My friend made a shelf for the kitchen, simple, beautiful and practical. I was shocked when I entered the door.

The kitchen is a place for cooking. A series of things in Chaimi oil and salt are very complicated and will be placed in the kitchen very messy. At this time, the residents will worry about how to organize these things. In order to solve this problem, there are After the emergence of the rack, it solved the induction problem of life items well, but do you know? In life, it is not a difficult thing to DIY a shelf. Xiaobian has compiled some related knowledge about the steps of homemade kitchen shelves. Let’s take a look together.

1. What are the steps of homemade kitchen?

First of all, you should prepare the materials for making the rack. According to your own needs or decoration style, solid wood, stainless steel and carbon steel are available. The treatment of super strong toughness and strength and surface paint makes the rust -proof function of the product more powerful. The design of the bamboo tube allows the mesh height that can be used more as much as possible. The disassembly is simple, and the assembly can be completed without any tools. The combination of the four corners can be easily used to use some uneven ground for use.

2. What are the steps of homemade kitchen?

1. Check if the base is stable, will it shake if the pull -down will be pushed?


2. Whether the material can survive in a humid environment, will it deform and has the function of preventing and moisture and moisture.

3. Check whether the tolerance of the rack is good, and whether the heavy object will deform.

2. What are the steps of homemade kitchen?


1. When installing the rack, install it according to the entire layout, structure, and lifestyle of our own home. The commonly used placement is that when cooking, we can install it in the vacancy of the kitchen.

2. If your family is a small apartment, then the arrangement of the rack must be enough to save space, and the wall of the kitchen should be arranged reasonably.

3. We should classify the utensils of the kitchen, install the shelf in a reasonable position according to different categories. The drain can be placed next to the dishwashing tank. The rack can be installed in a place closer to fried rice.


Editor’s conclusion: In the kitchen, only the users can only create a comfortable environment. The above is the relevant information about the steps of the self -made kitchen shelf for everyone. The editor will be generally introduced here.

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