The meal cabinet is installed like this, the face value is beautiful and the sky is beautiful

hi ~ Hello everyone, you see the restaurant below, it is big and beautiful, you want to dream alone.


There is no soul without a restaurant with a cabinet.

Designing a reasonable meal cabinet can not only become your home storage artifact and face value, but also make the life line more reasonable and more efficient!

In addition to conventional storage storage, this cabinet,

It can also be used as a variety of functions such as small electrical appliances, wine racks, and display decorations. It can be said that it is a very practical design.

Let ’s talk to you about dinner cabinets with you, let’ s take a look at what your home is suitable ~


Glass hanging cabinet door

The hanging cabinet on the side cabinet adopts the design of the glass cabinet door or open grid, making the restaurant more modern.

In this way, you can see the things in the cabinet at a glance, so you can save the trouble of opening the cabinet to find things, and it is more worry -free to pack up.

And the middle part of the meal cabinet can be used as a display platform, which is full of practicality ~



The refrigerator is embedded in the cabinet

If your kitchen is relatively compact, there is no room to place the refrigerator.

In fact, you may wish to leave a refrigerator position in the side cabinet and embed the refrigerator into it, so that the sense of space is more concise and practical.

The refrigerator and microwave oven are put together, and the cooking is more efficient. It is the dining table next to it. You don’t have to run around and spend your strength.


If there is a refrigerator at home, you can put a refrigerator in the side cabinet in a refrigerator, a refrigerator next to the dining cabinet, which is very coordinated and has no sense of disobedience.


Wall -type meal cabinet

For small units, the most critical design is to make good use of every inch of space.


The wall -type meal cabinet does not take up a little space, and has a large storage and storage function.

The appearance is beautiful and neat, saving the restaurant space, and can also be used as a wall decoration.

Make the dining room’s practicality and aesthetics increase, and make the monotonous restaurant walls interesting and vivid.

The embedded meal cabinet is the door of the cabinet -type storage space. There is an open wine storage compartment in the middle, which sets off the overall high -end quality of the restaurant.


Card -type meal cabinet

The card -type meal cabinet completely presents what it should have: petty bourgeoisie, candlelight dinner, light light …


And by embedding the card seat at the meal cabinet, you can save about 40cm channel distance for the aisle, and at the same time, you can assists the cabinet.

The storage card seat combined with the meal cabinet integrated customization, and the cabinet of the glass door is added. The overall feeling is more grade.

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