Four departments issued a notice: primary and secondary schools must not forced students to use plastic book skin

Primary and secondary schools must not force students to use plastic book skin

(Reporter Lei Jia) Elementary and secondary school students at the beginning of the school that all the plastic books I bought for the new textbooks will no longer be compulsory or encouraged in the future. Recently, the four departments of the General Office of the Ministry of Education, the General Office of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the General Office of the General Administration of Market Supervision, and the General Office of the China Science and Technology Association jointly issued the notice of “the implementation of ecological civilization ideas in primary and secondary schools and enhancing the awareness of ecological environment” for the first time in recent years. The parents of the students reported that the plastic paper that was strongly said “no”, and proposed to work hard to achieve the “plastic opening season” in primary and secondary schools.

In order to enable primary and secondary school students to strengthen the awareness of the ecological environment of citizens, advocate diligence and frugal and green low -carbon consumption, so that primary and secondary school students can firmly establish the concept of ecological civilization, and integrate the protection of ecology, cherish resources, and protect the environment into daily learning life. The first is to strengthen the education of ecological environmental protection for primary and secondary school students, and fully reflect diligence and frugality, green and low -carbon consumption in all aspects of relevant discipline teaching, extra -curricular activities, and school management. The second is to improve the evaluation supervision mechanism. The market supervision department should increase its investigation and punishment for unqualified plastic products sold to students and entering campuses. The third is to strive to achieve the “plastic opening season”, emphasizing that the use of plastic can easily cause white pollution. Some unqualified plastic books skin contain formaldehyde and benzene, which has an impact on children’s nervous system and physical development. According to the national “plastic limitation” requirements, we must strive to achieve the “plastic opening season”. Schools must not force students to use plastic book skin, especially for problems with problematic plastic books. The fourth is to create a good atmosphere of public opinion, give full play to the role of science and technology workers and various media, vigorously carry out the publicity of Xi Jinping’s ecological civilization thought and ecological environmental protection science popularization, and actively guide the majority of primary and secondary school students to start with me, start with small things around me, and let the diligence and frugality save money and save diligence and frugality. The concept of low -carbon consumption and green development is full of wind.

In recent years, plastic books have been packed in textbooks in individual places and schools. The Beijing Youth Daily reporter noticed that after the notice of the four departments was released, many parents expressed their support that the concept of environmental protection should start from life and cultivate from childhood.

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