Different charm Yibo Road Legendary Series Automatic Couple Comment on Watch

[Watch House Watch Tasting] Love is the most important theme of life. The brand philosophy of the whole life will perfectly combine the romantic and elegant culture with the rigorous and high -quality watchmaking technology, and enjoy the reputation in the field of clocks. Today, a pair of Ibo Road Legendary series automatic couples brought by Watch House, reference models: GBR1856SD-4599, LBR1856SD-4599.

别样魅力 依波路传奇系列自动情侣对表简评

Ibo Road Table always adheres to the belief of “strong durability, accurate and reliable, comfortable wearing, beautiful and practical”, and uses the spirit of “excellence” to use the Swiss high -tech watch technology combined with the exquisite watchmaking technology inherited by several generations to make its watches reach the day. Perfect, thus establishing an important position in the field of clocks, and relying on exquisite and extraordinary details and rich and romantic emotional connotations, it is known as “Swiss couple models”.

Men’s Watch 37mm Women’s Watch 29mm

别样魅力 依波路传奇系列自动情侣对表简评

The couple introduced today introduced by the Yibo Road legendary series, the men’s watch case diameter is 37 mm, and the case diameter of the women’s watch is 29 mm. The case is designed with a rare square -shaped arc corner. The convex and full body is like a olive, which symbolizes the sweetness of love, and with a century -old goddess.

The watch is designed with stainless steel gold -plated diamond -plated diamond shells. Rose gold is plated. The men’s outer ring and dial are inlaid with 44 diamonds, and the women’s models are inlaid with 34 diamonds. The watchmarks are made of stainless steel and stainless steel inter -electric rose gold. The bracelets are designed with five rows of beading chains, which are beautiful and stylish.

别样魅力 依波路传奇系列自动情侣对表简评

Use sapphire crystal glass mirror design

The Legendary Series of Yipo Road series of sapphire crystal glass mirrors with strong texture and best anti -glare effect on the table, ring -shaped and radioactive shading in the dial, creating a harmonious space of the whole circle, 6 o’clock small calendar windows again again A mussel shell is formed with the circular part, plus 18K rose gold between local ions, which is shining and magnificent.

The watch crown is made of stainless steel gold plating

别样魅力 依波路传奇系列自动情侣对表简评

The crown of the watch is made of stainless steel -plated rose gold material. The design of the crown is small and exquisite. The side is 12 gold brick -shaped teeth, which is comfortable with the chain. At the top of the top of the watch, the classic butterfly shape of the 40s of the Top Corporation floats, while showing the brand identity, it is more retro and elegant.

别样魅力 依波路传奇系列自动情侣对表简评

Watch bracelet is Yipo Road’s unique stainless steel butterfly buckle

The watch uses stainless steel butterflies double -press buckle, touch the buttons on both sides of the watch, the strap is opened like a pages, which makes the watch more convenient to wear and show an elegant and exquisite atmosphere.

The watch is designed for the shuttle pointer design

The watch is equipped with two elegant shuttle timing, the hollowed shuttle pointer with the fluorescent display function, which can be clearly read even in a dim environment. The 3 6 point of the dial is a display window for the small calendar, echoing the rectangular spine nail.

别样魅力 依波路传奇系列自动情侣对表简评

The watch dial adopts ring -shaped and radial shading, creating a harmonious space integrating square

别样魅力 依波路传奇系列自动情侣对表简评

The watch dial adopts ring -shaped and radial shading, creating a harmonious space of the square, which is more delicate and elegant. The watch adopts a simple rectangular backbone nail nail and diamond -setting time. Essence At 12 o’clock in the dial, the brand logo of the couple dance of Yibo Road seemed to be the oath of love.

Inside the watch is equipped with a Swiss automatic chain mechanical movement

The watch is equipped with a Swiss automatic chain mechanical movement. The men’s watch is equipped with ETA 2824 or SW200 automatic upper -chain movement. All of them are the bottom of the mineral crystal perspective. Through the bottom of the table, the beauty of the Swiss movement can be seen, and the charm of the high -end mechanical movement is all of this.

别样魅力 依波路传奇系列自动情侣对表简评

Summary: In fact, the trademark of the century -old romantic brand of Yibo Road is also born due to a beautiful and romantic legendary story. No matter how time pass by, even in the turbulent years of the two world wars, the silhouette of the dancing couple dancing in Yibo Road left a romantic complex in the hearts of the world and won the “Swiss couple model model. “The reputation is recognized and supported by the global audience. (Photo/Watch House Chen Zhongyun)

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