Pet dry artifacts frequently, the actual effect is so easy? I can take a look at you.

The dog’s shovel will have a lot of troubles. For example, with dogs to go out every day, it is also good in summer, it is a lazy cancer in winter, and I don’t want to go to the dog. Not don’t say it takes time to give them a bath. Today, the veterinarian is mainly talking about the dog and dried this piece after taking a bath. Now the kind of dry artifact is frequent, and the sales of all shops are very good.

Previously, the veterinarian Xiao Ming also evaluated the dry artifacts that may be used after several dogs, but there is no entire process, and can only be a general situation of evaluation. However, this time, the veterinarian Xiaoming has a strong interest in the online sales of good pets, and decided to come to a complete assessment. Interested shovel, this issue of pulling measures you can look!

First, we need to prepare something!

1. Pet dry box size (within 55 pounds), worth 80 yuan.

2. A dog and a cat.

3. Towels and ordinary household hairdryers.

For the effects of these new red household pet dryers, we found that the review is good, it can reduce the time of blowing hair, can you liberate the hands of the shovel? Is the actual effect really so easy? Just follow the veterinarian Xiaoming, let’s take a look ~

Product opening boxes!

Everything is ready, the dog has also been taken by the staff. The veterinary Xiaoming will come to everyone!

1. Open the packaging and find that this dry box is not a favorite look that the veterinarian is imagined. It is more convenient in the box, and the material is Oxford,

I don’t know if it will be broken?

2. There are thick adhesive nets on both sides, and such a simple drying box has also played a certain breathable effect.

But will such a design not affect the gathering effect?


3. Its above and the left side have a ventilated mouth, and it is tight,

I don’t know if I don’t need to take a shovel when I start it?

4. The business advertisements mentioned to the dog and wipe a semi-dry, put it in it, blow it for 10 ~ 30 minutes.

I don’t know what problems will there be?

Business promotion can be used in pet nests, and veterinarian Xiao Ming also smell the taste of the cloth in the first time.

Found the taste of plastic rubber

We know that the dog’s nose is still very sensitive. As for the choice of don’t use it or look at each shovel. To put it as a pet box with a dog, this is not recommended, the first is not safe, the second simple drying box is not enough, and the biggest size is too great to be very convenient.

This oven is a rectangular square. The data given by the merchant is 70 * 50 * 60cm. The veterinarian is also measured. It is found that more than the long, other wide and highs are 5 cm. Of course, this is not a major event, but the veterinarian Xiaoming found this dry box to buy!

Probably 3 adult Teddy can be installed. So the shovel must consider clear when choosing.

Based on the above problems, let the veterinaries will be announced one by one, see what small troubles will be encountered during the test!

After the dog washed, the staff wiped the dog semi-dry, and the veterinarian Xiao Ming put it into this pet dry artifact of today’s evaluation. Start the home hairdryer to the surface of the left side,

I found that the dog is still very scared.

It can be seen that it has been hiding in the farthest angle. and

Noise is also not small

For the problems needed for the hair dryer for the above hair dryer,


The veterinarian Xiao Ming also lencer tried the trial and short hair dryer because it was fixed.

Veterinary Xiaoming can only be supported,

Then, the hair dryer was automatically stopped at 1 minute and 30 seconds. At that time, the veterinarian Xiao Ming is 懵, then touch the front end of the blower to find the temperature, it should be superheated to automatically power off, so the home hairdryer can not be closed Space for a long time

Fortunately, the quality of the hair dryer used by the veterinarian is still good, or it can be dangerous!


Next, the veterinarian Xiao Ming changed the pet hospital

Dedicated high-power blower, quite large noise

After 10 minutes, the veterinarian kumbles out and feels it.


I found that there is no temperature difference in the outside of the space.

So this


Gathering gas is not very good



At the middle of the staff, the staff tried to turn the dog with the dog because

This blower can only blow a place

But unfortunately, the dog seems to be very afraid, do not want to flip.

Breeding to 20 minutes, because the temperature is not high, afraid that the dog is cold, and the staff will take the dog out. At this time, the dog’s body is still wet,

In addition to the top of the head and the back, there is not completely blown away from the other places, and the dog’s hair is sticky together, and it is very ugly. So 10 ~ 30 minutes can blow the dog to dry.

Finally, the staff took the dog to re-increasing. Of course, the pet hospital gave the dog, not just blowing, including repairing the nails, cleaning the ears, repairing the feet and hair, and the shovel may not think so much at home. But some of the locations of dogs are also required to be cleaned regularly.


Originally, the veterinarian also wanted to see the result of the cat used, but struggling with the cats after entering the cat, only declares that the plan failed. However, it can be seen that the quality of this dry box is still nice, and it is not broken by the cat’s claws.

Summary of product products


(1) The price is moderate, and the non-active price is 80 yuan.

(2) Foldable, no space.

(3) The short dog is still dry, but it takes about 30 to 40 minutes.


(1) The new product has a certain odor.

(2) When drying, it is not good to give the dog to make hair, causing the dog hair.

(3) Long-haired dogs, spending too long, it is better to use hair dryers.

(4) General Shower’s home hairdryer is used at home, and it is dangerous to the drying box, which is likely that overheating leads to automatic power failure.


(5) It is not really liberating your hands, and the shovel is also needed to face the dog.

(6) Get gas effects, but the use of a home hairdryer can increase the temperature in the drying box.

Through the measured test of this so-called dry artifact, the veterinarian Xiao Ming a product effect is worrying. So I also persuade the shovel of the purchase to make a closer to clear, it is not practical. Of course, I am willing to spend money to spend money, but I can’t blindly consume, choose the product suitable for dogs is the best.

Finally, if you want to see if other pet products are easy to use, welcome to tell the veterinarian Xiaoming, let’s later test ~

[All the evaluation of the veterinarian is guaranteed to fairness and fair attitude, evaluating the objective facts of all kinds of products, to help all the pets better scientifically, no product promotion! 】

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