Jiang Shan looks like a middle -aged woman, silver down jacket with snow boots, warm and practical

The shiny down jacket can always wear a bright feeling in the cold winter. In the cold winter winter, some bright colors or bright noodles can reduce the feeling of death. Of course In the case of, the bright colored down jackets may be more tested and skin tone in terms of matching. You can try the matching of silver down jackets. See how Jiang Shan, who is also middle -aged women, wear it.

Jiang Shan looked like a middle -aged woman, silver down jacket with snow boots, which was warm and practical. Jiang Shan can be said to be an old drama in the entertainment industry. He has attracted much attention in a TV series “Excessive Addiction” many years ago. He has been developing in the entertainment industry in the later period. Although Jiang Shan is already a middle -aged woman in the category of age, she can’t see it at all in temperament and dressing.


Jiang Shan wore a bright silver down jacket this time, and the bright color system will feel very bright. Walking on the street will be very high, but the bright color matching of middle -aged women will often look a bit too too much too much. It is very different from the sense of steady age. The silver feeling is both shining and no exaggeration. It is a very good reference for women of the same age.

The long -designed down jackets are actually more tested on the height. The down jacket itself emphasizes the warmth of the warmth. Therefore, the horizontal width of the design will show some fatness because of the fluffy filling. The long version of the long version will The type will increase this sense of roundness, so you need to consider whether your height can be supported when wearing long down jackets.

Jiang Shan is paired with a black leggings and snow boots with the same color in the lower body. The flawed snow boots are very good in keeping warm. The shining is very practical, but it is more suitable for girls with tall figures. If the height is not enough, the snow boots on the feet will be replaced with pointed boots or Martin boots.


Long down jackets are the first choice for warmth in winter, but in terms of style selection, attention should be paid to long -term and avoiding weaknesses. For example, girls with large bodies in the upper body but very slender leg shapes can be used when wearing long down jackets. The design of the version and a little shoulder pad shows the tolerance of the skeleton. The inwardness of the lower body can highlight the advantages of the leg shape, and avoid strengths and avoid weaknesses.


It is relatively loose or a long -range long down jacket. When wearing it, you can use an open way to avoid covering leg shape. Of course, if you are not afraid of cold The umbilical outfit will be more slender in the effect of wearing, and it can also avoid long down jackets that look bloated.


The characteristics of Asian women or Oriental women are generally petite but skinny types. Therefore, when choosing a long down jacket, you can try some straight -in version. Sleeping does not require too much looseness, and the straight version of the straight tube also reduces the shortcomings of down jackets to be fat. In addition, the matching method of the same color system will reduce the difficulty of control to allow you to better support a long length that is easy to lower the height down jacket.


Of course, some long down jackets with a sense of design will have a strong sense of visual fashion. For example, some asymmetric design or some personalized cuts, even a very single color can wear an effect of a runway to effect , But this exaggerated style design usually requires a tall figure to wear it.


The practicality of the long down jacket is beyond doubt. When choosing, everyone needs to combine their bodies to avoid the combination of strengths and avoid weaknesses, so as to wear the effect that suits them.

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