For 13 years, it is more outrageous than manual Geng! CCTV’s most “play” show, not only funny

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Recently, hand -made Geng launched

The second -generation “sanitary paper heater”.



“This stuff can have two generations, everyone here is responsible.”

Love to create “useless good products”, this is the style of handicraft.

But this style was not created by Brother Geng.


As early as 2009, the CCTV show “I Love Invention” has created all kinds of strange robots, planes, and submarines.


For example, this robot that can pour drinks:

Four people riding a “bicycle” in the park: bicycle:

The uncle’s strange single -wheel “burst of flywheels” also boarded the 2008 Beijing Olympic closing ceremony.


What is the “I love invention” that was ridiculed by netizens?

Building submarines and flying planes, brain hole is larger than handmade


“I Love Invention” is a special program created by the “Approaching Science” program group, and the popular science blood is quite pure.


But now, “Approaching Science” has been stopped, but it is still strong.

The biggest ability of “I Love Invention” is to use the biggest brain hole to dominate the sea and land.

For example, this old man named Zhang Junlin has a lake near his home, so he threatened to create

“The most advanced” submarine in the world.

On the day of the trial dive, the young men in the village came to watch, but the submarine was lying down by a few steps after a few steps:


The water grass is wrapped in the propeller, causing the motor to short.

The submarine cannot be opened, but it does not affect diving.

A girl next to him couldn’t hold back his curiosity and took the initiative to ask reporters to enter the submarine to experience the lake at the bottom of the lake.

But the dive is dived, the problem is that it will not move in the water, and even the mobile phone signal is interrupted.


At the speed test stage, the program team decided to let the submarine and Lao Zhang’s son Xiao Zhang’s speed.

Xiao Zhang for a while, and a while of backstroke, slowly leisurely, the submarine was not as good as him.

The old man built a submarine into the water, and the young people drove the plane on the heavens.


In Luzhou, Zhejiang, Xu Bin, who did not graduate in junior high school, built three “rotor planes” in his own accessories factory. He said: “I especially like to raise birds, I want to fly.”

At a glance, the “aircraft” did not even have a shell, and it was a little smoky to launch, just like a miniature tractor.

For the first time, the aircraft crashed in the second second of the plane, and the crowd looked dumbfounded.

Fortunately, he was big this time.

In order to find the feeling of driving the plane, Xu Bin found a van and tied the aircraft with a steel cable.

The car ran in front, and he drove behind him, and it was half a year.

In Sichuan, there is a motorcycle driver named Wang Qiang. His plane is even more outrageous, that is, install an old Yamaha engine on the big iron rack, and then a iron wing.

The driver has never conducted any training, and it uses motorcycle accessories. This aircraft is naturally fate.

When the engine is broken, it is necessary to go to the car repair shop to repair it. Sometimes the situation is urgent, and Wang Qiang repair the aircraft at the roadside of the village.

Relying on the persistence of continuing to fly after a fall, Wang Qiang also succeeded in heaven.

Before leaving the ground, Wang Qiang followed a dozen motorcycles behind him.

This is not an airplane experiment, but a collective pilgrimage of rural inventors.

Why did the soil smell laughed at the soil smell for 13 years?

“I Love Invention” has a characteristic,


Each issue is a hat: the most advanced submarine, the safest aircraft, and the most interesting car.


From the industrial revolution, protect national security, and improve the quality of life, there is no cowhide that I dare not blow in “I Love Invention”.

But the reason why this show attracts people is mainly because of two points:


1. What you see is not inventing, it’s a rollover

In fact, the fans of “I Love Invention” are actually not much to look at the invention, but to see the lively, especially looking at the rollover.

In “I Love Invention”, players have contributed a lot of overturning scenes.


For example, the flywheel rolling this period,

The program team asked the inventor to take the tourists to ride a “big wheel”, because the tourists were not familiar with the brakes. Before ride a few steps, the car turned over.


In the “Robot Story” period, Wu Yulu, a farmer in Tongzhou, Beijing, invented a “Layang Car Robot” with an excessive sense of joy, which not only could pull the car, but also learned to speak. He has exhibited with Shenzhou VII.

In order to see if the robot has the real ability, the show team was in trouble to Wu Yulu.

The robot was first pushed into the cornfield, and it turned out that it was even better than taking the cement field.

It was pushed on the ice again, this trick is indeed absolutely absolutely,


The robot starts to slip on the ice, and the pit is placed in place.

But what makes it unexpected is,


Wu Yulu rode on the robot’s neck, and the robot walked up.

The robot is heavy, the friction becomes larger, and naturally goes.


Although these inventions are rough, the technical content is not low.


In Wu Yulu’s yard, not only the robot with two legs, but even 6 -legged children’s cars were invented.

The program group found a child to control the stroller, and the children’s car walked very easily.


Don’t look at it ugly, not only can’t fall the child, the adults are as stable as they sit on, but they can also turn.


And what he did

“Eight -footed monster” is like a stool becomes fine.


These things, according to the old mother of Geng Geng:


It’s not useless, it’s really useless!

2. The research is not a machine, it is life

The audience likes “I Love Invention”, and because it is grounded and has a sense of substitution.

Such as this

Ultraman, who is shining with both eyes, is actually a “knife -cut robot”.


Facing the bright eyes of the light, how can the people go to the noodles at night.

But this invention directly helped Cui Runquan the first Internet celebrity in the local catering industry.


What’s even more amazing is a “bun robot” from Qingdao,


It’s too sticky to face, too much filling, too much, you don’t know how to wash it for a long time.


The host asked why the father and son spent seven or eight years to study this machine. The inventor said: At that time, the conditions were not good, the unit did not make money, and the labor costs of the bag could not afford it.

I have to say, they

The brain circuit that solves the problem is very clear.

More than half of the players of “I Love Invention” are such “idiots”.

The traffic password of “I Love Invention” is not only funny

Just see the funny of “I Love Invention”, it really misunderstood it.


Behind the funny, “I Love Invention” can be popular to this day because it excavates

“Folk creativity”.

From the name of “I Love Invention”, it can be seen that people participating in the show not only have to invent, but more importantly, love inventions.


For example, Yang Weimin, an airplane enthusiast, wants to build an airplane, always at home Cosplay pilots.


Finally, he built a “powerful glue+wood” aircraft at home in 3 years and flew into the sky.

It is difficult for most people to believe that people who have not graduated from elementary school can build robots. They can drive the plane to heaven without reading junior high school. They also play a special field of high education and large cities.

However, “I Love Invention”

Accurately recognized the power of the sinking market.


When I first elected, the signing call of “I Love Invention” was exploded every day, and the program group took turns to answer the phone and did not have time to eat.

Director Li Yangchen said:

“We did not expect that the majority of the inventor’s response was too strong.”

The desire for invention of the folk inventor drove them to create a tea picking machine, fishing hook, and chick glasses, and even dared to turn on the plane and submarine without any protection measures.

The red glasses on the bridge of the chicken nose can prevent rooster fights


Behind this, there are both the actual demands of improving work efficiency and reducing labor loss, as well as simple stars and sea -type romance.

In an early interview, the main creative team revealed that all the registration items of “I Love Invention” must be evaluated by more than 20 indicators of more than 20 indicators of practical, technical and economy, and each issue will evaluate a “golden ideas award”.

The “golden idea” in “I Love Invention” does solve some problems in life.

A convergence machine can take off the “small tail” with each peanut with farmers.

The “coating machine” of a fruit packaging paper is also to help farmers apply the paper wrapped on the fruit in advance.

Liu Wusang, the main leader of the show, said: “Inventory creation is finally useful to make everyone useful, and it can really achieve changing people’s lives.”

Even today, search for “I Love Invention” on Taobao, and you can find the mouse catcher and rotating oven that appeared on the show.

The standard side -absorbing range hood in the kitchen was also the key player of “I Love Invention”.


Seeing this, do you still think “I Love Invention” will only be funny?

Funny is just its bait.

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