Double Eleven Shopping Guide, knowing the “Little Blue Star Recommendation” list to help autumn and winter beauty

This year’s Double Eleven, knowing the emergence of the “Autumn and Winter Beauty List”, provides effective references for buying autumn and winter skin care products for beautiful women. The “Autumn and Winter Beauty List” is one of the sub -lists that know the “Little Blue Star Recommended”. In the list, women’s daily skin care products are sorted from high to low according to Zhihu rating, which directly reflects the user’s consumption experience. Through the product topic page, consumers can also browse the product related discussions on Zhihu to help themselves rationally shopping.

In the “Autumn and Winter Beauty List”, the TOP10 rankings include Chanel Mountain Camellia Moisturizing Cream, Yuemu’s source of moisturizing moisture mask, sea blue mystery essence cream, Lancome new essence muscle base and other daily skin care products. The average product score in the list is 8.2 points, and some products exceed 9.0 points. It is understood that Zhihu’s score is generated by the user’s selection of “recommendation” or “not recommended” on the product topic page, and the background is presented through the scoring after summary of the selection results of the user. Based on the “Little Blue Star Recommendation” list based on Zhihu’s score, it has a higher reference value.

The reporter learned that the “Little Blue Star Recommendation” list includes not only the “autumn and winter beauty must -have list”, but also the 30+ category lists such as the “headset word -of -mouth list”, “tablet computer list”, and “women’s perfume list” Different reference needs of consumers.

Upstream News · Chongqing Evening News reporter Gu Li


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