What is “grandma vest”? Star street shooting people are wearing it, this autumn and winter rely on it to play beautiful

Wen: Luo Wei

Hi, I am Luo Wei, continue our fashion trip.

In the autumn of the temperature, how we always swing in the emotions of how we should wear.

During this time, many styles of fashion weeks and many star street shooting also feed our aesthetics. Looking at these fashion week street shooting, there are always some dresses that make us surprisingly.


Such as vest knit vest. The knitwear in the figure above is matched with vests. The layers are very good, fashionable and stylish.

And this set of sweaters with pants, because of the addition of the vest, the layered sense is created, which is richer as a whole.

Leather vest, this year’s leather fire, the corresponding leather items have also increased. And a leather vest is most suitable for this autumn and winter. Whether it is a shirt or a sweater, it is the most popular and fashionable.


Some time ago, Liu Wen’s rainbow knitted woven vest, causing us to covet. Especially when wearing white T -shirts, it is particularly refreshing and clean.

Coincidentally, Jiang Shuying also used a black knitted hair vest with white T, retro and fashionable.

Yes, Luowei is here to talk today


“Knitted vest”



The source of “knitted vest”

Speaking of this knitted vest, we are no stranger to. Isn’t it just a sweater vest that we often wear when we were young? In men’s clothing, this hair vest is often seen. It comes from the previous popularity, so some people joked that it was “

Grandma’s vest “.


It is really not small. Since there is a wool, the vest vests woven with wool have always been the best product of our autumn and winter. And there are many lines such as diamond pattern, pattern, and rough twist. It is also a typical representative item of college style.


At that time, no matter boys and girls, there would be a hairy vest in autumn and winter.


In men’s clothing, this knitted vest has always been available. Its gentle and elegant, helping men to create a style called “Yayi”, looks very attractive, with a good gentleman’s taste.

In this year’s fashion week street shooting, men’s rainbow hair vests are also very eye -catching.

Category of “knitted vest”

Knit woven vests can be divided into “solid colors” and “color” according to patterns. The solid color is relatively elegant and intellectual. The color and patterns have obvious style orientation because of changes in color and patterns.

Long and short can be divided into length.


The solid -colored shallow khaki vest in the picture above is stable in style, but it is not distinct. You can wear it alone, you can match the shirt, knitted long sleeves, and the bottom can be paired with skirts or jeans. You can make a variety of adjustments according to the style you want to shape.

Colorful hair vests generally have plaid, twist, or other patterns and patterns, which can match different styles with other plain items. Generally adjustment according to the guidance of the pattern.

In addition to the short models, there are long hairy vest skirts, which generally cover the hips or below. Compared to short models, long models are more feminine. It is also more versatile in autumn and winter, and it is also warm.


The combination of “knitted vest”.


If you want to wear ordinary hair vests, you must pay attention to the style when choosing a model, and choose the current popular style or pattern. Relatively speaking, its combination is still very flexible.

1. With T -shirt: casual neutral wind

Summer T -shirts can be used at this time, suitable for early autumn, when the temperature is not cold or hot. When paired with a T -shirt, you can choose jeans or workers to easily create casual style.


Mao Qianxin+T -shirt+jeans, casual, handsome, younger age.

Of course, you can also use skirts to switch between colleges and streets.


2. With sweater: literary style


Mao vest can also be paired with long -sleeved knitwear, intellectual, elegant, attached, with sweet and quiet book rolls.


3. Match a shirt: sharp can work in the workplace


Mao vest can also be paired with various shirts, with temperature and reality.


The loose shirt sleeve shape and delicate and tightened hair vest are loosened and suitable for each other.

You can also wear a sweet girl taste, which can be worn neutralized, adding a lot of neutral handsome.


The high -necked hair vest with a slightly formal sense, adding a shirt, looks stable and generous.

You can also use short and exquisite hair vests with white shirts like Beiyi to experience the capable gas field in the sharp lines.

Of course, if you are a sweet girl, you can use a rainbow vest with a ribbon shirt, which has a particularly purity and cuteness.


Mao vest, this grandma -level item also returned to our sight with the popular pace. In this autumn and winter, let’s take it into it, let it bring you unusual fashion and wonderful.

I am Luo Wei. I use image management as my homework that I have done in my life, and use a beautiful image and a beautiful mood to welcome the blooming every day in my life.

If you are confused, you can make a private message. Welcome to leave a message to discuss. We grow up together on the road of beauty and be strong together!

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