Spain: Tell you a real Spanish

Spain is the first “Nothing Empire” in the world, and its heyday has a huge colony around the world.

First, overview of Spain.

Modern Spain is located on the Iberian Peninsula in southwestern Europe. It is located in the combination of the two continents of Europe and Africa. It is adjacent to the Portuguese, France, Anto, and Morocco. It is on the verge of the Atlantic, Mediterranean, and the Gibralta Strait. The geographical location is very important.

Attachment: The Iberian Peninsula is located in southwestern Europe. It is on the verge of the Atlantic, Mediterranean, Bay Bay, with an area of ​​about 584,000 square kilometers.


※ In addition to the natives on the Iberian Peninsula, the Bali Aristan Islands in the Mediterranean, the Canal Islands in the Atlantic, and Huga and Melia in the northern end of the African continent are also Spain’s territory.

Attachment 1, the Bali Ali Islands is located in western Mediterranean, 80 to 300 kilometers from Spain, with an area of ​​5014 square kilometers. The economy is mainly tourism.


Attachment 2, the Canal Islands are located on the Atlantic Ocean northwest of Africa, with an area of ​​7,273 square kilometers, 130 kilometers from the west coast of Africa, and more than 1,100 kilometers from Spain.

Attachment 3, Xiu Da is the territory of Spain in North Africa with an area of ​​about 18.5 square kilometers.

Attachment 4, Melilla is a flying ground on the Mediterranean coast of North Africa, 240 kilometers from the Strait of the Boat, with an area of ​​12.3 square kilometers. It is surrounded by Morocco on three sides.

Attachment 5, Morocco is controversial to Spain’s territory. (See below)

The total land area of ​​Spain is 5059.25 million square kilometers, ranking 52nd in the world, similar to the area of ​​Sichuan Province in my country, and the coastline is about 7,800 kilometers long.

Spain is a developed capitalist country and is the 5th largest economy in the European Union. GDP ranks 13th in the world.

The hills in Spain, the entire terrain is mainly the plateau, and the Murazon Mountains is 3718 meters above sea level, which is the highest peak of Spain. The main terrain is the Messeta Plateau, the Cantabria Mountains, the Billy Nemis Mountains, the Andalusia Plain, and the Aragon Plain.

Attachment: The Messeta Plateau accounted for the main part of the Iberian Peninsula, distributed in Spain and Portugal, with an area of ​​about 210,000 square kilometers and an altitude of 600 to 800 meters.

The rivers in Spain include the Erbro River, the Dulo River, and the Taga River. Among them, the Takho River is 1007 kilometers in length and is the longest river on the Iberian Peninsula.

There are three main types of climate in Spain: temperate continental climate, temperate marine climate, Mediterranean subtropical climate.

There are fewer Spanish mineral resources, mainly in a few of coal, iron, copper, zinc, mercury and so on.

The Spanish forest coverage rate reaches about 30%, and its cork output exports has long occupied the second place in the world.

Second, major cities in Spain.

The capital of Spain is Madrid, a national political, cultural, economic, and financial center, and the center of the nation’s transportation, logistics, research and development, consumption and high -tech industries. There are world -renowned Madrid Autonomous University in the city.

Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain and an important portal of the Iberian Peninsula.

Valencia is the largest container port in Spain and an important industrial and commercial city in Spain.


Sevilla is the fourth largest city in Spain and the only city in Spain with inland ports.


Coroda is a historic and cultural city in Spain. It used to be the Islamic center of the Iberian Peninsula ruled by the Arabian Empire.

Third, Spain’s population, nation, and religion.


The total population of Spain is about 46.73 million (data in 2019), ranking 30th in the world, with the Lingli as the main ethnic group, the official language is Spanish, and 96%of the country believe in Catholicism.

The Spaniards should avoid using yellow, purple, black, chrysanthemum, taboo number “13”.


※ It should be noted that about 500 million people around the world use Spanish, and Spanish is the third language in the world, second only to Chinese and English. But in terms of the country, Spanish is the second language in the world, surpassing Chinese, second only to the number of English countries.

Spain is a constitutional state of parliament monarchy. The king is the head of the head of state and the army, and the prime minister is appointed by the king.

Fourth, Spain’s industry.

Spain’s industry is relatively developed, mainly textile, metallurgy, energy, food, cement, steel, shipbuilding, petrochemical, automotive manufacturing, electricity, etc. The clothing industry and shoe industry are traditional Spanish industries and occupy an important position in the international market.


Spain is the third largest machinery and automotive engine production country in the European Union. In the aerospace machinery manufacturing industry, the manufacturing and maintenance of composite materials, small and medium -sized aircraft, engine and flight simulators ranks leading positions in the world.

Spain is the country’s fifth largest biopharmaceutical industry cluster. It has the world’s leading technical strength in many fields such as biotechnology research, human health, veterinary drugs, medical repair skin care, IVF, organ transplantation, and AIDS vaccine research and development.

The automotive industry is the pillar industry of Spain. In 2017, Spanish car production ranked second and eighth in the world. Automobile exports had strong competitiveness in the international market.


In terms of renewable energy, Spain is the world’s second largest electric solar producer, the world’s second largest solar photovoltaic energy producer, the world’s fourth largest wind energy producer, and 41%of Spain’s power generation comes from renewable energy. Among them, Spain’s wind power generation is relatively developed, accounting for more than 20%of the country’s total power generation.

Spain’s shipbuilding industry is developed, ranking fifth in the world’s shipbuilding industry, second only to Germany in Europe, and has the ninth largest shipbuilding group in the world.

※ In today’s world, in addition to the United States, Britain, France, China, and Russia, Spain is the only powerful aircraft carrier manufacturing country with powerful aircraft carriers. Spain is a low -key aircraft carrier manufacturing country.

Fifth, Spain’s agriculture and tourism.

Spain’s agricultural modernization level is high, olive planting area is the world’s first, olive oil produces the world’s number one, and about 50%of the world’s olive oil comes from Spain. The grape planting area is first in the world. The area of ​​agricultural land ranks second in the EU. Pork and mutton production ranks second in the EU.

Spain is the largest citrus producer in Europe and the third largest grain producer in Europe, and is also the second largest vegetable producer in Europe.

Spain’s fishing output ranks first in the European Union.

Spain’s agricultural products are mainly sold to China, Japan and the United States. China imports a large number of vegetables and olive oil from Spain every year.

Spain’s tourism industry is developed. The number of people entering Spain every year is second only to France’s second place in the world, and the revenue of tourism in the tourism industry has also ranked second in the world for many years. Catalonia is the area that attracts the most foreign tourists. The headquarters of the United Nations World Tourism Organization is located in Madrid in Spain.

Six, Spain’s import and export trade.

In the import and export trade, Spain mainly imported oil, industrial raw materials, machinery and equipment, etc., mainly exported vehicles, steel, chemical products, leather products, textiles, wine and olive oil.

The main trading partners in Spain are the European Union, China and the United States.

Spain is the sixth largest trading partner of China in the European Union. China is the largest trading partner of Spain outside the European Union. China exports textiles, furniture, toys, leather bags, electromechanical, chemical, light industry, etc. to China. Export machinery and equipment, chemical products, agricultural products, transportation equipment, plastics and their products, mineral products and medical equipment.

Spain’s investment in China mainly involves financial, energy, telecommunications, transportation and other industries, with a total of more than 700 projects in Chinese companies.


As of 2017, there were more than 13,000 international students who went to Spain and 4,000 students in China in China. In 2017, there were 514,000 people who traveled to Spain to travel in Spain, and as many as 156,000 people came to China in Spain.

Spain’s foreign investment is mainly the traditional Western colonies such as Latin America.

Seven, the social life of the Spanish.


The Spaniards prefer bullfights, football, jumping Flamingo dance and playing guitar.

Spain is the third country in the world to legalize same -sex marriage.

Spain is developed, high -speed rail mileage ranks second in the world, and the same high -speed rail speed also ranks second in the world.

Spanish highway mileage ranks third in the world, second only to China and the United States.

Spain is developed, and port cargo throughput in Barcelona, ​​Bilbao, Tarangna and other ports is second only to Germany and the Netherlands in Europe.

※ Spain is a high -social welfare country, and the whole people enjoy social medical insurance. It is one of the best countries in the world in the world.

※ All primary and secondary schools in Spain are implemented for free education. Teachers have the right to determine their own teaching content and teaching methods according to school conditions, student levels, and local characteristics. Spain stipulates that there are no more than 25 students in each class, and the weekly study time must not exceed 25 hours.

Spain’s food is famous in the world, such as Pellen, cod, Iberian ham, wine, Madrid soup, Shirley wine, seafood rice, Tapa, etc., which is loved by Chinese people. I estimate every China Every year, people will go to Spain to taste Spanish cuisine, anyway, I go to taste once a month.


Eighth, the territory of the Spanish Empire.

The Spanish Empire is the world’s first true global empire and colonial empire, one of the largest empires in the history of world history, and the first truly “sunrise empire” in the world. At that time, the Spanish Navy dominated the Ocean and the army dominated the European. The territory of the great period was as high as 31500,000 square kilometers. Today, North and South America (except Brazil) are almost all Spain, and the Philippines in Asia is also Spain.

Spain also swallowed Portugal in 1580, namely, Portugal and its overseas colonies also belonged to the Spanish Empire.


The Spanish Navy lost in the United Kingdom in 1588, Spain defeated France in 1806, and in 1898 Spain lost to the United States.

Nine, the Gibraltar Strait and Gibraltar.


The Gibraltar Strait is located between the southernmost part of Spain and northwestern Africa. It is about 90 kilometers long, the narrowest point is only 13 kilometers, the widest point is 43 kilometers, the average water depth is 375 meters, and the maximum depth is 1181 meters.

The Strait of the Gibraltar Strait is full of wind and foggy.

The Gibraltar Strait is an important gateway to communicate the Mediterranean and Atlantic Ocean. The north coast is the British Naobrallas and the south bank is Morocco.

The Gibraltar Strait is one of the busiest channels in international shipping and has an important economic and strategic position.

The Gibraltar Strait is the only way for the Russian Black Sea Fleet to enter and exit the Atlantic Ocean.

Gibraltar is a city and port on the northern shore of the Gibraltar Strait. The throat of the Atlantic and Mediterranean traffic is very important.


In 1410, the Spaniards occupied Gibraltar, and in 1501, Gibraltar officially merged into the Spanish territory.

After the death of King Carlos II of Spain in 1700, the grandson of French King Louis XIV followed the King of Spain, which caused the dissatisfaction of Carlos II’s nephew and the Grand Duke of Austria. The Netherlands supports the Grand Duke of Austria, and the British troops have captured Gibraltar in 1704.

In 1830, Gibraltar officially became the British colony.

Spain has always claimed to have the sovereignty of Gibraltar, and the two countries have controversial disputes over Gibraltar’s sovereignty.


Eleven, Spain and China.

During the Ming Dynasty, after the Spaniards conquered the Philippines, the Governor of Spain in Manila believed that as long as there were less than 60 excellent Spanish soldiers, they could conquer and suppress the Chinese. In April 1586, the Manila colonial government plans to form an expedition to invade China by 10,000 to 12,000 Spanish soldiers. In 1588, Spain lost to the British, the navy’s strength declined, and the aggression plan was not implemented.

In 1626, the Spaniards entered the Port of Keelung, my country, occupied the Social Island on the northernmost tip of the island in Taiwan, and built San Salvador City.

In 1628, the Spaniards occupied Taiwan’s Huwei (now freshwater) and built San Doming’s City.

The Spanish people mainly occupy the northern part of Taiwan. During the heyday, they set up three provinces: freshwater, full, and clams.

The illegal occupation of the Spaniards in northern Taiwan lasted until 1642 AD, and was kicked out of Taiwan by the Dutch.


In 1900, the Eight -Power Allied Forces invaded China. The eight countries were: Britain, the United States, France, Germany, the Austro -Hungarian Empire, Italy, Japan, and Russia.

In 1901, when the “Xin Chou Treaty” signed, there were three countries: Belgium, the Netherlands, and Spain.

Under the leadership of the United States, eight countries including the United States, India, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Spain in the spring of 2021 (March) formed a new eight -nation coalition forces to military exercises in the Western Pacific region. Running west.


The warship sent by the Spanish Navy is a sailing boat. It maintains the status of the third largest high -mast sailing boat in the world with a length of 132 meters. It is a veritable behemoth. The combat effectiveness cannot be underestimated. of!

What should the Chinese do?

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