Valentine’s Day put on the pair of shoes he likes

Men think that when a woman puts on the “suitable shoes ”, it will be more attractive. So what is the “suitable shoes” in their eyes? A survey on an authoritative fashion website in the United States shows that men’s “most annoying” slope shoes, snow boots, loose cake shoes and Oxford shoes. We know, it turns out that they hate thick, thick, heavy, favored, thin, and thin. There is only Valentine’s Day a year, so don’t wear the shoes he hates this day! In the following four kinds of shoes, people who see people are not wrong.

How can dating and flirting with that elegant and sexy pointed heel? As Mr. Dior said, “The place where a woman can really reflect a woman is on her feet.” Remember, a tasteful man will definitely pay attention to your shoes. May wish to learn Princess Kate with a beige seven -point sleeve dress with nude high -heeled shoes. Fresh temperament, elegant and refined.

情人节 穿上他喜欢的那双鞋

The slightly upper upper made the standing posture appear “front and back”. The thin heels not only pulled up the figure, but also “swaying”. It should be noted that when wearing ankle boots, try to choose the same color trousers or leggings to avoid two contrasting colors that intercept the legs into two segments, causing the tragedy of “short legs”.

Instead of stepping on the “hard work” of hate, it is better to learn Yinglun’s “IT-GIRL” Alexa Chung to choose a delicate and elegant pointed flat shoes, just to show charming shoulders. Does anyone think she is not sexy?

Recommended single product:

Debbie patent leather high heel

情人节 穿上他喜欢的那双鞋

$ 857.74

情人节 穿上他喜欢的那双鞋

Charlotte Olympia This “Debbie” high -heeled shoes are hand -made with bright rice white patent leather. It is produced in Italy, with a pointed design, and is equipped with a heart -shaped independent waterproof platform to strengthen the support effect.

Abel imitation snake leather leather high heel

情人节 穿上他喜欢的那双鞋

$ 741.29

Jimmy Choo uses a snake pattern leather to perform new interpretations of its iconic “Abel” high heels. It adopts a classic pointed design, with pretty rainbow effect coating and sequined high heels. At work, you can match fine trousers, and at night, you can replace the skirt.

Velvet leather and ankle boots

$ 1, 215

Gianvito Rossi, this eternal black and ankle boots, is made of soft velvet leather, and the final step is completed by hand. The wide boots make the ankle look more slender, especially in love. May wish to match tight pants for this pair of pointed boots.

RockStud texture leather and ankle boots

$ 1, 395.53

情人节 穿上他喜欢的那双鞋

Valentino’s “RockStud” boots handmade decorated with the brand’s iconic light golden pointed cone rivet, showing the cool and elegant charm. It uses a pointed design and is refined by black texture leather in Italy.

Alina embroidered velvet surface pointed pointed flat shoes

$ 782.24

Jimmy Choo is the “Alina” tender pink pink fluffy flat shoes with zebra pattern embroidery and fine mesh cover layer. It uses a pointed design and is equipped with a small and compact heel with a slightly increased effect. With the bottom of the cushion, it creates an excellent comfort. From boyfriend -style denim trousers to fine -tailored clothing, it can be matched with various costumes.

情人节 穿上他喜欢的那双鞋

CENDRILLON patent leather ballet bottom shoes

情人节 穿上他喜欢的那双鞋

$ 440

The heel is about 1 cm high. A beautiful red red can instantly add glory to your favorite dress. Repetto’s patent leather ballet shoes perfectly interpret this aesthetic concept. Whether with tight jeans or fine -tailored shorts, you can fully show the brand’s classic French elegance.

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