Will you choose these flared pants that you have to watch?

TOP1: [Main ID] Wilbeiru 2020 new baby summer thin -mosquito anti -mosquito lantern pants*2 pack

From Wellber, China, Wilberu, Wilberu, the product involves a variety of categories such as baby sleeping bags, bedding, clothing, and pregnancy. Born for love, starting from love to clothing and supplies, with safety and environmental protection as the brand concept, the whole process cares for the safety of Chinese infants and children, integrates sincere love for infants and young children into products, and provides healthy infants and mothers in Chinese infants and children. , Safe and comfortable clothing. The babies on the whole network are worth having. If you use a black card member to buy it, it is expected to save 04.72 yuan.

TOP2: AK high waist wide -leg penta pants loose waist casual shorts female summer loose 2020 new sloppy middle pants suit pants tide ins


AngelskingDom, AngleskingDom, the original designer brand, mainly provides a comprehensive original brand that mainly provides women’s clothing and related accessories shoe and bags. AngleskingDom insists on cutting -edge fashion elements into clothing design, highlighting the characteristics of users, and providing comfortable and quality materials, designing a different and high -passing clothing. High waist and wide leg design, covering meat is thin.


TOP3: Yalida women’s pants ice silk wide -leg pants female loose tight waist and straight pants 2020 summer thin silk jeans

From YERAD YARAD YARAD, the Yalida brand is a series of preparation brands with pants as the main product and above as an advantageous product. Da Suo Locked a mature and elegant female customer group, shaping the unique style of the brand’s simple, self -cultivation, comfort, and fashion. The front -edge design is combined with high -end craftsmanship to provide professional women’s pants and 360 -degree women’s perfect figure. Bing Shuang Silk’s high waist is thin.


TOP4: Lee Cooper summer new high waist wide -leg denim jeans female 泫 雅 显 t t t t t t t t t t

LEECOOPER LEECOOPER, LEECOOPER, was founded in the Eastern Region of London, England in 1908. It is a long -established denim brand in Europe. Leecooper initially started with production pants and work clothes. In 1908, founder Morriscooper created a company named after his own name. During the World War I, the company began to produce military uniforms. With excellent production technology and high -quality products, the company was requisitioned by the British army for production military uniforms. After the war, LEECOOPER brought denim clothing back to the fashion field and gradually evolved into a British denim brand pioneer, becoming one of the four major denim brands in the world. Slender, high mop, loose and loosely feel the jeans.


TOP5: SEMIR Senma Cowboy Short Woman 2020 new models of thin wide -leg pants women’s tide INS wind summer girl bow pants

From China Semir Semir, Senma E -commerce was established in May 2012 as of the end of 2016. It is a wholly -owned subsidiary of Zhejiang Senma Clothing Co., Ltd. Fast response fashion trends, high -quality product characteristics, cost -effective fashion enjoyment, one -stop online and offline shopping experience, and the brand image of Fashionicon influence, becoming a popular fast fashion brand popular with consumers. The hollow heart machine design trendy hair edge high -waisted high -waisted compliance type.

TOP6: La denim wide -leg pants female summer light hair pants jeans loose casual ice silk straight pants small daisy loose waist long trousers

Landgravine from the United States, respects nature, confidence, self, Landgravine perfectly combines American romantic feelings and modern temperament to design a new comfort and sexy underwear. Landgravine was founded in California in the United States. At first, it was only designed to design swimwear. It received welcome on the West Coast. Later, it gradually increased the product lines such as underwear, home clothing, and bodybuilding. In the future, Landgravine will provide high -quality, healthier, and more sexy underwear for high -income elite women in first -tier and second -tier cities. In the symbol of youth, straight -leg wide -leg jeans are full of vitality, a bright high -waisted version in summer, and the legs have long legs and long legs, just covering the legs of the legs and pants of the legs. It is suitable for all kinds of leg shapes, and the upper body shows a thin arc -shaped pocket design, which is simple and convenient.

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