The latest plan of Shijiazhuang! Old and old communities, subways, parking lots, parks …


Shijiazhuang issued “Shijiazhuang City

Urban renewal key project

Overall Implementation Plan “

Among them

Shijiazhuang plan to complete this year

Reconstruction of 956 old communities

Open 36 planning paths

35,000 public parking spaces were completed



Shijiazhuang selection

Comprehensive update area of ​​six major cities

The construction of the comprehensive update area is ranked first in the “Plan”. Shijiazhuang City will combine key projects such as the construction of high -speed rail areas, central business districts, Taiping River development demonstration zone and the reconstruction of North Station area. Scientifically planned comprehensive functional areas such as urban business circulation, living, cultural tourism, leisure, etc., and selected six major cities. Comprehensively update the area, by optimizing the planning layout, improvement of supporting facilities, and enhancing the landscape style, the old villages, old cities, streets, commercials, factories, warehouses, open spaces, etc. in the area are renewed. The major node facilities and different functional partitions in the area have promoted the organic update, overall improvement, and vitality development in the area.

(1) Create a “urban living room” around the high -speed rail area. The project is from the north to Taibei Road, the east to build a large street, the south to the Tafeng Road, and the west to Binhe Street, with an area of ​​4.92 square kilometers. Our city will accelerate the construction of the headquarters economy, exhibition economy, digital economy and hub economic platforms, build industrial research and development centers such as biomedicine, electronic information, and build a livable community to gather high -quality culture, education, medical care, and sports resources. At the same time, the exhibition hall and leisure space with the function of urban living rooms in the north side of the Central Green Sports Park, covering the functions of cultural exchanges, press release, scientific and technological achievements, business contact, and high -end exhibitions.

According to the plan, the project will be demolished by the end of April, and the construction of green space and sports facilities in the Central Green Sports Park will be completed by the end of October. The construction will be fully launched before the end of December, and it will be basically completed by the end of June 2024.

(2) The core area of ​​the Central Business District is located in Heping Road, Jiefang Street, Yuhua Road, Yaoqian Street, and Kilki Street enclosure area with an area of ​​1.08 square kilometers. It is divided into the North District of Finance and Commerce, the Central Cultural Tourism Central District, and the Southern District of Finance and Business.

Among them, in the North District of Finance and Commerce, accelerate the construction of underground space projects, 4 commercial buildings and residential buildings, build Yun Duo Stadium, Da Fang Park, CRRC Relocation Building, Postal Relocation Building, and 4 planning roads. , Completed the project at the end of this year; in the middle of the cultural tourism district, focus on repairing Zhengtai Hotel, renovation and promotion of old railway stations, building a cross -Zhongshan Road platform, building Zhengtai Plaza, renovation and enhancement of liberation squares, forming cultural tourism purposes unique to Shijiazhuang’s cultural vitality characteristics The ground was basically completed before the end of June 2023; the southern area of ​​the financial and commercial, accelerated high standard planning, and completed greening by the end of this year.

(3) The Demonstration Zone of the Taiping River supports River is located east of Shengli Street, south of Luohe, west of Sports North Street, north of ancient city, and an area of ​​5.53 square kilometers. The four major functions of cultural consumption and green low -carbon demonstration community are the development direction.

Shijiazhuang City will implement high -standard construction for the Taiping River urban area, shape the highlights of the city, create a high -quality city public environment, create a first -class urban waterfront vitality zone, form a “international fan” development start area, demonstration area and Lead the area. According to the plan, the construction was launched before the end of June this year, and it was completed by the end of 2024.

(4) Beibei regional area, to Shizhuang Road in the south, Zhonghua Avenue in the east, north to Beicheng Road, west to Taihua Street, with an area of ​​about 1.2 square kilometers. Shijiazhuang City will make overall promotion and accelerate the implementation of the renewal work of train north station, old communities, city villages, high pillars, and carbon factories in the region to create a transportation hub and regional business center in the northern part of the city, and improve the city of North Station and the surrounding areas. Improve regional urban functions. According to the plan, the project will be completed by the end of 2024.

(5) The specialty trade zone of the staying camp is located on the east of Jiandong Street (planned road), south of Heping Road, west of the auxiliary road in the West Second Ring Road, and north of Xinhua Road. , Western Ring Market, stayed in Yingchengzhong Village, Dongjianliang City Midamura.

Shijiazhuang City will carry out overall transformation of the Bridge West Vegetable wholesale Market and the West Ring Agricultural Products wholesale Market, enhance the regional urban environment and the image of the city, improve the positioning of the format, and build a modern food and agricultural product trading center. Accelerate the progress of the development of the middle village in the city, improve the overall style of the region and the living standards of the masses, and create the beautiful landscape of the West Second Ring Road. Raise the reconstruction of Dongjian Liangcheng Middle Village as soon as possible to meet the environmental needs of the characteristic business zone, improve the quality of living living, and form a modern commercial and trade area with beautiful environment, livable, and available.

According to the plan, the project will complete the renovation and demolition of the village of staying in the Camp City by the end of April this April, and all work will be basically completed by the end of 2024.

(6) Ziqiang Road Financial Area (Golden World — Ziqiang Road -Nan Garden area), east to station front street, south to Yuhua Road, west to Zhonghua Avenue, north to Zhongshan Road, with an area of ​​245 acres.

Shijiazhuang City will accelerate the transformation of the old city of the Golden World and Nan Garden area, complete the relocation as soon as possible, and completely improve the living environment of the residents. At the same time, it extends the functions of the financial streets of Ziqiang Road, and has widely attracted financial and headquarters enterprises to settle in, and builds a high -end business financial area integrating business, hotels, apartments, and office. According to the plan, the project will be completed by the end of 2024.

Promote Chinese medicine, stone steel, coking plant,

Update and renovation of cotton 1, cotton second and old factories

During the promotion of urban renewal operations, Shijiazhuang City has always adhered to people -oriented, adheres to the protection of inheritance and style control, and combined with regional characteristics to fully promote the construction of old factories.

The old factory area is distributed on both sides of the east of construction streets, west of the east second ring, and Heping East Road. It is mainly Chinese medicine, stone steel, coking plant, cotton first, cotton second plot, with a total land area of ​​about 2916 acres. While accelerating the urban renewal project of the stone coal machine plant area, the implementation of the old industrial plot reconstruction of the old industrial area along Heping East Road, in accordance with the requirements of about 60%of the public welfare land, comprehensively reduce the intensity of residential development, pay attention to industrial heritage protection, Utilizing and historical and cultural inheritance, promote the innovation and development of existing industrial relics, fully tap its cultural connotation and regenerative value, promote office public service facilities, develop cultural and creative industries, promote industrial upgrading, and enhance urban vitality and competitiveness.

(1) Building a demonstration project for urban renewal of the stone coal machine plant area. At present, the construction of the smart sports park of the project has been completed. Finish.

(2) Implement the renewal and transformation of the old factory area of ​​stone steel and coking plants. Build a 120 -acre stone steel industry site park, retain some of the production workshops, equipment and industrial characteristics of stone steel, and form an industrial site park that integrates industrial relics protection, cultural education, entertainment and leisure. Create regional commercial centers in the northeast of the city at the surrounding area around the intersection of Tangu Street and Guanghua Road, cultivate the formats such as urban complexes, specialty commercial streets, and sports and health care. Basically completed before the end of September 2024.

(3) Implement the renovation of the old plant area of ​​Hua Yao. Keep industrial relics such as office buildings, grain storage towers, dry starch workshops, tanks, rails, etc., and define the pharmaceutical industry relics protection blocks, transform Hua Pharmaceutical Office Building into a pharmaceutical museum, and show the image of Shijiazhuang Pharmaceutical. In the surrounding area of ​​industrial relics, cultivate the formats such as the research and development of science and technology, innovation, and exhibitions, and fully upgrade the industrial function. According to the plan, the project will be basically completed by the end of September 2024.

(4) Update the renovation of cotton, one cotton and two old factories. Reserve and protect the cotton -one -office building, joint production workshop, cotton bank and the kindergarten of the original area, library, auditorium, gate, etc., and designated the textile industry relics protection block. Using the office building to be transformed into the Textile Museum to show the development process of Shijiazhuang’s textile industry; for the large -scale internal space and distinctive architectural characteristics of the joint production workshop, the transformation and utilization are into a fashion center integrating culture, creativity, and leisure. , The internal space is open and complete, the transformation and utilization are the theaters, exhibition halls, etc., and build a unique charm of cultural and artistic exhibition space. According to the plan, the project will be basically completed by the end of September 2024.

Completed before the end of October this year

With the rapid development of the city, some old residential communities that have represented the image of the city due to the earliest construction age, lack of management, and supporting facilities such as roads, green spaces, street lights, drainage and sewage pipelines, have been disrepairing and seriously damaged, and it has become a serious damage, which has become become it, which has become become it, which has become become. Many citizens have the most intense and most issues in recent years. In the face of this problem, Shijiazhuang City will vigorously promote the transformation of old communities. Before 1975, the dangerous housing renewal, and urban renewal projects such as shantytown renovation.

In order to achieve the goal of “residential safety, facilities, complete functions, convenient travel, and clean environment” as soon as possible, Shijiazhuang City will complete the transformation of 956 old communities this year. The reconstruction of public facilities such as fire protection, while improving the residential living environment, will also actively promote the installation of elevators for qualified homes. According to the plan, the project will be completed by the end of October this year.

At the same time, Shijiazhuang City will accelerate the construction of 11 dangerous housing renewal pilot construction before 1975, and the classification adopts the methods of removing risk reinforcement, demolition, and reconstruction. Road 16, No. 26 Heping Road, Xinhua District, Luxury Dormitory, Lu Province, Hebei Electric Factory Dormitory, Southeast Corner of Yuhua Road Fuqiang Street, Chang’an District Zhaidong Community, Provincial Sports Bureau Dormitory, Hebei Medical Sciences, Hebei Medical Sciences The D -Class D -level dilapidated house of the university is renovated to comprehensively improve the living environment of the masses and eliminate hidden safety hazards. According to the plan, the project will be completed by the end of September 2024.

On this basis, Shijiazhuang City will also vigorously implement the renovation of shantytowns. According to the plan, 22399 units will be started this year. All eligible shantytowns renovation projects in the city will start construction.

Create 100 boutique streets

In order to achieve the high -quality development of the provincial capital, Shijiazhuang City will take the comprehensive renewal area and the old industrial area district as the key point. In accordance with the requirements of system planning, overall advancement, key breakthroughs, and effective results, 3 more mature neighborhoods will be improved. Articles 4 are planning to build a neighborhood to accelerate construction and construction. At the same time, the establishment of 100 boutique streets has been completed, and it strives to cultivate a batch of characteristic streets that show regional characteristics and are screaming across the country to fully release the vitality of urban development.

(1) Carry out the upgrading of national commercial pedestrian streets for the National Road, promote construction and attracting investment simultaneously, and accelerate the completion of the construction and reconstruction of the main streets, supporting street infrastructure, building facade and square landscapes, and increase commercial rental, repurchase and investment promotion. Strong, promote the implementation of key projects such as Jingdong Super Experience Stores, and create a comprehensive district integrating leisure, entertainment, shopping, urban tourism and other functions. According to the plan, the project will basically meet the national acceptance standards by the end of this year.

(2) Improve the quality of the financial street of Ziqiang Road. Strengthen the environmental beautification of the financial district, make decorations on the facade of the two sides of the road, carry out vertical greening and pottery landscaping according to local conditions, improve the coverage of greening, light up buildings and road lights, layout shows the building sketches, theme sculptures, relief carvings that show financial elements Wait, reflect the characteristics and themes of financial streets. According to the plan, the project will be completed by the end of this year.

(3) Transformation and upgrading of the tower talks about the international leisure and entertainment blocks, further enhance the reconstruction of the leisure and entertainment function of the international and surrounding neighborhoods, and form the overall functional dislocation and organic connection with the high -speed rail area. According to the plan, the project will be completed by the end of this year.

(4) Construction of the vibrant district of the Central Green Sports Park. The high -speed rail area is about 2.1 kilometers in length in the central Green Sports Park Road, creating a high -quality district with organic integration of landscape features and traffic functions. R & D bases and other sectors. At the same time, the inner circle of the road is closely integrated with the style of sports parks, so that the surrounding building complexes and central green sports parks achieve barrier -free linkage. According to the plan, the project will be completed by the end of this year.

(5) Construction of the characteristic commercial districts of the northern country of Huixin Road, accelerate the reconstruction of work and reconstruction of Huixin Road along the street business district, and introduce the investment and operation of Beiren Group. According to the plan, the project will be opened by the end of June 2023.

(6) Construction of the Taiping River Waterfront Water Playing District, connecting the domestic high -level planning and design team, introducing well -known business formats, making excellent brand projects, and creating unique northern hydrophilic district brands. According to the plan, the project will be completed by the end of 2024.

(7) Building Heping East Road (Cotton No. 1 to Hua Medicine Section) Industrial Memory District. The project takes industrial memory as the district characteristic theme to transform and enhance the landscape along the street, and increase the reflection of Chinese medicine, textile factories, steel factories, stone medicine, and coal engine factories. The landscape facilities of industrial historical and cultural facilities such as coking plants, connect several old industrial plots, and promote the “industrial rust belt” to become a “life show”. According to the plan, it will complete the greening and roadside landscape projects by the end of this year. All work combines the update of the old industrial zone and will be completed by the end of September 2024.

(8) Select 100 streets across the city, carry out the improvement and improvement actions of municipal facilities, building facades, landscape greening, environmental sanitation, etc., tap historical and culture, highlight the characteristics of the style, improve the quality of the streets and alleys, and create boutique streets. According to the plan, the project will be completed by the end of November this year.

In the middle of May this year

Nine urban villages have completed the demolition of the old village in the old village

Shijiazhuang City is in accordance with the concept of “doing subtraction within the second ring, room to city, green land to the people, and public supporting the society; the second ring is outside the second ring, implementing the development strategy of supporting the river” Measures to promote the reconstruction of villages in the city.

(1) Accelerate the implementation of pilot projects of 9 high -quality city village reconstruction. They are the former Taibao and Gaozhu of Xinhua District. On the Chang’an District Store (outside the construction area), Xizhuang Tun, the Northern and Fangcun of Tokyo District, Yuhua District, Gongjiazhuang, Shili Yin Village, and Xi Jianliang. According to the plan, the project will be demolished in the old village in mid -May this year. The first phase of the relocation area will be completed before the end of 2023, and all the projects will be completed by the end of May 2024.

Reconstruction of 956 old communities

(2) Thirteen villages that have not yet been demolished and slowed down. Two villages, Xitiakou, Chang’an District, and two villages outside the urban planning. After the adjustment of land and space planning is adjusted, the implementation is accelerated. The remaining 11 villages (Wujiaying, White Buddha, Liuxinzhuang, Chang’an District, Zhensan Street, Qiaosan District, West King, Xigangtou, Nanguo, Chengjiaozhuang, Bei Du, West Three Education, Beizhuang, High -tech Zone), at the end of September 2024 Rebate the building before delivery.

(3) Start the implementation of the two village transformations of Pengcun and Dong Sanjiao. According to the plan, the project will be removed and started within the year, and it will be completed by the end of September 2024.

Before the end of the year, open 36 planning paths

35,000 public parking spaces were completed

Good urban infrastructure can not only benefit urban residents in life, but also make the sustainable development of the urban economy. The “Plan” further clarifies the nine major infrastructure projects. Shijiazhuang City will focus on the implementation of road traffic construction, main street main road improvement and transformation, improvement of hydropower gas news, and other infrastructure to improve the level of garden greening. It will further speed up public facilities Service updates to improve the quality of life and urban carrying capacity of residents.

(1) Implement the main street main road to improve the transformation project. Continue to promote the four horizons and five vertical parts (Four Heng: Heping Road, Zhongshan Road, Yuhua Road, Huai’an Road, Five vertical: Youyi Street, Hongqi Street, Wei Ming Street, Ping An Street, Sports Avenue Road) Transformation and upgrading; newly implemented 4 main street main roads, including Xincheng Street, Shengli Street (Jiefang Street), Tabei Road, Huiming Road (Cangfeng Road). Focus on building a demonstration zone on the development of high -speed rail areas, Ziqiang Road Financial Area, Central Business District, Taiping River supporting river development demonstration zone. Liberation Avenue) -Heping Road “Ten” roads, effectively strengthening the organic connection of the comprehensive renewal area, pulling the space distance, and realizing functional interaction. According to the plan, the project will be completed by the end of 2023.

(2) Implement the one -master and four -auxiliary connection project, open the urban framework, and improve the layout of the road network between the four -auxiliary region. The direction of Zhengding County: Construction of Zhonghua Avenue and the North Third Ring Road, Sports Avenue and North Third Ring Road Interchange Project; Direction of Qiancheng District: Construction of the South Second Ring Road East Extension Project; Luancheng District: Construction of the Interchange Project of the Southern Third Ring Road of Yuxiang Street; Luquan District: Construction of Heping Road and the West Third Ring Road Interchange Project, Xinhua Road (West Second Ring Road to West Third Ring) Quick Connection Project, China Avenue Southern Extension Project. At the same time, the implementation of the Xuefu Road and the widening project, the high -standard construction of the east -west main road of the development demonstration area of ​​the support of the River, and improve the road connecting roads in Luquan, Tancheng and central urban areas. According to the plan, the project will be completed by the end of 2023.

(3) Implementation of the municipal transformation project of Fuxing Street and North Third Ring Road. Adhere to system planning, moderate advancement, implement step by step, take effect as soon as possible, accelerate the pace of municipalization transformation of Fuxing Street, and build the provincial capital of the provincial capital, urban expressway, and beautiful landscape. According to the plan, the first phase and first phase of the municipalization transformation of Fuxing Street (the southern two rings, the east extension of the east, the Xincheng Street Fuxing Street Interchange, and the Zhengding section auxiliary road) will be completed and opened to traffic by the end of September, and all the projects will be completed by the end of 2024. Actively plan the municipal transformation of the North Third Ring Road, and carry out high standards for planning and design to ensure that it will be implemented as soon as possible.

(4) Open 36 planning paths. Open 36 planning roads such as Fangxing Road, Nanxin Street, and Tiantong Street to further improve the road network structure. 35,000 public parking spaces were completed, increasing the supply of public parking facilities, and facilitating citizens to travel. According to the plan, the project will be completed by the end of this year.

(5) Implement rail transit construction. After the National Development and Reform Commission approves Rail Transit Line 1 3 and 4, 5, and 6 projects, it will be accelerated and implemented, and it is completed as planned.

(6) Implementation of urban pipe network improvement projects. Reform the rainwater pipe network of Yishui area in the city, carry out the bidding and transformation of rainwater pipe networks such as Taihua Street, Hongqi Street, and Cuiping Road, and effectively solve the problem of water accumulation during the flood season. It is planned to be completed by the end of 2023. Implementing the water drainage transformation of the urban area, using the two years, based on the principle of “moderate advancement”, updated the renovation of the garden drainage pipe network of the garden. It is planned to complete the renovation of 220 kilometers by the end of November this year, and it was completed in 2023.

(7) Accelerate the construction of green space in urban parks. Implement 80 city greening projects in the 2022 beautiful provincial capitals, build 5 parks including Tannan Park, Yudong Park, and 21 streetside parks. The newly built and enhanced green space 293 hectares. It is planned to be completed by the end of this year.

(8) Construction of sports venues. Use the leisure land on the street, the streets of the street, the green space of the park, and the urban square to build 200 basketball and football -based ball sports venues to meet the needs of citizens to exercise. Essence

(9) Build the site of the ancient city of Dongyuan. Relying on the construction of the site of the ancient city of Dongyuan, the construction covers an area of ​​4180 acres, creating a high -quality city cultural green heart and the crowd of leisure, presenting the historical heritage and cultural connotation of Shijiazhuang City, enhancing the cultural self -confidence of the masses, and enhancing the quality of the city. According to the plan, the project will complete the first phase of environmental improvement work in August this year. The second phase of construction project starts before the end of this year, and the overall completion will be completed by the end of June 2023.

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