiful.

直筒连衣裙怎么做收腰效果 这样穿搭最显腰

In the end, the straight dresses want to be thin. In addition to the belt, we can also choose the skirt with folds or louver -style styles. This is visually pulled down. It can be achieved.

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