See what badminton equipment I bought in the past year

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This year, the ball is dense, with a total of more than 100 goals. I bought a lot of badminton equipment, and I made a simple experience sharing. Spring flowers bloom, exercise!

The subjectivity of rackets and ball lines is relatively large, but the shoes and clothes in the back have miscellaneous items. I think it is more universal than the previous.

1. Badminton racket

Play a lot, and there are more people who are better than yourself. The racket chooses to slowly bias against defense and speed type.

The number of us appeared in the article represents weight, the larger the number, the lighter, such as 4u lighter than 3U. Mainstream choices: 3U, 4U, 5U.


G several indicate the thickness of the handle, the larger the number, the thinner, such as G5 is thinner than G4. The mainstream chooses G5.

1. YONEX NF800 4UG5 CH version starts at about 1100 yuan

Coloring black gold and red, personally like it. The middle pole and the shooting frame are very fine, and the warranty is 28 pounds. Now the new material is still very powerful. The characteristics of the shot head are light rod hard small shooting frame. The shape of the frame is extremely close to the ZF2.

Speed ​​fast, double -do first -field weapon. The backcourt high ball requires a very good force to play the bottom line with the other party. Deduction also requires its own driver. The 4u feeling is a bit floating, it is recommended that boys enter the 3U version! Daily match with YONEX 63.

Yonex nf800

Slim middle rod

Comparison with ZF2 is exactly the same

The comparison length of the middle rod and ZF2 is the same

Frame with a lot of thin

This is a racket for novices. When my physical condition is the best, I can use his energy.


2. Mizumo 01feel 3ug5 JP version starts at 1300 yuan

Japanese women’s singles player Oki I want to use the racket of the royal.

Mizumo 01feel


Pure white embellishment gold. Invincible face! Very nice!

The racket is relatively balanced, the sugar water, the middle pole is very elastic. Touch the fish artifact!

Middle pole



This racket is recommended to all golfers, especially female golfers! Once I went to play, a mixed doubles actually appeared at the same time 01feel, which is rare for this unpopular racket … it is rare.


There are no national banks in Mizumin’s strong rackets. The two versions of the easier to buy on the market are Nissan daily sales and Nissan Taiwan. Personally, things should be exactly the same, because both versions have S logo (essential signs for daily products), which can be explained that because the sales volume is small, each version is not distinguished. The difference is that the word on the Taiwan -selling version of the handle is traditional Chinese, which is about 1,000 yuan RMB. The word on the daily version of the handle is Japanese, the starting price is about 1200-1300 yuan. When Jingdong Lotte activity, you can achieve the early 1,100, cost -effective.

Steel S

Daily version of the Japanese price signature


The racket feels white matte paint+white sticker. The scrub will be a bit yellowed if it is over time. This line of protection is white, and the white guards are rarely bought on the market. I found it for a long time and found that there is a victory. It is not recommended. It is crispy. Mizumo’s guardian tube is soft, but the quality is really much better. It is recommended to set aside a set of original line protection tubes, about 60. The wiring of victory looks cheap, a lot of 10 yuan, but it is cut once, it is 60 yuan to pull the line money …

There are several derivative versions of this 01feel of Mizumo, which is simply summarized:

01 Feel Olympic Edition: Olympic Yuan hopes that the Olympic Games Limited Edition has changed from pure white to pale blue, which is said to be slightly harder.

01Speed: The racket launched at the same time as 01feel has a slightly different color, only 4ug5, slightly lighter than 01Feel and a little heavier.

01 Feels: 21 years of new rackets, from platinum color matching to blue and white. 4ug5. It is 9mm shorter than 01feel ….. Very similar to 01feel and 01Speed ​​hybrid products.

3. Novice ball racket recommendation

Generally, we are all friends with a fixed group to play together. Many friends who enter the group will ask novices to choose the racket and take it out for writing.


If you decide to go to the venue, you can choose a more formal racket. If you play outdoors, the low -end racket is more than enough.

Under normal circumstances, top rackets without premiums are generally at the price section of 900-1200, and novices can also be in place. After all, even the top -level is not too expensive. Budgets can be used directly.


I believe that most male players hope most are handsome to buckle, so I suggest that boys novice can choose a slightly heavier offensive racket.

A heavy racket can be used to borrow, and it is relatively easier to play high.

The racket with a balanced head, a hard head, a hard middle rod, and a small racket mentioned above are not better. In fact, it is difficult to play the ball in place.

Getting started as follows:

Victory 9500, Kaisheng 100Ti, Kaisheng 105Ti, Shengli Liang Sword 12

4. The appearance rate in our small club is relatively high

NRZSP (extreme speed) and ZF2 (some golfers have collected most of the colors, have the opportunity to write a period to share), AX99Pro (red looks, but everyone has sold this racket one after another … really garbage ?), Dragon’s Blade (Recommended by those who like violent deduction in the golfers …), AX100ZZ, AX99 (YYDS, I think this is the best offensive racket I have used, especially 4u Version), NF800LT

Girls’ face value recommendation: Li Ning WS79S, Mizuo 01feel, AX77 (red, really good -looking), AX66 (suitable for girls who like purple), Shengli ARS90F, Shengli Buckingli Claw

The racket is more of the personal preference. The masters we encounter are actually not stagnant, everything … abuse us … emm …

Two, ball line

1. Yonex Exbolt63 line

Yonex’s new line in 20121, the line diameter is relatively thin, the sound is very nice. Elasticity is better. All of my non -offensive rackets on the 63 line this year are more satisfied.

Horizontal line 27, vertical line 25.

2. YONEX 80P line

The feel is very hard, the offensive racket is standard, cool!

Horizontal line 26, vertical line 24.

It is not recommended that everyone needs to make better efforts, and the damage to the body is greater. They need to have better power to dispel the backbone of the high pound. This is not metaphysics. The masters of the ball friends are rarely seen 28+.


The so -called movement, at least the bottom line can pull the long ball. Essence Essence Essence It seems simple, really laborious.

The boys are about 26 pounds, and the girls are about 24 pounds. It is really okay …


Third, sneakers


Badminton running on the court has a lot of acceleration and acceleration, and the requirements for shoes are relatively high. Although the badminton has less confrontation, the chance of injuries is relatively high. Therefore, shoes are very important. It is recommended to choose a shoe, you must try it thicker to go to the physical store, you must try it! Intersection Intersection Several important points of sneakers: parcels, cushioning, protection, wear resistance, lightweight, appearance. This is difficult to have both. Lightweight shoes will conflict with cushioning and protection, which is also a limit on material technology. I personally think that of all the above needs, the most important thing is the package.

Therefore, before buying shoes, you must go to the physical store to try it.

Many people suggest that buying badminton shoes must be bought, because wearing thick socks. I think it is completely unnecessary, so I buy it normally.


1. YONEX Infiniti


In the past few years, I always feel that YY’s shoes have no new technology and no new gimmicks. It feels like repeated fried rice, and a model has been constantly updated. But in fact … I think it’s pretty good …

There are no shortcomings in these shoes, except for expensive … I like friends who are in place in place, strongly recommend it. The BOA system is very reliable and the package is very good!

At the beginning of 21, Lotte started less than 900. With a webmap, my shoes are grinding more powerful, no anymore …

Yonex Infiniti

This year, Infiniti 2 is ready to enter a pair.

2. Mizumo Wave fang Pro

Wave fang Pro

It should be badminton shoes on the market. The appearance is very amazing, it can be said that the gorgeous badminton shoes I have ever seen. I bought it on November 1st, about 630 yuan. As a result, Double 11 On the day, Mizumo’s last coupon was scheduled, and the order could reach around 520. It was really disgusting. For this unpopular equipment, you can wait until the last day of the Double 11 event. Sometimes the merchants will release the ticket at the last moment in order to achieve the sales target.

Several times, this is a double 2E shoes, but the design of the toe is slightly wider, and it is very comfortable to wear, but it is a bit dazzling and easy to wear. These shoes are not suitable for friends with big weight and start.

Fourth, jersey

I have never wore a professional jersey. I always feel unnecessary. The most often wearing Adi’s sports T -shirt. In summer, I stick to my body …


Later, I heard that the professional jersey might be better, so I decided to try it into a set.

YONEX’s clothes can be divided into two types: VeryCool and VeryCool Dry.

When Verycool’s clothes are discounting, the jacket is about 250, the new models can be bought at about 230 shorts, and a set of 400 can be available.


VeryCool Dry’s clothes are more outrageous, a set of 700-1000 yuan, the main color styles are different, most of which are Japanese version, a little more expensive, and it is difficult to buy.


Last year, I started a white competition version of the national team competition uniform, VeryCool material.

Very comfortable, I started in August, I didn’t feel sticky to my body, and the wall was recommended. Ready to enter a set of VeryCool Dry.

The shorts are a bit short … relatively slim, it is recommended to buy one larger.


I am 173cm tall, weighs 65kg, bust 93, waist circumference 76, clothes and pants are selected M. Later, the shorts bought a L, which was slightly loose, but the waist was a bit large and needed to tighten.


Note that the same set of clothing is also divided into fans and player versions. Slightly differently, this set is the player version with blue edges and cuffs.

2021 national team competition service

very cool logo

Collar design



In the shorts, with the lining, and the verycool logo


Excellent workmanship

Actual combat


Short pants are really slim ~~~ @. @

Disadvantages: It is easy to hit a shirt in the stadium. Essence Essence Essence

Most of the models were out of stock last year, put a link this year:


Five, miscellaneous items

1. YONEX BA213CR portable folding storage box

This is the most and most recommended accessories for my whole article! Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection none of them! Intersection Intersection


After using it, it can be folded and stored in the bag, very small

Especially in winter, my wife is too practical! Intersection Intersection

Instead of heavy down jackets, clothes, temporary rackets, balls, towels, drinks (from time to time on the court, drink string drinks …), mobile phones, etc. can be placed in the box, it is not easy to lose things. Essence I bought the first one, and soon everyone followed up. It should be the fastest equipment … too practical …

Absolutely convenient storage basket!


Quietly: Folding dirty clothes of more than a dozen dollars can actually be replaced … But this is a rectangular opening, using it really comfortable …

2. YoneX BA206CR badminton bag

This ball bag is selected for my daughter -in -law, which is characterized by relatively small and relatively lighter. Every time I play the big bag, I am too heavy … I actually start the price of about 200 yuan. There are three colors: black, blue, and gray, I choose gray.


BA206CR ball bag

Outer zipper


The outer zipper on the outside of the ball can be placed in small pieces such as hand glue. With anti -light strip, praise.

Main warehouse

There are small zippers and small warehouses in the main warehouse. It is okay to put a notebook for daily backpacks. Pad and the like.

Racket layer


The separate racket layer is the most obvious place for ordinary bags. Fixed magic stickers are well received, but only two rackets can be brought, and the three can not be counted.


There is a fixed zone inserted on the suitcase. There is actually a hidden pocket behind the fixed zone, which can put some private items. Praise!

You can install the equipment every time you play

Above, a pair of shoes, socks, towels, clothes, two rackets, and a barrel of balls. You can also install some debris.

Full load

After installing it, you can see that the bag is still a bit stunned.

Wife Master on the back

My wife is 155cm, 42kg, which is more petite. This bag is much smaller than other bags, and from the perspective of various aspects, daily use is OK. Unlike many ball bags, it is a ball bag. There is a small disadvantage of this bag, that is, the angle of the shot is a bit large, and people will meet people on the subway. It is recommended to consider reducing the angle or simply go straight up.


3. Kimmu Tuo KGT-120 hand glue


It’s too upset, but I have used it for several years. The company Jinmuo was originally produced in rubber products. It is very good. I like it very much.

4. Victor victory badminton insole XD11

The insoles are generally okay … The red of the heel part is easy to step on, good guys, the shoes are red slag in the shoes … consumable, change it when it is broken.

5. Badminton


Finally, talk about the ball we use: yonex as03, 05, 9; Asian Lion Dragon 4

After smoking, it’s pretty good.

6. Finally

Forget it, a lot of money is spent for a year … Our club belongs to non-profit organization, all of which are personal likes to organize activities. The single 2 hours of activities ranges from 38-45 yuan How much, different venues are different), 3 times a week, a year of activity costs 5-7 thousand. In the city in Beijing, more than 40 activity fees are already very, very very small … plus the money for buying equipment … emm …

I simply sorted out various equipment purchased in the past year, and I hope it will be helpful to everyone. Everyone in Beijing has a favorite to play, you can exercise together!

thank you all!

Thank you Aunt Zhang!

The author declares that there is no interest in this article, welcome friends to communicate rationally, and discuss harmoniously ~

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