Player votes in the history of the best game handle! Which game handle is ranked first in the heart of the player?

Recently, the BAFTA College Game Award officially launched a vote for players to choose the best gamepad in their minds. After 4 rounds of elimination system voting, the PS5 host handle DualSense was finally won!


This voting was voted from the 16-famous gamepad/controller in history, and covered a variety of different types of controllers, including both the N64 handle, the Gamecube handle, the Xbox elite handle, the NS Joy-conf. The classic forms of the type include the guitar controller of “Guitar Heroes” and the special form controller of MEGA-JOCKEY-9000, DANCE MAT pedal, KINECT controller and other special forms of controllers.


Although there are a lot of creative handles in history, this event is pure players voting, so it is still popular in the end, and the result is unexpected. The final round of voting has become a competition between PS4 DualShock and PS5 DualSense. In the end, the DualSense handle won the final victory with a vote of 72.6%.

The BAFTA Academy Game Award will be held on April 7th. At that time, the list of major games won the 2021 major games they selected will be announced. Interested friends can pay attention to it.

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